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Volume 1 – Chapter 25: You’ll Know

On a beautiful, small vacation island. At that moment, destruction and broken limbs could be seen everywhere, giving the beautiful, small island the impression of having been defiled.

Thirteen was currently holding a suitcase in his hand as he waited for his helicopter to arrive.

“Is this what you wanted, Judah?” A young voice appeared from his side.

Thirteen turned his head; a handsome guy, who looked like he was immersed in light, appeared behind him.

“I don’t understand what you’re saying.” Thirteen said.

“You can’t trick me, Judah. I know everything,” the youth spoke. If there were other heroes there to see him, they would’ve been shocked. This young, handsome guy was actually one of the 10 strongest people that defended humanity. He was called Heaven’s Son, a man who was born fated to save people, one of the few SS-rank heroes in the world.

“I only came here for vacation, also, don’t call me Judah. I am called Thirteen.” Thirteen replied.

“How did the ocean tribe know their princess was going to be auctioned off on this island? Others might not know, but I do. It was because of you. After all, leaking secrets is your special ability, right?”

“Think what you want.” Thirteen replied, “Even if I tell you that it was a coincidence, you wouldn’t believe me.”

“God has already arranged everything since long ago.” Heaven’s Son spoke, “Is this what you want? This time, the battle on Heavenly Island has caused the sacrifice of nearly 3000 people, all because of an abandoned little girl.”

“You mean a trash organization that has an underground slave business and does human experimentation?” Thirteen sneered, “To trade this kind of corrupt place for a young girl’s future, I feel like this was more profitable.”

“Do you know why we never made a move here in the past?” Heaven’s Son said.

“I have no interest in knowing.”

“Because we could get a large amount of information about the dark organizations from here.” Heaven’s Son still continued on.

“Just because of that, you’d let these criminals unceasingly repeat their evil actions?” Thirteen said.

“God has long prepared them as a sacrifice. Only in this manner can we have a better future.” Heaven’s Son said.

“Your god didn’t plan for me.” Thirteen spoke.


“I said it already, don’t call me that. I’m called Thirteen. Also, I don’t believe in your god,” Thirteen’s expression changed from his previous calm to cold and gloomy, “because I never considered myself a sinner.”

“You’ve always been a sinner, Judah. From the day you were born, you were foreordained to be a sinner.” Heaven’s Son spoke.

“What an unjust god.” Thirteen remarked, “Come to speak of it, it seems like your god had planned for you to lead humanity to rebuild civilization after the trial years[1] had passed. However, it seems like the trial years have been completely dealt with by [Zero]. That means even God has times when he miscalculates! Furthermore, since that’s the case, hasn’t your mission been concluded before it even started? You should just return to the embrace of your god.”

“Judah! I’m still alive, which means my mission has not been completed yet! Also, I will continue to pay attention to you, Judah Even though your strength isn’t great, I don’t wish for the events that happened on the Heavenly Island to happen a second time.” Speaking up to there, Heaven’s Son disappeared in a beam of light.

Seeing that Heaven’s Son had left, Thirteen’s cold expression once again turned back into a warm smile.


At the top floor of the Xiao Clan’s building, there were currently several tens of people holding a celebration.

“How come Thirteen hasn’t come back yet?” Xiao Zhan asked.

“He just called me. Apparently the third helicopter he boarded has crashed. Currently, he’s stuck on a little island with the third heli’s pilot waiting to be rescued.” Lin Jie replied.

“Then we won’t wait for him any longer.” Xiao Zhan decided and then took a remote control from Shadow. She was adorned in a servant’s attire, standing by his side.

“Brothers, let us begin!” Xiao Zhan shouted as he pressed down on the remote control. A sudden sound exploded all throughout the banquet hall.


“Brother Ya Tan, you’ve arrived?” Black Gold and White Gold walked together over to Ya Tan. It was only when they walked up to him that they noticed another man standing beside him.

“This man! Isn’t he that guy from Evolution Co., Bing Qi?” White Gold was surprised.

“He and I fought for several hours in the Peach Forest. We both greatly respect each other’s strength, however, he ended up following me in the end. From now on, he’s considered my family.” Ya Tan answered their curiosity.  

“Eh? So there was something like this as well. It seems like our squadron has expanded once again.” Black Gold was excited.

Their conversation was loud and brash.

