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Chapter 6: Emerging in the Lolita Era

“I have to say, darling, you did give me a big fright.” After she watched Nancy and George leave, Eileen turned to look at her daughter and spoke to her, her eyes were filled with amazement and affection.

“Because ‘We’re Made Out of Meat’?” the little girl blinked her eyes.

Eileen was in a good mood as she leaned down, laughed again, and intimately pinched her daughter’s cheek: “No matter what you’re made out of, you are my daughter.”

“Alright, I know what you want to say, but mama, this is all just a misunderstanding. I just wanted to earn some pocket money.” Angela very seriously said, compared to the previous mouthful of lies, this is the first time she had spoken the truth.

This is very normal, regarding American families, letting their own child use their vacation time to earn some pocket was almost like a tradition. But because the children were still young, the things they were able to do wasn’t that much——for example, delivering newspapers or something. But this not only disciplined the child, it also saved on the expenses, so even if it’s rich people like them, they would also do it.

Of course, this was not compulsory, the parents would also not take the initiative to demand them to do it, they would often only remind them of it. For example, if the child wanted to prove themselves or when their pocket money wasn’t enough, they can use such a method to achieve their goal.

In fact, as far as Angela was concerned, she completely did not have this kind of requirement. She, of course, wasn’t like normal girls who would pursue fluffy toys or a pretty barbie doll and stuff like that, and eight years of living as a NEET had almost completely polished her ambition. The reason why she would think about trying to earn some pocket money was completely because she wanted the latest two latest limited edition model by Hasbro, Optimus Prime, and Megatron. She would bet that these two models have not appeared ever before, at least they had never appeared in China. And as a male that had walked over from that period of time, something like Transformers would make them go absolutely crazy, as such, even with her “Heart Like Water”, Angela’s heart would also be moved.[1]

However, this trash who had gotten used to freedom did not have an interest in delivering newspaper in the early morning or things like that. Therefore, she decided to make money in the easiest way as a reincarnator. That’s right, plagiarism! What? You’re saying the easiest way was to buy stocks? Oh, of course, in the 80s, randomly buying Microsoft’s or Apple’s stock can make a fortune, even the most NEET person should know these two companies, then what else are you using to be a NEET?

However, the problem wasn’t money, the problem was that there wasn’t any money! Have you ever seen a child only a few years old asking their parents for money to go buy stocks? When Angela first started, she was full of ambition and rambled, Since this old woman (?) has been reborn, I can completely create my own financial empire. However, when she tried asking for money from her father, saying that she was going to buy stocks, Gerald had readily given her $10 and also said that if it wasn’t enough, she could overdraft a whole year’s worth of allowance. So in the end, she could only give up this idea.

“In fact, that short science fiction is really me wanting to make money, the script for 《The Parent Trap》 was just written from a burst of inspiration while 《The Lion King》 was written to pass time. I didn’t think too much at that time.” the little girl very solemnly said, however, it was clear that what her mama cared about wasn’t this.

“Alright, my dear, I know how intelligent you are, I also know how remarkable you are. I just want to say that when you decide to do something, you must tell us and not make us worry so much, alright?” Mama squatted down in front of her daughter and pressed her forehead against hers and softly said.

“I understand, mama, I’m sorry.” Angela’s voice also lowered, she also didn’t want her mother to worry, but she really didn’t know how she should talk about. No matter how remarkable she is, she is still just an 11 year-old girl. Most likely what happens when most parents hear that their 11 year-old child was going to write a script and a science fiction novel to earn money, they would probably just verbally encourage them a little and would laugh over it afterward.

However, following along with Miss Nancy’s visit, everything was out in the open, allowing her to heave a breath of relief. At least mama wasn’t too surprised, she didn’t want her mama to look at her like she was a monster. She loved her, this is her home, it was a part of her just like the memories deeply hidden in her.

“Alright then, now that you have apologized, you should know what you should do?” Eileen smiled at her daughter.

Angela immediately had three black lines hanging down from her head as she pursed her mouth and then very reluctantly said: “I will practice for an extra thirty minutes.”

The little loli dawdled while sitting on a chair in the living room, at the same time, there were three forefinger-thick books stacked on her head. This is one of Eileen’s etiquette training——maintaining this posture for at least thirty minutes. It is said that besides disciplining one’s manners, it was also good for forging one’s willpower and attention.

However, Angela scoffed at this, at least she had never felt her willpower and attention becoming any more disciplined. Every time she finished, her waist and back would ache while her head would be spinning. Of course, these things could only be spoken of inside her heart while on the surface she still needed to obediently sit and carry on with her training.

