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Chapter 19: Home Run

Lin Ye wrapped my jacket tightly around him, and raised his eyes, “What’s wrong with you? You have a problem with people treating you nicely?”

The scent of grass in the air was thinned by the smell of his cigarette.

“I just find it strange. I came here with brazened face and built-up strength, but the fight never happened and all my speech didn’t get the chance to be delivered.”

He didn’t say anything but threw the cigarette butt into the garbage bin on the side of the road.

“What did you prepare to say?”

“I will tell you if you come to my place.”

We were almost at the entrance of the building. Lin Ye stopped, “My old man is still at home waiting for me.”

I pretended I didn’t hear him, pressed on the fingerprint lock and opened the gate, “I bought a new tea set, which makes amazing tea.”

Seeing he stood still, I half dragged and half carried him into the entrance, “It’s cold outside, don’t freeze yourself. It won’t take long.”

His head was low with bitterness in his eyes.

“Come on, we are already here. Just go and have a look. I have been inviting you since the interior decoration was done, but you didn’t bother to come.” I took his hand and pressed the elevator button. He followed quietly with my jacket on his shoulder.

When we arrived, I held him with one hand and opened the door with the other, “Come, come in.”

I closed the door once he came in, and turned on the lights, asking casually, “What do you think of my place?”


I got a pair of slipper for him from the shelf and put it next to his feet. I raised my eyes, and saw him gazing down on me.

I smiled and carefully lifted one of his feet, and took off his shoe. I could feel the coldness of his feet through the socks. I warmed his feet with my hands, then put them into the clean cotton slipper.

I let them go and stood up, talked in a gentle voice, “Come sit inside.”

He was blank for a second, seemingly lost in the scene just now, then nodded listlessly.

I changed to slipper behind him, and suddenly walked to embrace him from behind.

His body, just like his feet, was icy.

“What’s wrong? Maybe your dad was satisfied with me, and thinks we are a perfect couple. What do you think?” I poked his face with my beard.

He humphed with his throat, “How dare you say this.”

“I only dare to say it to you.” I was kissing on his neck.


“No matter what, now that we have your dad’s agreement, we…”

“Can’t you just shut up? Are you able to talk like a human at all with your bird brain?” He suddenly turned around and shoved me away, shouting.

I baffled for a bit, and laughed, “How can a bird brain talk like a human.”


I scratched my head and lowered my voice. “Sorry. I will make tea for you.”

He threw me a glare and sat on the sofa holding his forehead.

“But the way you look in your home was so nice…” I grinned, “If only you have such good temper to me in the future.”

When I was preparing the tea, he walked into the room to watch me, leaning on the wall. I turned around, “Go back and rest. It will be done in a bit.”

He found a cigarette and lit it up. Smoke rose in the closed space, with his glasses, making him even more enigmatic.

“Have I not treated you well?” He asked me.

I focused on the job in my hands and didn’t answer.

“If I didn’t treat you well you would have been fúcking ruined a long time ago, I am telling you.”

I walked to him, reached out my hand and touched his nose. He didn’t dodge, so I took off his glasses and put them on the counter.

“What are you doing?” He squinted his eyes.

“There will be a lot of steam when I make tea in a bit. This way your glasses won’t be covered by the steam.”

Maybe it was because he just lost his glasses, his eyes was foggy, until I held a full cup of tea scent at his lips. “Try it.”

He took it and took a slip, then lowered his eyes, “It’s bitter.”

I stood in front of him, held his face, “First it tastes bitter, then it becomes sweet…”

“I don’t feel it…” He replied coldly.

“I know you treat me well…” I looked at him sincerely, “but you always find new ways to torture me. My heart is not made of iron. If you cut it with a knife, it is going to bleed; if you keep cutting it, it will eventually die.”


“I have no idea what is happening at your home today, and you refused to tell me. I asked you, but you told me to shut up. I gave up asking you and tried to cheer you up instead, but you shouted at me.” I raised my eyes and stared into his eyes, “If you really think I am not for you…”

“What on earth do you want to say?”

“You will never need to worry about the company. I will take care of everything for you, and try to make it your gold mine, which you can use at any time and for any amount.”

A kiss couldn’t have come more naturally. We swallowed each other’s breath. “Nowadays, the most abundant thing are talents. Do you really think you are somebody now?” He grabbed my hair with the hand holding the cigarette. The only thing I could see in his eyes were coldness and aloofness.

I slowly took the half spilled cup and put it aside, and kneeled down next to his feet.

I unzipped his zipper, freed his thing, and started serving wholeheartedly with my mouth.

Something burning fell on my face. I raised my eyes without changing my position, and saw him clenching on the cigarette, suppressing his heavy breath. The panting only made the cigarette burned faster. It was a long section of ashes falling on my face a moment ago.

I spat out what he shot in my mouth, and used it as the lube to explore him while he was still lost in satisfaction.

With a sudden realization, he tried to shove me away, “You…”

I locked his legs with my arms. His pants had fallen next to him without notice. I tried to add the third figure entirely into him, rotating gently.

With the lewy watery sound in the quiet room, he could no longer stand straight, and he started to shove with full strength.

As I dragged him into the bedroom, he seemed to finally realize something, and started to fight, to struggle. His claw left bloody marks on my face, but I just licked my lips and threw him on the bed.

I took off my clothes and locked his body with mine.

He kicked on my chest, but I caught his ankle, and spread them to the sides.

He was desperately gasping for air, “What the fúck are you doing…I am not in the mood today!”

I pulled up his shirt, and kissed up along his body. Pinning him on the bed, I moved the fingers inside his body, which was already very smooth and wet. He was struggling like a dying fish on the cutting board, “What the fúck is wrong with you? Ou Jian Jun get the fúck out of me!”


Cold sweat dropped from my forehead. The half that was forced inside him was squeezed too hard. I gasped and slapped on his butt. “Relax.”

“You…” He pushed his hands against my chest trying to resist, “What you have told me are bullsh*t! Didn’t you say you will wait…”

“I can’t wait anymore. I have been thinking about it since I saw you at dinner at your home.”

“You bástãrd…fúck…Get out…”

He wasn’t able to finish the sentence.

Because I found the angle in his struggle, and finally penetrated into the deepest of him.

He looked at me panting heavily. The redness expanded from his face to the corner of his eyes.

I took his hands and put them on my face, “Curse me. Curse me so I can feel less guilty.

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