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Chapter 3.2

Jory promptly injected a shot of tranquilizer into his arm. Finally, Derer calmed down slowly. Olay made a gesture, “Can you let me deal with this?” Nobody objected.

He slowly relaxed his grip, and let Derer lie on the sofa, panting limply. His eyes were confused and blank, and his curly hair spread everywhere. Even after being treated by its owner with such violence, it still shone a with charming and noble gloss, which showed that it was well cared for. When he was quiet, he really looked like a delicate doll.

“Okay, Derer, relax. ” Olay spoke softly, “How about we cut it for you right now? Yes, good boy, we’ll cut it all for you.”

“Cut it, cut it……” Derer said. His green eyes fixed on him seriously. Even though he’s still a bit tired, the speed he regained energy could alway surprise Olay. Derer reached out his hands and made a scissor gesture, “Cut it all, doctor, I hate this damn hair!”

Olay raised him up, carefully as if he was treating fragile porcelain, and asked Jory, “Doctor, can we get scissors?” The latter nodded and went to look for them.

“Wait a minute, are you guys really cutting his hair?” Truman couldn’t believe that, “I don’t think this is a good idea. This is just some random impulse of a psycho. His hair is very beautiful……” He wanted to touch Derer’s hair, but the latter suddenly turned around, which scared his hands away. Olay had to go up and comfort him.

“I don’t think so, Sir. There must be a reason why he hates his hair, and this is our best option right now. There is no reason he has to have such long hair.” Olay said, “he’s in jail, not his family mansion.”

“But – you’re not going to shave all his hair, aren’t you?” Truman asked.

“I think that’s the best option.” Olay said, starting to use the scissors on Derer’s long hair. Wisps of hair fluttered to the ground, and soon piled up. Derer looked at them complacently, his expression was saying “Look, I’m finally getting rid of you”.

“Don’t cut all of it. I like him with hair.” Truman said. Olay looked at him in surprise as Truman picked up a lock of the cut hair and said softly, “Such a pity. Such beautiful thing.”

It took Olay three seconds to find his words. He kept cutting Derer’s hair while talking to Truman, “Sir, if I were you…… I wouldn’t try to lay my hands on him. He is the most dangerous person I’ve ever met, plus he is ill, poor man.”

“The doctors say he’s recovered.” Truman looked Derer’s slender body up and down, holding his chin.

“I don’t think so,” Olay shook his head, “I don’t understand why they sent him here. An asylum is the place for him. What on earth has he done? Because of killing his dad? With his mental state, even if he is a serial killer, he should only go to an asylum……”

“No, you can’t imagine how many he has killed. He is an very efficient killer.” Quincy said coldly, “Sorry, that information is classified. But I can tell you he has killed at least tens of thousands.”

Olay’s eyes widened, “Are you joking?” The scissors in his hand shook and left a gap in Derer’s short hair. Olay thought for a while and decided to cut it shorter.

“He was not joking. It’s true……” Jory said. Derer’s frowned and interrupted him, “Those b*stards lied about the numbers. According to my estimate, the number is definitely higher than that……”

“Maniac!” Quincy lifted him up abruptly, obviously knowing the truth. “Do you f*cking feel proud of it?”

Derer watched his enraged face and suddenly burst into neurotic laughter, “Oh, I am so proud of it! Especially after seeing your dumb faces! Hahaha, the guys in the court also glared at me like this, as if they were looking at a psychopath!”

“You are a psychopath!” Quincy yelled, while Jory tried his best to control him from behind, saying “He’s just a psycho!” He could barely stop him from beating Derer up.

“What is wrong with kids nowadays!” Quincy complained.

“Wait a minute, have you not read the files?” Truman stopped Quincy’s scorn, “His dad is a billionaire, and his mom is a scientist, so he has good genes and an extremely high IQ, but his brain is abnormal! He has two doctorate degrees, and to put it simply, he’s a maniac armed with knowledge.”

“The last point is very obvious.” Quincy paused for a while, then humphed. Olay finally recovered from his musings. He couldn’t figure out what Derer had done, but he was indeed the most dangerous patient he had even met – there is nothing more scary than an intelligent psychopath. He suggested, “Sir, no matter what he has done, I have a suggestion as his former psychiatrist…… He’d better stay in a single room.”

“There are no empty single rooms left.” Quincy said, “I say this boy should be f*cked by those b*stards hard for several nights, so that he understands the reality, and turns his high intelligence to how to survive.”

“There is an empty slot in a double room, the one where Lineas lives. He almost killed Jim last time, and this is the third time it’s happened. They keep asking for trouble and courting death with him. We have to let him stay alone. We can put Derer there.” Jory said, stopping Quincy from saying something, “Not now, but maybe later the media will come for interviews. You know how big of a stir he has created.”

“I refuse all interviews!” Derer declared proudly, like a big movie star.

“As for Lineas,” Jory continued, ignoring him, “he is kind of safe. I mean he’s not been here for long, so he’s not so sex-deprived that he wants to bang a man. Maybe soon, but at least for now he’s relatively safe……”

Olay put down the scissors. Derer seemed satisfied with his new hair style – his doctor had cut them all. “You have misunderstood me, doctor. I was not worrying about Derer’s safety but the safety of whoever that would share a room with him. I don’t think he’s mental illness has been cured. He’s quite a dangerous patient. He once injured seven doctors severely in one month, stabbing a toothbrush into the eye of one of them……”

“And your hospital dared to take him!” Jory was speechless.

“His father paid a lot of money.” Olay explained.

“Lineas should be able to protect himself. If anything’s wrong he will ring the bell. We can’t find an empty single room. Wait, I told you you can’t cut them all!” Truman yelled at Olay.

Olay shrugged, “That’s only my advice. It’s not my business if you take it or not. Ah, please give him more tranquilizer, his mental problem stems largely from his unique brain. That’s all I can say.” He said, and turned and walked away, as Derer happily waved good bye to him.

“Anyways, no matter who gets hurt in the end, it won’t hurt us.” Behind him, Quincy was summarizing for his colleagues.

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