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Chapter 2: Angela and Jessica

“Hello, how are you Dorothy?” After the door swung open, Angela cheekily greeted the driver. That girl was nearly twenty-five or twenty-six years old. She had her curls tied back in a ponytail and was chewing on chewing gum.   

“Alright little buddy, hurry in if you don’t wanna be late.” The female driver tilted her head sideways. Although the words from her mouth were quite impolite, her eyes were still all full of smiles.

The little girl shrugged and got on the bus with a few steps. She then turned to face the bus seats with a smile, her two hands on her hips. “How’r y’all?”

“Hi, Angela!” A sea of orderly echoes replied, all of which was being surrounded by the sounds of giggling. It could be seen that the one they were talking to was very popular. Oh, it should be ‘very popular with girls’, because, of the few boys seated inside, most of them were watching her with an antagonistic and stubborn expression.

“Come tell us a joke, Angela,” shouted a little girl with a fringe whom was seated in the front row.

“Yeah, we want to hear it.” A gaggle of little girls followed suit and begged together.

“Alright then, the joke of the day is…” Angela tilted her head and thought for a moment before revealing a smile.

“In one of the tests, after the teacher passed out the papers, Mike couldn’t do a single question, so he wrote on the back of the paper: Only God knows how to do it, I don’t know. When the test results came back, Mike saw what was written on the paper: God full marks. You null marks!

The busload of girls instantly broke out into laughter. Even the few boys who had their lips curled couldn’t resist their lips from tugging upwards.

“Children, sit properly in your seats; I don’t want anyone to get hurt!” Dorothy’s voice travelled down from the front.

“Alright, I understand.” Angela placed down her schoolbag and sat down next to a little girl with curly hair.

“Poor Mike, he’s gonna get teased at school again.” The girl next to her stuck her tongue out. Her distinct mixed heritage face made her look extremely cute and pretty.

“Oh, Jessica, I’m not to blame for that. The joke book used that name, all I did was say it out loud.” Angela shrugged her shoulders. She didn’t give it that much thought. Truth be told, when she reincarnated into a girl, was there ever anyone there to care for her?

“But you’ve struck and hurt a boy’s feelings. Can it be that you don’t feel even an eensy bit of guilty?” Jessica clearly didn’t plan on letting her off.

“Okay, if he becomes a thief or a murderer ten years later because of this, I will definitely apologize to him. But before that, I must first teach someone a lesson, to stop them from ever going against me.” Angela spoke while pretending to be enraged, reaching out to pinch the little girl’s cheek.

Jessica giggled and dodged her attack. The two little girls inside the school bus began to scuffle. Then, the other girls around them joined in, followed by even more girls joining in and leaving the few boys sitting at the very back staring dully at the scene. They were completely isolated—this was also one of the reasons why the boys didn’t want to ride on this school bus.

Miss Dorothy Baker made a very helpless glance through the back mirror while she still concentrated on her driving. Although the school had regulations that did not allow scuffles on the bus, but with regards to Angela, as long as she was around, you shouldn’t even think about things calming down; despite that, Angela was always very mature and knew how far she could take things and when she should stop. So, after interfering several times at the very beginning, Dorothy could only let go of the reins.

The school bus soon arrived at its destination. Before that, Angela maintained order early on just like always. Of course, just like always, the boys still scrambled off the bus.

“Look, you’re like this every time. Why is it that you always ignore the boys?” She and Jessica were walking next to each other as they talked.

“Did I? I didn’t.” Angela intentionally cast a look around as she spoke.

“What didn’t? Anytime a boy tries to chat or flirt with you, you always treat them so politely it puts a huge distance between you and them.”

“But why must I pay attention to them?” Angela retorted.

“Everyone likes you. You can’t always go and hurt the feelings of people who like you.” Jessica blinked her eyes and spoke earnestly.

“Fine, Jess, I know everyone likes me, but I also have the freedom to choose how I like others, right? Moreover I didn’t ignore them, I was only keeping my distance—unless this is wrong as well?” When it comes to quibbling, Jessica, who was just 10 years old, was no match for Angela.

“But…” Jessica wrinkled her brows. She felt that the reasoning was wrong in some places, but she couldn’t quite put her finger on where.

“Okay, time for class. I have to go to the classroom. I’ll come find you after class has ended.” Angela patted Jessica’s little shoulders then headed in the other direction. She was a year older than Jessica, so she had classes in the sixth grade classroom.

“Alright, I’ll wait for you. I still have something to say to you.” Jessica’s voice travelled out from behind. Angela looked back and waved before she promptly rushing to class.

Honestly speaking, she was also very helpless. She seemed to have some sort of charm after being reincarnated into a girl, so now everyone liked her—of course, this was also related to her refined upbringing and her cute appearance. The problem was, after turning from a nerdy boy into a girl, how could she now mix with those little shotas? If she was a girl in her previous life, or perhaps a boy after reincarnation, this sort of predicament wouldn’t have happened, but God just had to play this joke on her.