“Let me ask, aren’t you afraid of having rumors of a sex scandal spread with you being around this group of buff guys?” Lin Jie was currently talking to Dong Xue’er, who was holding a bottle of red wine. He popped open a bottle of soda while talking to her.

“That’s nothing to be afraid of. The Gay Union is well known in H-city.” Dong Xue’er smiled.

“Eh?” Lin Jie was shocked, but then quickly sunk into a state of pondering.

“What are you thinking about?” Dong Xue’er asked.

“The last two days, I’ve been going with them to eat roast duck.” Lin Jie spoke, “At the time, we drank a lot of wine. I’m wondering if we might have done some strange things then….. Damn it!! I can’t remember anything!”

Whilst racking his head, Lin Jie ferociously chugged a bottle of soda.

“That’s right, they still haven’t found the person from Evolution Co. that disappeared?” Dong Xue’er asked.

“Don’t worry about it.” From the side, White Gold suddenly spoke up, “My brothers have a lead/have his portrait. We should be able to bring justice upon that b*stard tomorrow morning at the latest.”


Meanwhile, on the outskirts of H-city. Mr. Gan was currently shivering all over. He was surrounded on all sides by pike and shield wielding muscle-men.

“Receive your righteous retribution!” One of the muscular men declared.

“Wait, wait! I surrender! I’m not a fighter! I’m begging you, give me preferential treatment please, I want a lawyer! Wait…. What are you all doing?! Ah! Stop that! C-region is so terrifying!!!!”

Mr. Gan’s sad cries echoed throughout the entire outskirts of H-city.

“Take our reformation properly! There’s a chance we may let you join our coalition.”


At the meeting place, Glasses Bro was bumped into by someone, and just like that, his glasses fell to the ground. When the pair of glasses, that already had many small cracks across its surface, fell to the ground, another deep crack formed.

“Virtuous Glasses! Are you ok?!” Glasses Bro uttered sorrowfully.

‘Future Glasses King! I think my mission here has come to an end.’

“No way! I want to pause this mission! I will think of some way to fix you.”

‘I had already been at the brink of death since the last battle.’

“Don’t talk like that!”

‘Listen to me, Future Glasses King. This is my stop, but your road has yet to end. As for my will, I hope you can help me transmit a message to the third pair of glasses on the third row of the 20th shelf at the Glasses Store. Can you tell that glasses lady… just say…’

However, before he finished speaking, Lin Jie ran over from the side and accidentally stepped on the pair of glasses.

Then, the glasses went completely silent.

“Sorry! I drank too much soda. I need to use the bathroom! Don’t you have a lot of reserve glasses?” Lin Jie said and then ran in the direction of the bathroom.

“Ahhhhh!! Virtuous Glasses!” Glasses Bro’s sorrowful cries were completely inharmonious with the lively and cheerful situation.

“Even though you’re already an adult, you still cry so much over a pair of glasses. Are you not embarrassed?” Dong Xiao Xie walked over with two plates in hand, putting one of the plates into Glasses Bro’s hands. “Eat some Roast Duck. It’s really tasty.”

“What do you understand. The feelings between me and this pair of glasses is simply something you guys cannot understand.” Glasses Bro spoke as he took the plate and looked at his other wrapped up hand.

“I almost forgot, your other hand can’t hold things. Come on, ahhhh…” As she spoke, she used a fork to pick up a piece of duck meat and put it into Glasses Bro’s mouth.

“My my, I think I’ve seen something I was not supposed to see.” Dong Xue’er suddenly appeared behind Dong Xiao Xie, who was so shocked, she directly threw the fork at Glasses Bro’s face.

“W-w-we weren’t doing anything!!!! I just saw that he wasn’t eating anything and pitied him a little… that’s all… Just like feeding a stray dog! Right, it’s just like feeding a dog!” Dong Xiao Xie stuttered as she tried to speak.

“Hey! I didn’t even say anything.” Dong Xue’er was beaming.

“You scoundrel!!”

“Lin Jie Jie, what are they doing?” Not far away, the little loli pointed at Glasses Bro and Dong Xiao Xie as she asked curiously.

“You’ll know in the future.” Lin Wan spoke and then wiped the grease off the corner of the little loli’s mouth.



[1]Referring to the dark times except with another name so….. I dunno if it’s the actual name they call the dark times/era or whatever

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