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Chapter 2 — What the hell!


Ye Nuan seriously examined the ‘pet’ in her palm. This shape, this thickness, this touch……

This was precisely a pocket-sized quilt ma!

Ye Nuan raised a hand to cover her eyes, unable to bear looking straight at it.

She suspected this game’s producer had a hole in their brain. Unfortunately, she had no proof.

However, in the end, this quilt…… pei, this pet, had adopted this appearance due to her consciousness’ influence. She must carry this pot on her shoulders.

Therefore, Ye Nuan changed her attitude and accepted the fact that she had hatched not long after. Holding Quilt in one hand, she snapped her fingers with her other hand, summoning her mount.

Different races obtained different mounts after completing the mission. Ye Nuan was an Elf, so her mount was a snow-white unicorn.

Using one hand, she gracefully mounted the unicorn.

Perhaps because the range of movement was so high, the frightened Quilt used its two corners to tightly hold onto Ye Nuan’s finger, still crying out ‘jī.’

Sitting on the back of the unicorn, Ye Nuan looked at Quilt, laughing slightly. “You’re simply a game prop. Must you be so personified?”

“Jī?” Quilt appeared a bit doubtful, but still hugged Ye Nuan’s finger tightly, refusing to let go.

Ye Nuan: “Let go.”

Quilt hesitated for a moment before releasing her finger, but before Ye Nuan could praise it, it nervously went back to hugging her finger again.

Okay ba.

Thinking carefully, it was she who wanted ‘hugs.’ Maybe the game misunderstood what ‘hug’ she wanted.

Ye Nuan used her other hand to grab Quilt and forcefully tore it away from her finger, wanting to put it into her inventory.

System: 【 Invalid operation. 】 

Won’t work?

Ye Nuan thought it over for quite a while before switching to the pet interface with great difficulty. She intended to store Quilt there.

System: 【 System is busy. Please try again later. 】 

Ye Nuan: ???

Even if she could not go offline, it went as far as to refuse to let her put away Quilt?

Ye Nuan: 【 Call Customer Service. 】 

System: 【 Command received, executing…… System is busy. Please try again later. 】 

She just knew it would be like this.

Ye Nuan clicked her tongue, a bit irritated, before finally conceding and accepting reality. Pinching Quilt, she set it beside the horn of the unicorn.  “Hug here, don’t hug me.”

She merely wanted to test it, not expecting Quilt to actually understand and release her hand to hug the unicorn’s horn instead. 

Ye Nuan raised her brow and guessed that her pet could probably recognize speech commands. She stretched out a finger. “Paw out.”

Quilt: ……

Ye Nuan stared at the motionless Quilt and blinked. She felt it might not understand. “Come hug my hand……give me a corner of the quilt. I want to pinch it.”

Quilt: ……

This time, Quilt not only did not acknowledge Ye Nuan, it even shifted back and hid behind the unicorn’s horn — as if hiding from a strange person.

“……Really can’t make sense of this game.” Ye Nuan could not help this line of ridicule, but she no longer teased Quilt. “Hold steady.” After saying this, she immediately urged the unicorn to run in the direction of the next village.

She was now Level 10 and could go to the next village to change classes.

The game 《 Second World 》 had 10 classes altogether, half were close combat, and half were ranged classes. 

Ye Nuan recalled that her family’s Quilt had a specialization in Magic; then would it be better for her to practice a melee specialization?

Remembering how the Elven race had a racial advantage with high agility and high burst damage, the best fit would be an assassin.

Okay, then let’s be an assassin.

Ye Nuan did not care about what class she played. Although she did not play 《 Second World 》,  before she had a job, she could also be considered a Game Big Shot.

What game, what class — she had played them all.

Before 《 Second World 》, there was a game called 《 Continent of Miracles 》. She had played an assassin, ID Cold Night, and had once dominated the list of experts. She was the undefeated legend in the hearts of countless 《 Continent of Miracles 》 players.

It was a pity that since she got a job, she no longer logged in to play that game.

She had not expected to be able to touch a game again in this lifetime. Could this be regarded as profiting from a disaster?

Ye Nuan laughed at herself, no longer indulging in flights of fancy. She quickly rode the unicorn to the next village.

Players could not ride mounts in the village, so just as she reached the village, the unicorn automatically disappeared.

Ye Nuan steadily landed on the ground and did not react otherwise. She then heard a ‘jī’ scream.

Looking down, sure enough, she saw Quilt sprawled out on its back after falling down.

Ye Nuan walked over to pick it up, laughter bubbling inside, and patted the dust off its body.

Quilt issued out a wronged ‘jī’ and settled in her palm, pretending to be dead.

“I say, do you know you are a quilt? Where did you learn to speak bird? Furthermore, quilts are supposed to cover. Speak, what do you think you can cover being so small?” Ye Nuan also had a ball-breaking headache. She was actually arguing with a quilt.

As she spoke, she opened up the map. After confirming where the NPC to change into the Assassin class was, she went to receive the class changing mission.

System: 【 You have accepted the class changing mission: Kill 50 Poisonous Vines. 】 

After accepting the mission, she went to the equipment store to exchange her set of equipment. Just as she left the village to fight monsters, she passed by the pet breeding teacher. Ye Nuan suddenly remembered something and turned around to talk to her.

Pet Breeding Teacher: “May I be of assistance?”

Ye Nuan: “Are there options?”

Once the last syllable left her lips, four options appeared before Ye Nuan.

【 What is a pet? 】

【 How do you obtain a pet? 】

【 How do you level a pet? 】

【 How do you obtain a pet skill? 】

Ye Nuan opened each one in order and more or less understood how the pet system worked.

To put it briefly, in the game 《 Second World 》, pets could be cultivated alongside the player, helping the player fight monsters. It could be considered a portion of a player’s total combat power. 

Pets could gain experience from fighting monsters or from experience potions. A pet’s level could not exceed the level of the player.

As for pet skills, there were two methods to obtain them. One method was to use a skill book; the other method was for the pet to automatically learn as it leveled up.

There was no limit to the number of skills learned, but skill points were finite. Therefore, the more skills a pet learned, the more cautious a player must be when allocating points.

Ye Nuan raised her hand and looked at Quilt, who was still playing dead in her palm. She thought about giving up on treating it……

But, after seeing her gold coins, she calculated it to be enough and ultimately decided to save it one. “Then I’ll buy an experience potion.”

Pet Breeding Teacher: “Okay.”

Once the words were exchanged, a transaction interface emerged in front of Ye Nuan. Apart from the experience potions, there were pet eggs, skill books, and other such things.

Ye Nuan calculated how much experience Quilt needed to reach Level 10. With this as the base, she bought an additional two experience potions to keep in reserve. She then began frantically pouring potions onto it.

Quilt’s experience value began growing wildly, making Ye Nuan envious of its speed as it soared from Level 1 to Level 10.

Once this process was over, it actually lived up to Ye Nuan’s expectations and learned some skills.

System: 【 Your pet Quilt learned a skill: Change Size. 】 

System: 【 Your pet Quilt learned a skill: Change Hardness. 】 

System: 【 Your pet Quilt learned a skill: Change Texture. 】 

System: 【 Your pet Quilt learned a skill: Change Length. 】 

Ye Nuan: ???

What the hell!


嘛 (ma) — indicates something obvious, used to emphasize a point

呸 (pei) — sfx of spitting (in contempt)

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