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Chapter 79: Covenantor (II)

In two days, Shang Ke had familiarized himself with the mansion and made a couple rounds of the surroundings. He recorded with an electronic map every building, store, and path nearby. After making sure he hadn’t overlooked anything, he finally stopped his exploration and return to the villa. By that point, he had started to use the internet to gather information on anything he could, including the Yue Family.

Yue Family held a strong and reputable lineage, traceable back three hundred years. They were regarded highly by the Royal Family, and although they were not real nobility, they enjoyed the power and glory of a noble family. In the Empire, many cities had their own brand name and trade. The Yue Family had once been the richest and most influential out of all of these. But around a hundred years ago their family went into decline, in both politics and economics, and their power never recovered. However, a dying camel was still larger than a horse, so the Yue Family industry today was still rather widespread and influential.

It’s just that compared to the Lu Family, Yue Family’s position was significantly inferior. The Lu Family held hereditary nobility. Lu Xiufan’s older brother, Lu Xiuqi, was the current Queen’s husband, while he himself was conferred the title of Lord. His post was as an inspection official, in charge of supervising the bigshot Chancellor’s words, actions and manners.

Compared to his title as Lord, his identity as the inspection official tended to instill the most fear into people. Forty percent of the Empire’s officials were both close and distant to him, fifty percent wanted to kill him, and the final ten percent were heroically unafraid of death and wanted to bed him.

Shang Ke searched for Lu Xiufan’s photograph, but all he could find were long-distance pictures of him, never any recent close-ups. He could roughly make out that he was tall and imposing–the first one to be taken note of, even when in a crowd.

After checking the time, Shang Ke discovered that it was midnight already. He decided to turn off the lights and head to bed.

In his semi-conscious state, he heard tidbits of sound coming from outside his door. Shang Ke opened his eyes and listened carefully for a while, before he got up from the bed and put on his coat, leaving the room.

“Master, I have already notified the doctor. He will be here in roughly ten minutes.” In the living room, the butler Fei Lin was speaking respectfully to a luxuriously dressed, very tall man.

On the sofa next to them, there were two young men wearing uniforms and sitting still. One of them was covered in blood, his arm hastily bandaged. The other one was lying back against the sofa, his right foot apparently unable to move.

Fei Lin was just about to say something else when he caught a glimpse of Shang Ke leaving the corridor around the corner. He immediately called out to him, “Shang Ze, good timing. Come here and greet Master.”

The man in front of Fei Lin turned around, his piercing gaze landing on Shang Ke.

Shang Ke looked at his handsome face and a familiar scent hit him.

It’s him!

Shang Ke calmly faced him, nothing in his eyes hinting at his emotional state.

“Master, this is Shang Ze.” Fei Lin went up to introduce him, “Shang Ze, this is…”

“Shang Ze?” Lu Xiufan’s deep voice interrupted Fei Lin, his scrutinizing gaze running across his body, and he immediately asked, “Can you handle external injuries?”

“Yes.” Shang Ke answered, monosyllabic and concise.

“Good, help deal with them.” Lu Xiufan stepped aside and pointed at the two on the sofa.

Shang Ke did not say anything and went straight to work, moving to their side to give them each a once-over. Quickly, he squat down in front of the brown haired man with the injured leg. He reached out to feel the bone, his slender fair fingers bearing a sharp contrast against the dark and sturdy leg.

The brown-haired man remained rigid as he watched Shang Ke’s every movement, like he was worried that the muscles on his leg would break the other’s fingers.

At that moment, Shang Ke turned his head and looked grimly at the blond man beside him.

The brown haired man sensed that something wasn’t right and also looked over, but who would have expected that the moment he turned his head he would hear a jarring crack, followed by an acute burst of pain from his leg.

The brown haired man cried out in pain due to being caught off guard and cold sweat flowed from his pores. When he could finally react again, he realized that his dislocated right leg was already back in place.

Lu Xiufan’s eyes flashed. He was surprised at Shang Ke’s firm and practiced bone-setting skills.

Shang Ke then helped the brown haired man deal with some of his smaller injuries– a few cuts and budding infections. After making sure he didn’t have any other problems, he once again turned his attention onto the blond man. The bandage on his arm was dyed red and he needed to rewrap it.

Lu Xiufan saw how he dealt with everything in a professional and thorough fashion and turned his head toward Fei Lin, “Butler Fei, call the cook to make something for us to eat.”

“I have already ordered him, he should be done soon.” Fei Lin replied.

Lu Xiufan nodded and did not speak further. He went back to watching Shang Ke help treat his subordinates. At the moment, his head was slightly tilted down, causing his hair to hang down his forehead. His delicate side-profile was like white jade, as if a faint glow of light was emitting from beneath his skin. His movements were skilled, like he had received special medical training before. Only eighteen, or nineteen and he could already deal with such matters in such a steady and calm manner. He did not cower at the sight of blood at all.

Lu Xiufan was rather against Fei Lin employing a covenantor, but from the looks of it, it was not a bad idea at all.

When Shang Ke finished treating the injuries of the two men, the cook was done with the meal.

Fei Lin ordered the servants to bring the food to the small tea table, then arranged two maids to serve the two wounded food.

“We troubled you.” The blond man smiled brightly at Shang Ke, “My name is Nan Te. Your name is ‘Shang Ze’, right? Can I call you ‘Little Ze’?”

“It does not matter.” Shang Ke replied indifferently.

“Little Ze, are you hungry? Want to eat with us?” Nan Te passionately welcomed him.