If there is a God in this world, then he would absolutely have to be a pervert, Angela indignantly thought. Truth be told, up till today, she always felt as if she was living in a dream. And she also couldn’t tell whether she was in a dream right now, or if that 30 years of life had been the dream. She clearly remembered that after graduating from high school in the year ‘02, she began to live the life of a NEET. Oh, back then, he had also had a very imposing name, which was Zhang Dongliang. His parents had probably hoped for him to become the backbone of the country. Of course, if they had the ability to foretell the future, they would surely have dumped him in the toilet and flushed him away from the moment he was born!

By ‘02, the word NEET still had yet to reach China! At that time, people who stayed at home were initially and most obviously called cripples! In those days, he was a hundred percent rotten wood[1], tv shows, cartoons and comics, novels, games, etc. was what he did all day long. Just when he was about to start to go out to work, he returned to make money by working through the internet, ending up staying home even more.

That day, when he had just become thirty years old, he had wanted to celebrate his eighth year of ‘seclusion’, so he had went out for a day-long stroll. Retiring early that night, he woke up the next day to find himself in the United States in the year 1980. He was a recently birthed infant; plus, what had caused him to lose consciousness was the fact that he unexpectedly was a female baby!

Every time she thought about this, Angela couldn’t help but start to gnash her teeth and feel like hitting someone. After staying at home for eight years, his originally bad social skills became downright awful, especially his interactions with the female sex. He was still at the holding hands stage, no need to mention having a girlfriend. Normally this problem was resolved by watching AV’s DIY, but right now even if he wanted to DIY, he doesn’t have the tools for it. This was truly a cruel shock for him, wasn’t it?

But being a NEET also had its advantages. When it became impossible to retreat, he could become quite the hoodlum. Therefore, Zhang Dongliang had taken a laissez-faire attitude about his rebirth as Angela Christine Mason.

“To be honest, Jess, if I was a boy, I would definitely wed you as my wife!” Next to the swings, Angela spoke this vow towards Jessica, speaking the words from her heart, but Jessica had quite obviously brushed off her confession.

“I wouldn’t wed you even if I was a boy,” Jessica said with a shrug.

“Why’s that?”

“Cos you’re a boy, and I’m also a boy. Why should I wed you?”

This jest was really, really cold. Angela with a head full of black lines as she looked at Jessica, who was busy eating with a smile on her face. She decided to change topics. “Well, did you have something you wanted to say to me?”

This provocation sure enough had Jessica immediately in high spirits. “Do you still remember that matter?”

“That matter? Let me think…” Angela tilted her head and pressed her forefinger against her cheek, creating an adorable pondering action. “Did your mommy promise to buy you that limited edition Barbie baby?”


“Then, did Miss Greene give you an A+ on your homework assignment?”


“Oh! Then are you acting in the school anniversary play?”

“An! Ge! La!”

Soon after, Jessica glared at her. Angela giggled and hugged her. “Well, congratulations! It’s been your dream to step onto the stage!”

Jessica hugged Angela with equal enthusiasm, exclaiming, “My father allowed me to take drama class. It’s so wonderful!” Only, if she knew what Angela’s thoughts were, she wouldn’t know how to react.

Hehe. If my online friends in my past life knew I ate lolita version of Alba jiejie’s tofu[2]…they would certainly die of envy! Angela laughed evilly inside, completely overlooking that she herself was a ‘lolita’. As for Alba jiejie… this was the future Fantastic Four’s Invisible Girl, the hot, sexy, extraordinarily beautiful Jessica Alba!

Her current best friend status with Jessica was completely accidental. Angela merely went to public elementary school entirely to evade her mother’s ‘inhuman’ etiquette training, but she didn’t foresee meeting Jessica Alba.

Jessica Alba was a third grader who had just transferred in. At that time, she was merely adorable and couldn’t be considered pretty. Having just transferred to St. John Elementary School, she was very lonely. This made Angela’s heart sympathize with her, plus she also had an amiable aura surrounding her. In only a few sentences, the two of them were fast friends. She later found out that Jessica had a mixed bloodline of five different countries, which made Angela grow even closer to her. Her current father Gerald had half Jewish and a quarter Swedish blood plus a quarter Chinese blood, and her mother Ellie had half English blood, a quarter French blood, and a quarter Greek blood. This meant she had even more foreign bloodlines than Jessica. Their friendship thus grew ever closer and closer.

When she realized what Jessica’s last name was, she finally recalled who this little girl was—you need to know about NEETs, they could be useless at everything, but their information gathering skills can be regarded as top quality. When Alba jiejie first made began her career, what set backs she experienced, what her family situation was, Angela was more clear on it than the person herself. Therefore, some people unhealthily thought that the two of them were almost sticky sweet buns. If one was present, the other would inevitably be there as well.


[1]Rottenwood = Useless

[2](姐姐) jiejie  = older sister (it just sounds wrong in English…)

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