Although she needed to add another half hour to her training, she did not complain at all. Instead, she was secretly delighted because she had succeeded in having Eileen overlook her check exchange receipt.

You need to know, from the point of view of an 11 year-old, going to exchange your check for cash is an almost impossible matter——of course, only ‘almost’.

Do you still remember what Macaulay Culkin in 《Home Alone 2》did? Right, a movie cannot be real life, but sometimes life will occasionally be like a movie, forging father’s signature was actually quite simple. As such, mama cannot know bout this no matter what, otherwise the consequences would be very grave! Even if everything that she has done has been exposed, but a matter like this, her mama would see that she took responsibility for it herself. Yes, to be exact, it would be used as an excuse to increase her etiquette training, so for her own happiness, she needed to remain tight-lipped!


“Speaking the truth, I thought I would have a little bit of harvest today, but in fact, that is wrong, what I have is a very, very big harvest. I really can’t believe it. You know, Nancy, that’s just an 11 year-old child!” George chattered on while waving the script for 《The Lion King》animation in one hand. Nancy had to remind him since he was in this kind of mental state: “You are driving, George.”

“Yes, I am driving. I know, nothing will happen. Nancy, it is only 20 mph, I can control it.” He continued to wave the hand that was holding the folder, “I want to sign this girl as a screenwriter or an actor, it doesn’t matter which. Even if we can’t sign a long-term contract, even if the Children’s Institute needs to inspect her it’s also fine. These aren’t problems, I believe that as long as we can sign with her and somewhat manipulate a little, the Disney film company will definitely obtain huge benefits!”

“Alright, George, you are merely the head of the editorial team, do you have the confidence to convince the board?” Nancy asked with a sigh.

“If it was only the script of 《The Parent Trap》, then it is still pretty difficult. But adding on the animation script of 《The Lion King》, as long as the gentlemen of the board have some brains, they will definitely agree.” George said and looked at Nancy. Perhaps Nancy was unclear, but as someone who holds a position of being one of the leaders, George was very clear about the hidden meaning of 《The Lion King》’s animation script. As long as the gentlemen of the board look at the script the little girl written along with that delicate concept diagram, they will absolutely disregard everything else.

“How about letting her play the twin in 《The Parent Trap》? One person playing two characters!” George suddenly said.

Nancy looked at him in surprise. In fact, when they left from Mason’s home, she had already faintly had this thought. Angela’s performance had clearly far surpassed what a normal 11 year-old girl should have, moreover, she was even the author of the script. Her grasp of the role would certainly be stronger than any other and she had even admitted to using her own family as a blueprint to create it. It can be said that the two roles are simple her embodiment, but the question is…

“I naturally agree, but George, are you sure you can convince her guardians to let her film a movie?” Nancy shrugged her shoulders.

George opened his mouth, but no words came out. This was indeed the biggest problem, as long as they followed the regulations of the Children’s Institute, then everything would be fine. Furthermore, the gentlemen of the board are all very pragmatic, as long as it was profitable, then they will not have a problem. But from what they had seen before, Angela’s family isn’t some middle-class family. Would rich people like them allow their own child to go and film a movie? Even if the child is merely playing around, they are still the child’s backing power in the future. Then how were they supposed to convince her parents?

“Do you think this will work, Nancy. If I can convince the board, then you can go alone and discuss it with Miss Mason.” George suddenly said.

“Discuss alone?” Nancy knew what he was thinking, but, why shouldn’t she? To be honest, she had been in Hollywood for so many years and can be considered as a pretty famous independent producer. But the contempt atmosphere against female producers made her feel quite powerless, this was one of Hollywood’s bad habits. So although there are numerous female stars here, there are very few female directors around. What Nancy was missing right now was some kind of heavyweight work, although 《Father of the Bride》 was quite good, it was merely a remake. First of all, the crowd that watched it was already narrowed, not to mention those people who naturally liked to nitpick and critic.

《The Parent Trap》 had let her eyes lit up. It was a very interesting script, which was both romantic yet lively, as if it had been tailored for her. If it was made by her in the end, she has absolute confidence in making it her most successful movie. Therefore, if Angela could participate, she was 90% certain that she could make it into a first-class movie.

Nancy did not overestimate the little girl. Although she only had contact with her for a few short minutes and mostly had her attention focused on the script, it did not hinder her from observing Angela. She was different from George, she paid more attention to the little girl’s style of conversation and scholarly knowledge. Although the little girl was about the same age as her own two daughters, she had been much more mature. She completely believed that Angela was qualified for this role.

“Alright, George.” Nancy readily promised, “I will be waiting for your news.”


[1]Tranquil state of mind without any distracting thoughts

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