“No need.” Shang Ke helped Fei Lin tidy up the first aid kit then retreated to the side. He fixed his gaze on the pillar in the corner of the room.

Shang Ke’s indifference made Nan Te feel somewhat embarrassed, the brown haired man beside him also sending glances at Shang Ke in confusion.

At that moment, the doctor Fei Lin called in hurriedly arrived, Thereupon Lu Xiufan allowed Shang Ke to return to rest, the remaining matters being left to the doctor to deal with.

Without a word, Shang Ke left. During the entire time, he did not give Lu Xiufan another look.

After he left, the brown haired man couldn’t help but laugh out loud, “Sir, is that your future assistant? He’s quite a character.”

He never met anyone who could be so calm in front of Lu Xiufan, nor someone so cold and detached toward him either.

Lu Xiufan made a noncommittal sound.

Yin Chi only continued to smile and spoke no further. He had followed Lu Xiufan for many years now, and although he could play a joke here and there, he did not dare to be too presumptuous.

After Lu Xiufan ate, he raised his head toward Fei Lin, “Butler Fei, have Shang Ze drive me to the Market City Hall tomorrow.”

“Understood.” Fei Lin understood that this meant Master’s first impression of Shang Ze was pretty good, and he had decided to keep him.

The next day, Shang Ke woke up, ate an early breakfast in the kitchen, then went to drive the car to the entrance as per Fei Lin’s orders.

He opened up the navigation system and for the nth time confirmed the route he was taking. Not too long later, Nan Te and Yin Chi escorted Lu Xiufan out of the mansion.

Nan Te sat in the copilot seat, Lu Xiufan and Yin Chi seated in the back.

“Drive to the Market City Hall.” Yin Chi spoke to Shang Ke.

Shang Ke started on the car without a word, then switched the car onto automatic driving mode. It wasn’t that he found it more convenient, but that the traffic regulations set it so. Under normal circumstances, all cars must stay in automatic driving mode due to the vehicle’s speed limit function, object recognition and evasion function, as well as an alarm function. It was safer and steadier than manual driving. The function of the driver was mainly to deal with sudden or irregular situations.

The car drove smoothly onto the designated route. The people within the vehicle remained silent, so it was an unusually quiet trip.

Shang Ke’s eyes went to the rearview mirror. A couple cars had been tailing them for over ten minutes. If there was only one, he might treat it as a coincidence, but there were three to four of the same model following them and it was very hard to not be suspicious.

“Sir, someone is following us.” Nan Te in shotgun solemnly stated.

Following that, he and Yin Chi both took out their weapons, preparing to fight.

As a man viewed as an enemy by ninety percent of the Empire’s officials, this kind of attack was nothing out of the ordinary. If they were in the capital, this was less likely to happen, as no one dared to openly start something with Lu Xiufan there. Once they left the capital however, he would immediately become everyone’s sniping target.

“Sir, Butler Fei ordered me to deliver you to the Market City Hall by eight.” Shang Ke’s cold voice suddenly rose up in the car.

“Eh?” Lu Xiufan raised his eyes and looked toward the driver’s seat.

Nan Te and Yin Chi did not have time to think about his words. They could only hear him say softly, ‘They’re here.’ and immediately raise their weapons, waiting for the chance to attack.

Watching how the cars behind them were about to outflank them, the car suddenly imitated a missile and shot forward. In a moment, those cars were thrown far off. Nan Te and Yin Chi were caught off guard by the unexpected movement and their bodies were thrown into the walls of the car.

“What happened?” Nan Te grabbed the seat with one hand and felt the skin of his face shaking.

Lu Xiufan remained seated, calm as a mountain. He had seen with his own eyes how Shang Ke had changed from automatic into manual driving mode, the speed swiftly increasing.

However, the cars behind them quickly reacted and also increased their speed.

Yin Chi observed for a short period of time and said, “Those are remotely operated, unmanned vehicles. We can’t let them near. They may be carrying explosives.”

The three looked over to Shang Ke at the same time. What happens next depended entirely on his driving skills. They didn’t even have the time to ask when they suddenly felt the car turn, skitting dangerously by a building. Immediately he pulled a ninety-degree drift before regaining balance.


They heard an explosion behind them; one of the cars crashed into the building and turned into scrap and smoke in moments.

Nan Te and Yin Chi’s faces were deathly white, cold sweat seeping from their backs, their whole bodies stretched taut as they leaned into their chairs. Their hearts were about to jump out of their throats.

Numerous tall buildings stood ahead, but the speed of the vehicle did not decrease, rather, it increased. Before the two could cry out in fear, the car once again performed an acrobatic turn. Like a flea on drugs, the car zig-zagged through the buildings and streets. In places he drove past, wind kicked up dust and jaws dropped at the sight.

There was no need to ask. To be able to drive a hover car into a battle, this driver bro’s piloting skills were on a Super Godly Level!

In only a few minutes, the cars that were following them were thrown off into the horizon.

After traveling along the road for a while, the car began to reduce in speed and steadily drew to a stop in front of the Market City Hall entrance.

Shang Ke got out of the car, then went to open LuXiufan’s door.

Lu Xiufan did not immediately get out of the car. Rather, his face was rigid and grave as he sat there, waiting a minute before finally taking a step out.

He looked at the time, neither early nor late, right on the dot of eight.

Lu Xiufan raised his head, looking deeply into the constant non-expression on Shang Ke’s face, before heading for the City Hall. He walked a few steps before stopping. He turned back, only to see Nan Te and Yin Chi violently emptying their stomachs into the garden without regards to their image.

Holy hell, they were never going to sit in this car god’s car again! It wanted to kill them!

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