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Chapter 3 — Not allowed to back out!

Ye Nuan still had yet to react when two more system notices appeared. 

System: 【 Your pet Quilt has learned many shapeshifting skills, receiving the integrated skill: Shapeshifting. 】 

System: 【 Your pet Quilt simultaneously possesses the skills Shapeshifting and Change Hardness, receiving the ultimate skill: Transformation. 】 

Ye Nuan later realized that pet skills had various stages.

The first stage was the basic skills, followed by integrated skills at the second stage, and lastly ultimate skills at the third stage.

Integrated skills were skills of the same nature merging into one. For example, 「 Change Size 」 and「 Change Length 」 focused on changing shape and could be integrated into 「 Shapeshifting 」. 

Ultimate skills were thus integrated skills with harmonized foundations and improved further. For example, take 「 Shapeshifting 」 and 「 Change Hardness 」. The concepts of these two skills harmonized together mean ‘capable of changing into anything’ — 「 Transformation 」.

After the system notices disappeared, Ye Nuan opened up the basic information for Quilt. She saw that one skill remained in the skill column — 「 Transformation 」. 

At this time, she did not know how powerful this skill was and simply felt that since the system kept calling out for so long, it must be really awesome. In the end, there was only one skill, emmm……

Okay ba.

Having one skill was better than having none.

“Can you walk by yourself now?” Ye Nuan moved Quilt from her palm to the ground and drew back a few steps. She wanted to see if Quilt could catch up.

Little Quilt, with great difficulty, used its two small corners to walk a few steps toward Ye Nuan before tripping and falling to the ground. “ QAQ”

Ye Nuan: “……”

For a split second, Ye Nuan truly wanted to turn around and leave, discarding this trash quilt.

However, recalling how many gold coins she had just smashed for this quilt, she gloomily picked it up from the ground and stuffed it into her belt.

She decided to ask other players how they cultivated their pets when she goes out to fight monsters.

But, to her lack of knowledge — at this very moment, Quilt — who was stuffed into her belt — was also conscientiously studying how it should be used.

Entered[1] — pretending to be dead was also no use.

Quilt was a quilt ba. 

Even if he was a quilt, he did not want to be a useless quilt incapable of doing anything.

Ye Nuan rose her unicorn and arrived at the haunt of her mission targets.

50 Poisonous Vines — she did not know how long it would take her to kill them all. Thus, the first thing she did when she reached her destination was to search for nearby parties and randomly chose to join one.

System: 【 You have successfully joined Player Smoke Signal’s party. 】 

Hearing this system notice, Ye Nuan subconsciously looked around and found four players with blue symbols overhead, her teammates.

This was a five-person party; she just happened to be the fifth person.

Captain Smoke Signal was a well-built man. After accepting her party entry, he immediately walked over to meet her.

He was taller than her by a head, so he needed to lower his head to look at her. “Woman?”

Ye Nuan called out, “Mn.”

In the first few years, players in virtual reality games were forbidden from assuming forms of the opposite gender.

Smoke Signal narrowed his eyes, appearing a bit discontent. Ultimately, he said, “Don’t be a hindrance,” and turned to leave.

Ye Nuan did not care.

Female players would always be seen as no good. She was already used to it.

Because male and female brains were structured differently, females were not as good at calculating distances as men. Therefore, ranged classes had bleak hit rates. 

For close combat classes, women were more reserved than men and did not like killing monsters, saying it was crude.

This led to there being very few real women in virtual reality games.

Speaking of those days when Ye Nuan played 《 Continent of Miracles 》, she was the only woman in the top ten experts list.

But she was number one.

Ye Nuan followed Smoke Signal toward a mob of monsters, not finding any worth in giving an explanation. It was also unnecessary.

She had mingled in the virtual reality gaming circle for a long time and already understood with clarity one truth —— In this world, power was supreme. 

Rather than using words, it would be better to use her own skill to conquer everything.

Thereupon, the instant Smoke Signal attacked a monster, Ye Nuan raised her double-edged, straight sword[2] and rushed forward.

She tried to find an angle that would not adversely affect Smoke Signal and stabbed at the Poisonous Vine with her sword!

Smoke Signal subconsciously raised his head to glance at her, a trace of amazement flashing through his eyes. 

Ye Nuan did not care and relaxed her hand, the sword flexibly swinging in a circle. After stabbing the Poisonous Vine twice, she immediately fell back to release a skill.

This time, Ye Nuan had yet to change class, so she used the basic swordsman skill 「 Sword Energy 」.

She calculated the damage range of 「 Sword Energy 」 to accurately damage the most amount of health possible from the Poisonous Vine. Unexpectedly, she was lucky enough to score a critical hit, directly emptying the Poisonous Vine’s blood!

