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Volume 1 – Chapter 17: Uncle Stalker

“Glasses bro, you go contact Dong Xue’er. Isn’t the plan to take action the day after tomorrow? Up till now, we still haven’t discovered where Ouyang Rui and Evolution Co. plan on congregating.” Xiao Zhan said.

“Right now, I’m just reminiscing about Thirteen. If he was here, everything would be so much easier. If we could just let him sit in front of Ouyang Rui’s house for a few days, everything would be solved.” Glasses bro said, “I heard that they even dispatched two S-level Superheroes to that Heavenly Island he’s on.”

“How about this? You guys tell me where Ouyang Rui is, and I’ll just directly go and kill him.” Lin Jie said.

“However,” Xiao Zhan said, “attacking the superhero association’s president without any evidence, do you want the whole world to treat you as a criminal?”


“You guys look after Lin Wan and Mumu. I’ll go contact Dong Xue’er.” Glasses bro said.

After saying that, Glasses bro stood up and disappeared. The place where he used to be laid a pair of glasses instead.

Lin Jie and Xiao Zhan simultaneously looked at the pair of glasses, looked at each other in a similar manner, and nodded their heads. Less than 10 minutes later, the pair of spectacles that Glasses bro had left behind appeared on top of a watchtower’s lighting rod.

“When he switches back, don’t forget to take a picture.” Lin Jie said.

At the side, Xiao Zhan did something that made Lin Jie feel relieved.

Meanwhile, Glasses bro was currently in an awkward situation. Currently in an office building, his whole body was sprawled on the ground. Furthermore, there was a petite body currently lying down below him.

“I’m so sorry! It wasn’t on purpose. I don’t know why I knocked into you as soon as I transported…” Glasses bro was hurriedly trying to explain.

“You pervert! Why haven’t you gotten off of me yet?” The face of that petite girl was completely red.

Ah ah ah, doing this kind of thing in the office during broad daylight ah.” Xue Dong’er suddenly appeared in the office, even holding her phone in her hand as she continuously took picture..

“Hurry and get off of me!” The young girl furiously kicked Glasses bro’s stomach, causing his entire body to fly into the air.

The girl instantly jumped up. “Delete those pictures now,” she demanded.

“How could I do that? How could I delete rare pictures of my cute little sister getting pushed down? I still have to post them online and show them to my friends.” Dong Xue’er said.

“Wait, let me interrupt for a moment. Why did the pair of specs I gave to you appear on this girl’s body?” At that moment, Glasses bro was climbing up from the ground with great difficulty.

“AH!” There was a look of enlightenment on the girl’s face. “No wonder you gifted me a pair of glasses so nicely. It was for this purpose!”

“So what if that’s the case?” Xue Dong’er shrewdly smiled at her successful plan.

“Damn you! What do you want in exchange for deleting those pictures?” A furious expression flashed on her face.

At that moment, Dong Xue’er gave off a faint smile. “You just need to do that thing I talked to you about earlier.”

“No way!” The girl was extremely firm as she replied, “The Ouyang family and my Dong family are currently working together! If I do that, then my family will definitely be furious. I will still advise you to not do this kind of thing for your own good.”

“Is that so? What a pity, but… I heard that you, Xiao Ye, have countless wild fans in B-City. If these pictures were to be leaked out… I wonder what would happen? I am anticipating it.” Dong Xue’er smiled.

“……” The girl seemed to be going through an internal battle before she clenched her teeth and said, “Fine! You win! All I have to do is help you anyways…. But let me be clear on this, the things you want to do will absolutely attract the wrath of my family. When the time comes, just tell them I was not involved.”

“Compared to the wrath of the family, I care more about the righteousness in my heart.”

“But if you do this, nothing good will come out of it.” The girl was unrelenting as she tried to persuade Dong Xue’er.

“This is simply my pride and responsibility as a superheroine revered by the masses.” Xue Dong’er’s expression suddenly became somber.

“Did you know? Ouyang Rui secretly supported human experimentation, leading to the death of countless children. Do you know he sent the personal information of heroes with a sense of justice to the villains? Do you know how tragic the ending of those heroes were?”

“……” The girl lapsed into momentary silence. “But you should also know that we did not rely on a sense of righteousness but instead accumulated advantages over others in order to make our clan number 1 in C district.  Simply talking about the big 8 families within C district alone, even the so-called heroic Shi Family is the same as us, only taking action when it maximizes benefit. But if you were to try and expose our actions and cause harm to our family’s interests… you will never be a hero again.”

“That’s why I hate this kind of family.” Xue Dong’er spat out.

“Okay, do as you wish.”


Just like that, afternoon arrived.

Currently, Lin Jie and Xiao Zhan were in an empty alleyway. Facing them were two bizarrely dressed men.

“The Blast Brothers! Both of them are C-level heroes.” Xiao Zhan said from Lin Jie’s side.

“These are the brothers who’re famous for their bombs?” Lin Jie quietly muttered to him.

“Are you two done consulting each other? Do you want to follow us back for an investigation or do you want us to capture you guys? Also, where’s the little girl?” One of the Blast Brothers impatiently asked.

“Lin Jie, I’ll hand this over to you.” Xiao Zhan said.

“Whaaaa? Hey, this is already the fourth wave. Why am I the one who handles it every time? What use do you have?” Lin Jie said unsatisfied.

