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Volume 1 – Chapter 14: Pixel It All

Ouyang Rui was currently extremely unhappy because of a simple reason. The Golden Triangle was sent to deal with a few E-level runts, but they were actually defeated by them.

Currently, all of his strong subordinates were busy hunting down the Wintry Witch, who had already fled H-city. “What a bunch of trash.” Ouyang Rui couldn’t help but curse.

“Mr. Ouyang, there is no need to worry.” A man came to Ouyang Rui’s side. If Lin Jie and company were there, they would’ve recognized this man He was the person who wanted to buy the small loli previously. He was also Evolution Co.’s personnel. “Those E-level heroes who ruined the business deal won’t see the light of day tomorrow.”


“No way. There’s no way I can let this little girl live with you guys.” The previously shopping Lin Wan was currently embracing the little loli in her bosom. “I feel very uneasy about you guys! Especially Big Brother!”

“What did I do?” Lin Jie was puzzled.

“Don’t think I don’t know about it. Manga has slowly turned you into a pervert these last few years.” Lin Wan pointed at Lin Jie.

“What? Of course not! If you’re talking about perverts, then you should be talking about him.” Saying that, Lin Jie pointed at Xiao Zhan who was standing at the side.

“Who’re you talking about? My girlfriends are only mature women.” Xiao Zhan explained.

“Little sister, tell your big sis if they did anything weird to you.” Lin Wan asked the little loli who was by her side.

The little loli was currently wearing a brand-new pink skirt, and her hair was tied up into two ponytails. She tilted her head while thinking, then pointed at Xiao Zhan and said, “When we first met, this brother took out a strange rod and poked me with it. It made me feel weird.”

Lin Wan looked at Xiao Zhan as if she was looking at a pervert.

“Woah, wait a second. That was a misunderstanding. The rod she was talking about was my weapon… I…” As Xiao Zhan hurriedly tried to explain, he only managed to paint himself in an increasingly worse light.

“What did I say before, this guy is a pervert. If I wasn’t quick enough to stop him, who knows what this pervert could’ve done.”

“Mhm!” The little loli nodded her head.

“You see, your brother isn’t a pervert.”

“Brother Lin grabbed the rod from Brother Xiao.” The little loli nodded her head once, but the words she said next pushed Lin Jie into the abyss of perversion. “Then Brother Lin also wanted to use the rod to poke me.”

Lin Wan hugged the small loli even tighter as soon as she heard that. At the same time, her gaze, which previously was as if she was looking at a pervert, had now become one of looking at trash instead.

“Even though these two are perverts inside and out, don’t you worry. I will watch them closely.” Glasses bro said to Lin Wan, whose expression had turned very sharp. “If you don’t believe me, you can ask her. I am very good at taking care of kids.”

“Lolicon brother treats me very well. Not only did he promise to bring me to eat good food, he promised to take me out and play!”  The little loli also agreed with what Glasses bro said. Compared to Lin Jie and Xiao Zhan, she was more familiar with Glasses Bro.

“Lolicon Brother?” Lin Wan’s eyes became even sharper.

“That is a misunderstanding. I am different from these two guys.”  Glasses Bro hurriedly rushed to justify himself.

“I don’t believe you! Frankly, I’d never be able to feel relieved if I let this child stay with you guys!” Lin Wan exclaimed.

“No way.” Lin Jie faced Lin Wan as he said, “I’ve said it already. This child is currently under focus by a dangerous organization. It’ll be very dangerous if we let you take her.”

“I don’t care.” Lin Wan strongly said, “I definitely have to bring home such a cute child.”

“This isn’t the time for you to be stubborn!” Lin Jie said, “What’s going to happen If enemies attack our house?!”

“Aren’t you here? I heard that you defeated a B-level hero in a second.” Lin Wan said, “Besides that, you three males have no idea how to take care of a child.”

“Who said we can’t take care of a child?” Lin Jie disagreed.

“That’s right.” Standing at the side, Xiao Zhan spoke out, “I took very good care of her. Isn’t that right, Little sister?”

After the little loli heard Xiao Zhan, she rejoiced and said, “That’s right, Brother treated me very well. After he brought me home, he gave me all kinds of La Tiao flavors to try.”




“Let’s go. Remember to listen to big sis okay? In the future, you must keep a distance from these damn disgusting animals disguised as men. When we get back, big sis is going to cook a few of her specialty dishes for you.” As she pulled the little loli in the direction of her house, the three innocent men were rendered speechless while being left behind.

“What kind of pervert are you? Why are you constantly feeding her La Tiao ah! Such a good loli is being led wayward by you!” Lin Jie resentfully said to Xiao Zhan.

“You still have the face to criticise me? Just who was it that let your sister have such a perverted impression of us towards little loli? Was it not you?” Xiao Zhan retorted to Lin Jie.

“I’m the pervert? How am I a pervert?” Lin Jie said unsatisfied.

“Who’s the one that shouted loudly in public, ‘Whoever steals our little loli will suffer the consequences!’ and other things in that manner.”

Glasses bro stood at the side, decisively ignoring the two perverts in front of him. In fact, he had been communicating with Dong Xue’er. In the current age, where phones and electronic devices were susceptible to interference and hacking, a person like Glasses bro who has such an ability was the most suitable person to use as a messenger.

