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Chapter 234: Re: Covenantor


Shang Ze died at the moment when the experiment was about to be successful and there was a chance for him to be restored from an emotionally deprived covenantor to a normal human being. It was even at the hands of his elder brother.


Lu Xiufan held Shang Ze, who was covered in. He could only watch those bright eyes gradually lose their brilliance, and silently say goodbye to the world with remorse and reluctance.


“Little Ze!” He buried his head and cried out in agony, completely unable to accept what was happening.


At this moment, he suddenly felt liquid dripping from his fingertips. Lu Xiufan looked up and saw a line of tears flowing from the corner of Shang Ze’s closed right eye at some point.


Everyone thought that the covenantors was emotionless, but his Little Ze cried. At the moment of death, he cried. With his tears, he broke the curse that imprisoned the covenantors.


Lu Xiufan’s body trembled uncontrollably.


His Little Ze had feelings! He loved life more than anyone else. He cried because didn’t want to go! He cried out of grief.


“Little Ze!” Lu Xiufan held him tightly in his arms, suffering from such emotional agony that he couldn’t form any other words.


The laboratory was a mess, and the frenzied Lu Xiuqi was forcibly sent to the hospital room by the bodyguards, who quickly reported the situation to the Queen.


In the aftermath of the incident, Lu Xiufan was as stern as ever. On the surface, he appeared to be fine, but his close aides could sense his change.


From his frantic investigation into the truth of this incident, they could tell just how much he hated the culprit behind it. A drug that drove people insane was found within Lu Xiuqi’s body. It was the special psychotropic drug that was once injected into Shang Ze by his stepmother, capable of triggering mania symptoms similar to the Mental Virus.


Lu Xiuqi was the Queen’s husband, and if something happened to him during the inspection of Lu Xiufan’s experiments, he would certainly be suspected by the Queen. The other party obviously wanted to use Lu Xiuqi to cause conflict between him and the Queen, but they didn’t expect that their treatment drug had been successfully developed, so there was no reason at all for Lu Xiufan to murder Lu Xiuqi to avoid the inspection.


The research results were exchanged by Shang Ze with his life.


Lu Xiufan threw himself into the investigation of the incident and rechecked the previous cleared suspects and targets. He did it with such high efficiency and ruthlessness anyone that heard about it trembled. A sleeping beast was awakened by them to begin its ferocious slaughter, and the aristocratic bureaucrats were ushered into the most frightening winter in history. The capital Soya was filled with an aura of austerity, and even the commoners sensed the signs of an impending storm.


Two years later, Lu Xiufan had swept up three deeply rooted and problematic bribery groups, from the mobs to bank officials, from underground trading to state governors, from diplomatic trade to finance ministers. From bottom to top, they were all dealt with. The most shocking of them all was the State Chancellor of Science Ferguson, who held great power and was once regarded as the pride of the field of science, was actually a shameless foreign spy who had betrayed countless national intelligence over the decades.


In order to investigate these people, Lu Xiufan also paid a terrible price. He was blind in his right eye, his body with multiple gunshot wounds while he hovered on the verge of death countless times. He lived everyday in danger and threats.


If an ordinary person were to do what he had done, they would have gave up or kept a low profile. But Lu Xiufan was fearless and decisive in his actions. When a powerful, smart and capable man risked his life to snipe an opponent, pretty much no one could escape. Moreover, he has the support of Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Lu Xiuqi, so as long as the evidence was solid and the plan is sound, he can break down each and every one of them and reshuffle the powers of the Empire like lightning.


Two years was not enough time to clean up all the people involved, but Lu Xiufan’s powerful sniping has already hurt them badly. If he continue to pursue the matter, the Queen’s bottom line would be reached.


Although Lu Xiufan didn’t care, he couldn’t help but think about his brother and family. He surrendered most of his power and retained only his title as Queen’s Adviser, living in seclusion.


For the rest of his time, he shifted his focus to the research and development of psychotherapeutic drugs. This was the fruit of Shang Ze’s sacrifice and his last wish, to extend the lifespan of the covenantors, to give them the respect and status they deserve, and to allow them to return to society.


After discussing with other researchers, Lu Xiufan decided to name the drug “Shang Type 1”. Shang had become Yue Ze’s family name after turning into a convenantor, and Lu Xiufan had always called him Shang Ze. The Yue Family were no longer qualified to have him use their surname as his surname.


“Cough cough!” Lu Xiufan wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth with indifference in his eyes.


His body had become extremely poor after several years of fatigue and injuries. But he did not care, not only did he not follow the doctor’s instructions, he also often used strong medicine to suppress his condition and overdraft his vitality.


A pleasant musical bell rang, reminding Lu Xiufan that it was time to rest.