Smoke Signal could not help raising a brow.

He was a booster. This account was not his.

His main account in 《 Second World 》 had existed for three years. Although his skill was not good enough to be on the experts ranking, he could determine with a glance whether a player’s skill was good or bad.

From what he saw, this woman Ye Nuan was not simple.

—— Accurate positioning, flexible skill, well acquainted with the skill’s judgment distance; each attack seemed to have been planned, each hit being just right. There was no superfluous action.

Which god’s trumpet was this?

Smoke Signal observed from the side and made guesses, not realizing that his gaze had been focused increasingly on Ye Nuan’s figure.

Half an hour later, the mission was completed.

Ye Nuan summoned her unicorn and prepared to return to town to submit the mission.

However, just as her unicorn trotted a few paces, Smoke Signal’s unicorn overtook hers.

Smoke Signal asked her, “Class change? What do you intend to play?”

Ye Nuan indifferently replied, “Assassin.”

Smoke Signal: “How fortunate, my main account is also an assassin.”

“Oh, your main account?” Ye Nuan had observed Smoke Signal a few times. It was not surprising he had a main account; it was instead surprising he would so readily tell her.

Smoke Signal: “Right, my main account Chaotic Reputation is the guild leader of 「 Ambitious Hegemony 」. Would you consider worshipping me as your Master?”

Ye Nuan blanked out for a moment before reacting. If his main account’s ID was Chaotic Reputation, then what did he mean by this apprenticeship offer?

Seeing the bewilderment on Ye Nuan’s face, he guessed that she might be playing this game for the first time. Smoke Signal could not help but be excited. He patiently explained, “《 Second World 》 has an apprenticeship system. Players above Level 10 but below Level 20 could pay respect to a player of the same class who was Level 60 or above as their Master. Each time an apprentice leveled up, both parties would receive a master-apprentice reward.”

“Oh, for the reward.” Ye Nuan comprehended.

“Correct.” Smoke Signal straightforwardly admitted, “Frankly, it’s a formality in order to seize rewards, which is beneficial to each side. Of course, I won’t ignore you after accepting you as an apprentice. If you have any questions, you can come and ask me. If you lack anything, you can also talk to me. I’ll help you handle it.”

“So, think it over?” After saying this, Smoke Signal smiled.

He was a well-built uncle, but his smile unexpectedly was full of youthful energy.

Ye Nuan reasonably suspected that this man’s true age was not too old.

But she was not particularly interested in this man’s age. She merely knew that a master had taken the initiative to deliver himself to her door, free of charge.

This man was also the leader of a guild, so his skill was indeed pretty good. 

Ye Nuan did not hesitate for long and nodded her head. “Okay.”

Smoke Signal: “Since you agreed, you’re not allowed to back out!”


Ye Nuan never easily gave out promises to others. As for this promise, she absolutely would not break.

Smoke Signal: “Good, you go back and change class. I’ll go offline and change accounts. Wait for me!”

The moment he finished speaking, he did not wait for Ye Nuan to respond and disappeared into thin air. It was as if he was afraid Ye Nuan would back out.

Ye Nuan had originally not given it much thought, but now she had no choice but to think it over.

She helplessly opened the guild interface and searched for 「 Ambitious Hegemony 」. She discovered that this guild was very famous…… —— In the guild rankings, it was number one. Was this not famous?

Ye Nuan flipped through the list of members, wanting to know how awesome her future master was.

Level Ranking Number 1: Max Level? Seems like he is a veteran player.

Expert Ranking Number 125: Tch, a bit of a weakling, but still could be considered decent.

Slaughter Ranking Number 1: This……

Hatred Ranking Number 1: emmm……

The slaughter ranking was based on ‘the number of players you killed,’ while the hatred ranking was based on “the number of times you appear on the enemy kill lists of other players.’

The slaughter ranking and hatred ranking were both number one, which could be interpreted as —— the most kills, the most enemies.

Well ba.

Ye Nuan clearly understood.

No wonder that man opened a trumpet to play. Who was not chasing his main account in order to kill him?

Emmm…… Was there still time for her to reject the apprenticeship?


[1] Kii: Most likely referring to how the ML entered the game and became a quilt of all things; literal translation is ‘come in’ so I’m just like…… hah  general gist is that the ML is in the game now and nothing can change that.

[2] Jian Sword image as reference

Not sure why the [Change Texture] skill is not mentioned earlier in the explanations, but I assume the author either forgot about it, or the author is indicating Ye Nuan forgot about it when mentally going over her conclusions. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Especially considering the skill would fall under the integrations mentioned.

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