“I’m responsible for shielding you.” Xiao Zhan said, “Wasn’t it like this every time we fought?”


At the same time, on top of the lighting rod of a watchtower in the amusement park, Glasses bro was shivering nonstop as he held on tightly to the rod.

“Those two unscrupulous b*stards actually hung my glasses here!!” Glasses bro shouted loudly. At that moment in time, below him surrounded a sizeable crowd. Just as Glasses bro was trying to figure out a way to leave his predicament without sacrificing one of his glasses, the sound of a huge explosion resounded from the central plaza of the amusement park.

“Oh sh*t, that’s the direction where Lin Wan and Xiao Mumu are.” Glasses bro couldn’t be bothered with much now. In a flash, his body disappeared from the spot. He then appeared in the small store he often patronized.

“Dear customer, you’ve come to buy from us again.” The employee saw Glasses bro and went up to him, welcoming him warmly.

However, Glasses bro became a burst of wind as he sped past the employee.

Out the door… Hailing a taxi….

Lin Jie and Xiao Zhan had just come out of the small alleyway when they heard the explosion from the central plaza.

“Oh no! Lin Wan and Mumu are still there!”

The two used their fastest speed to run towards the central plaza.

Soon after the two left, a person involuntarily walked into the small alleyway. Seeing the scene inside, the individual was scared so badly that the object in their hands fell to the ground.

In the little alley, there was a mound of superheroes piled together. Every one of them were heroes that had recently emerged and advanced quickly in rank. Furthermore, they were all superheroes whose popularities were soaring.

The person could already imagine the headlines for tomorrow’s news,
“Superhero Serial Killer in H-City!”


When Lin Jie and Xiao Zhan reached the central plaza, they arrived just in time to see a large crowd encircling something. With a keen eye, Xiao Zhan looked through the crowd and saw Lin Wan and the little loli, Lin Mumu, in the circle.

“Are you guys alright?” The two of them rushed forward.

“We’re alright.” Lin Wan replied, “The Stalker and a group of terrorists were fighting here.”

“The Stalker?” Xiao Zhan was astonished. “Then things should be fine, after all, The Stalker is H-City’s only A-level Superhero.”

When Xiao Zhan and Lin Jie arrived at the front of the crowd, the fight was already over. All they saw was a camouflage wearing man holding a sniper in his hand as he tied up several sorry-looking figures.

“This is the end. Y’all will receive righteous punishment.” The Stalker faced the terrorists as he proclaimed.

“Stalker! Stalker!” The encircling crowd burst into enthusiastic cheering.

When the crowd dispersed, the little loli, Lin Mumu was still very excited. “Sister, Uncle Stalker was super strong! I saw that he only used a few moves and completely defeated that group of bad guys.”

“Of course, he is H-city’s strongest superhero! Compared to these two in front of us, there’s no comparison at all!” Lin Wan spoke up beside the little loli, “They’re both superheroes, but the gap is so immense.”

“Tch, we just haven’t been able to fight him yet.” Xiao Zhan was disdainful.

“He’s right, he just hasn’t met us. Otherwise, meeting him face-to-face is enough to instantly defeat him.” Lin Jie said.

“You think you can just depend on this little original story of yours to instantly defeat the Stalker?” Lin Wan was not convinced at all as she sneered at him.

“No way! Lin Gege is also super strong!” The little loli suddenly butted in.

“That’s because you still don’t understand him.” Lin Wan said, “He is a complete piece of trash.”

“Hey! In the past, wasn’t it always, ‘My beloved brother, you’re the strongest!’ And now, everyday, you keep on belittling me! Sis, your puberty has lasted too long.” Lin Jie said regretfully.

“You’re the kid!!!” Lin Wan said resentfully.

“Are you guys superheroes?” The little loli asked, “I also want to become a superhero like Uncle Stalker.”

“……” Xiao Zhan was silent for a moment before he said, “Even if you want to become a superhero, you should become a superhero like me.”

“Become like you? A hero that carries around a blurred out rod as he pokes people with it?” Lin Wan looked at Xiao Zhan with derision, then faced the little loli and said, “If our family’s Mumu will become a superhero, then obviously she has to become a superhero like ‘Zero.’”

“I think y’all have played enough for today. Llet’s go back,” Lin Jie said. Suddenly, a hint of red appeared on his face. “My chuunibyou years are being worshipped by my little sister. It’s still very shameful….”

“Ok, let’s return then. I’ll make some of my best dishes tonight.” Lin Wan said.

“Of course, of course! What big sis makes tastes the best!” The little loli said very happily.

“That’s right, do you guys wanna watch a movie afterwards?” Xiao Zhan suddenly asked. “Come to think of it, I just bought a few tickets for a newly released movie.”  

“What movie?” Lin Jie asked.

“[Zero: I am not God]” Xiao Zhan said proudly.

“I’m not interested.” Lin Jie directly refused Xiao Zhan.

“Good! You guys can come to our house to eat dinner tonight. I’ve been wanting to watch that movie for a long time.” However, Lin Wan was very excited.

Just like this, these few people left the amusement park while conversing.

“I think we forgot something….” Lin Jie suddenly said, “Whatever, let the forgotten be forgotten.”

Glasses bro was currently standing blankly in the amusement park’s central plaza. “Eh? What happened? Did I come too late? Where did they all go?”

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