The familiar bell still rings, but the person was no longer there.


Shang Ze always had a plan for everything. Every minute and every second was filled with rich content. Having his company everyday meant everyday was a happy one.


Lu Xiufan left the study and slowly walked into the bedroom. The large space was as cold and silent as ever.


He took out Shang Ze’s personal computer from the drawer, clicked on the screen, and leaned on the head of the bed to browse the files inside.


He had seen these files thousands and hundreds of time. Some of them were study materials collected by Shang Ze, some were video games he had downloaded, and some were drawings and recipes he had designed himself. Every time he looked at them, he felt something new. Shang Ze’s hobby, his diligence, and his versatility were all presented to him at… He hated that he didn’t get to know him and care about him sooner. Now, he can only reminisce about him from the words and pictures he left behind.


He looked through every file one by one, reading each word. Suddenly, an invisible icon flashed across the bottom of the page. The icon flashed back again, very fast and transparent in color. An ordinary person would hardly notice it.


It was only after several attempts that Lu Xiufan could see that it was a lock icon with wings.


“Is this… a hidden file?” There was actually a hidden file on Shang Ze’s computer?


The appearance of the “lock” meant that a key was needed to open it.


Shang Ze’s encryption technology was very clever. Even with Lu Xiufan’s skills, it took a lot of time to open it.


After an unlocking sound, an exquisite treasure chest appeared on the screen, with a fingerprint verification box at the location of the lock hole.


Lu Xiufan thought that he needed Shang Ze’s fingerprint to open it. But it had unexpectedly opened when he swiped over it.


With the sound of soothing music, pictures appeared on the screen one after another, a total of 789 pictures.


The first photo was a panoramic view of the villa, followed by a photo of Butler Fei Lin watering the flowers, and the third photo was Lu Xiufan in formal attire. In the photo, Lu Xiufan was standing in a sea of purple flowers, his posture is straight, his eyes are deep, and the pale golden sunlight adds a touch of imperceptible softness to his cold and steadfast temperament.


The fourth picture was a hand holding a pen, with an unfinished cake drawn on the white paper beneath it. The date was July 19, which was Shang Ze’s birthday.


Lu Xiufan only felt his heart tighten and couldn’t help but cover his mouth.


He rightfully took Shang Ze for granted, yet he let him celebrate his birthday in such a lonely way. His birthday present was only a hand-drawn cake.


“Little Ze…” Lu Xiufan lowered his head, clenched his fists, and tried to suppress his emotions.


After a few moments, he had somewhat restrained his emotions and continued to look through the images.


The next photos were all kinds of scenes, including tea cups, vases, decorative paintings, crystal lamps, baths, kitchens, slippers, cufflinks, snacks, and so on. It also included tall buildings, transportations, garden settings, novelty dolls, car racing scenes, and so on, nothing was missing. Shangze seemed to be observing and recording everything in the world in his own way.


Most of the photos after that were of Lu Xiufan, the pensive him, the social him, the him reading a book, the him with a light smile, the him sipping tea, the him angry, the him calm, and one of him sleeping… 


So that’s what he looks like to Shang Ze?


A man of flesh and blood, vivid and alive.


Lu Xiufan looked at the 789 photos for six hours. It wasn’t until the last one that he finally saw the figure of Shang Ze.


He was sitting calmly in a garden pavilion, his back straight, his eyes soft, a few petals flying around him. He looked like an elegant prince.


This photo was obviously taken by someone else, and it was taken voluntarily by Shang Ze.


Later, Lu Xiufan asked his butler if he had taken photos for Shang Ze.


Fei Lin said in a sobbing tone: “Yes, that time, Young Master Ze asked me to take a pair photo with you and waited for you in the garden on purpose. But then you had something come up and couldn’t make it back, so I had taken a photo for him first. I thought there would have been another chance in the future, but who knew…”


Needless to say, Lu Xiufan was also very clear about the rest of the story. On the third day after that photo was taken, Shang Ze left forever.


Lu Xiufan couldn’t hold back his tears any longer, and covered his mouth to prevent his sobs from leaking out.


Shang Ze loved him.


In the unique way of a covenantor, he loved him deeply!


A few days later, Lu Xiufan took a picture of himself and posed it with Shang Ze’s picture.


“Little Ze, you left a world with your own eyes, and I will leave another world for you with my eyes.”


Lu Xiufan began to take photos enthusiastically, photographing everything he saw and heard, and then depositing them in the treasure chest that belonged to him and Shang Ze.


The 789 photographs in that treasure box turned into 256,915 photographs.


Lu Xiufan did it until his death to an illness, he was forty-eight that year.

SnowTime: I have to say, I really have a soft spot for sentimental ones, extra tears for this one.

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