Watching Glasses bro disappear, Lin Jie and Xiao Zhan also stopped bickering.

“What do we do now?” Lin Jie asked.

“We’ll leave the little girl to you, if you can’t do it, letting me go is the same as me sending my head.” Xiao Zhan said.

“Then why did you prepare?” Lin Jie asked.

“I want to return and upgrade my weapons. I also want to set up my special hidden camera glasses in the right place.”

“Alright, then we’ll separate here.” Lin Jie said, “I will be in charge of the little girl’s safety, and you do what you can.”

As soon as he said that, he rushed in Lin Wan’s direction.

“Wait wait, is it really alright to implicate your sister?” Xiao Zhan asked.

“Don’t worry, she won’t be opposed to it at all.” Lin Jie said confidently, “The people I want to protect will never have problems again. But the main reason is that we really don’t know how to take care of children.”

Watching Lin Jie’s departing silhouette, Xiao Zhan curiously muttered, “Why did he say ‘again’?”


That night, in the Xiao Company Building. A graceful shadow broke past all of the Xiao Company Building’s monitoring and alarm systems, arriving at the top floor of the building.

Shadow was one of the Evolution Co.’s cultivated assassins. Even though she only had the strength of a C-level hero, her assassination and stealth abilities definitely surpassed the majority of the specially cultivated secret services of governments all over the world.

To her, the mission to assassinate E-level hero, Zhan Chen, who recently destroyed Evolution Co’s business deal, was basically a piece of cake.

Zhan Chen seemed to be working on something in his workroom. And at that point, Shadow had already stealthily infiltrated into the workroom. Her whole body had been absorbed into the ceiling. The color of her body had also changed to become identical to the color of the ceiling. As long as Xiao Zhan walked through the research room’s door, she could kill him inside this room.

After a short stretch of time, Xiao Zhan walked out from the middle of the room.

“An opening!” Shadow thought and moved, but then her gaze was attracted to the object in Xiao Zhan’s hand, causing the optimum assassination opportunity to pass by.

“What in the world is that thing?” Shadow was astonished as she looked at what Xiao Zhan held in his hand as he entered the living room. It was a pixelated, rod-shaped object.

“My Evil Elutriating Electrified Rod Version 3001 is finally complete!” Xiao Zhan said as he carefully scrutinized the weapon in his hands.

“That’s just the weapon he specializes in, but why is my heart beating so fast, and why is my face blushing?” Shadow was in shock as she stared at the smashed into pixelated rod — thing.

“Let’s try it out, shall we?” Saying that, Xiao Zhan turned on the Evil Elutriating Electrified Pitchfork in his hand. The sound of vibrations resounded throughout the room. Not only that, the head of the pixelated rod in Xiao Zhan’s hand started wobbling irregularly.

At that moment, on the ceiling, Shadow’s face had turned completely red. “This… this isn’t a weapon, ok? How could there be people who use this sort of perverted thing as a weapon?”

Ignoring the internal struggles of the spectator, Xiao Zhan took out a cup.

A cup? What does he want to do? Currently, Shadow’s line of sight was completely attracted to every move.

Just when she was curiously watching, the pixelated rod in Xiao Zhan’s hand suddenly shot out a milky white liquid. Just like that, Xiao Zhan received a cup full of the white liquid that shot out.

“He actually….. actually made it nearly identical…. He really… really is too perverted.” A thought popped into Shadow’s mind, but then Xiao Zhan did something that shocked her so much her jaw dropped.

In one gulp, he drank the entire cup of white liquid, and after gulping it down, he couldn’t help but lick the remnants from his lips.

“Th-th-this…. This is too perverted, alright?! He actually drank all of it. After making such a perverted thing, he actually drank all of it! He even looks like he enjoyed it?! Don’t tell me… he’s always had this kind of hobby? This man is just too incomprehensible! How perverted must one be in order to drink that ah! Even if he was a girl…” On the ceiling, Shadow fell into a confuddled state of mind.

“It’s just sweet enough. This way, whenever I’m in battle, and I feel thirsty, I can drink some milk.” Xiao Zhan said.

“So it was milk! That’s right, how could there possibly be a man who’d drink that sort of thing.” Shadow suddenly felt a sense of relief as she let out a breath of air.

“Now, let’s try out the new combat suit.” Saying that, Xiao Zhan seemed to be starting up some machine, and his whole body turned pixelated.

Just like this, a man-shaped, pixelated-like organism appeared in the room holding a pixelated-like weapon in his hands.

“It turned into such a dangerous thing!”

“Next up, let’s test the power output.” Saying that, Xiao Zhan pressed the weapon in his hands. Immediately afterwards, the weapon started swiveling rapidly, and along with the powerful swiveling, white milk also started being slung everywhere. Even Xiao Zhan himself was struck by a not small amount.

“This can’t do ah! At maximum power, the milk actually leaks out…”

At that moment. in the eyes of Shadow, a pixelated entity wielding a pixelated weapon and covered in white liquid appeared in the room.

“Now it turned into such a disgusting thing!” Shadow was currently finding it hard to keep her calm.

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