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Chapter 17: Car Sex

I was stumped, “Meet me…for what?”

He glanced at me and raised his eyebrows, “You have no idea?”

“How would I know if you don’t tell me?”

“Think carefully…” He closed his eyes and rested in the back seat, seemed to be drowsing.

Normally I acted pretty respectful to him in the company, but today there were only us two. The driver was DaBiao, which left me with no scruples. Anyway, I was playing the role of an idiot. “Huh, you Dad cares about you so much, wanting to meet your new boyfriend so soon…”

“I am talking about serious matters with you, can you behave yourself?” He frowned and gave me an ‘enough is enough’ face. Finally, he looked like a human being, instead of a robot hiding behind a mask.

I laughed with mouth wide open, “Look at how worried you are. Are you scared of him arranging a marriage for you? Don’t worry, I am with you! I promise I won’t run away without you.”

Lin Ye opened his eyes and glared at me for a while, clenched his teeth, “Do you know no shame? Even if you are arranged to me I will refuse.”

“Heh, you can try me if you really want to know if I have no shame.”

“fúck, shut up. ‘No ivory comes from the mouth of a dog.’ I should expect nothing nice coming from your filthy mouth.”

“If ivory can come from a dog’s mouth, wouldn’t the dog be a treasure?”

“……” He gave me a fierce glare and stopped talking.

I suddenly found it interesting. Is he inviting me to flirt with him? “What happened?”

“I don’t want to talk to you. We don’t even live in the same dimension.”

True, we never did. “It doesn’t matter. Love can destroy all the barriers!”


I signed, “Even the swan leaves some hope for the toad. How can you be so attractive, but crueler than the swan at the same time…”[1]


“Have you ever thought about that, without the toad, the swan will feel lonely too…”

“Flirt as you want, but don’t complain if I don’t protect you later.”

“I don’t need your protection! I have done nothing wrong, so there is nothing to be afraid of.” I patted my chest to show my confidence.

He seemed to be choked by a sentence in his throat, but ultimately he sighed and remained silent.

It doesn’t matter, really. What is going to come will come eventually.

“How is your job recently?” He sharply changed the topic.

“As usual.” I reached out my arm and took him into my embrace naturally, who seemed too tired to resist. I softened my voice and asked, “No hookups recently?” Ever since I settled in City B, I hadn’t heard any legends about his affairs, which was surprising. As far as I know, he absolutely abhorred loneliness.

He rested on my shoulder and sighed, “Hookups…? One needs to know his strength and ask himself if he can afford the debauchery before thinking about those.”

“There are debauchery that even Young Master Lin can’t afford?”

“Troubles, risks. You never know whom they push into your arms.”

“But you are not scared of me?”

He suddenly burst into laughter, and cut his eyes at me. “You? What kind of tsunami can you cause?” He suddenly raised my chin with his fingers, looking all lascivious, “What about you? Behaving yourself in City B? Are you afraid of strangers? Or you are just being a coward?”

I squeezed his hands, kissed up along the back of his soft hand, ”How could it be? Even if the beautiful flower is already taken, I am able to steal it from its owner.”

“But I didn’t see you stealing.”

“Do you think of me as an easy girl? I don’t give myself to just anyone.”

He curved his lips, pulled his hand back from mine, took out a handkerchief and wiped clean my saliva, murmuring in a low voice, “Silly.”

His warmth conveyed to me through our touched legs. I grabbed him tightly despite him trying to escape. He half-heartedly resisted, “Hot.”

Meanwhile, the car was trapped by the traffic halfway. The cars ahead formed an endless line in front of us. I held his cheek and started kissing him.

“What…What the fúck are you doing in the car? Are you crazy?” Between the long kisses, he finally seized an opportunity and asked me in a low voice while panting heavily.

I just wiped my mouth and smiled.

Lin Ye clenched his teeth. “DaBiao, go out and check how bad is the traffic jam.”

DaBiao opened the door and got out of the car without a single word.

I pushed him on the backseat as soon as DaBiao closed the door, took off his glasses that was in my way, and my hands disarmed his belt and into his pants, stroking gently. He lay on the seats, eyeing me with his face covered in lust.

I lowered my head and licked his ear, “You must have saved up a lot… Umm? So horny aren’t you? I know you miss me so much…”

He panted next to my ear, “Speaking of horny… Do you know what kind of expression you had just now? DaBiao had glanced at you from the rear view mirror several times.”

“How could I not notice?”

“You were looking at me at that time.”

I simpered, and added a bit of force on my hand. He gasped sharply, “Be gentle!”

Unbuttoning him all the way down, I buried my face in his silky chest that was dyed in lust.

His breath became shorter and shorter, and his thing in my hand became harder and harder. But right when he was about to reach the climax, I stopped and pressed on the tip and blocked the exit.

“Faster, bástãrd.” His voice was extremely hoarse, his eyes were half opened and his face was rosy. In the dimmed, closed space, some enigmatic aura was spreading.

I bent down and bit his lips, exchanging my breath with his, and let him liberate in my hand.

I took out a box of tissue in the car and wiped my hands clean, while he was still lying there panting.

Holding him in my arms, I gently stroke his hair, which was as soft as I remembered.

“How about you?” He asked me, lying on my legs.

I grabbed him and let him lean on my shoulder, “As long as you stop breathing on it, I can survive.”

He giggled, and tried to touch it, but I caught him first.

Restrained his naughty hands, I changed the topic, “You must have been very tired recently.”

He looked up with innocent eyes, and asked me, “Do I look tired?”

“No. You look energetic. But I can sense it.”

“The pressure is enormous. Life is not as easy as before.” He stroke my beard, “Why don’t you shave?”

“Don’t you think I look handsome with some beard?”

“Come on, with your face?”

“True, I look gorgeous with or without a beard.”

“Gross. Shave it.”



“I don’t want it to hurt you…”

He offered me his lips, “I am not scared.”

I held his head and exchanged a deep kiss with him, until I heard two gentle knocks on the front window. I looked aside and saw the cars ahead slowly moving, and the cars behind us were flashing their lights urging us to go.

DaBiao opened the door and came in. He stepped on the gas and the car slowly moved forward.

We managed to control our breath and let go of each other, dragging a silver thread between our lips.

I passed him a tissue and he took it to wipe his face, put on the glasses, and continued drowsing.

DaBiao looked straight ahead, driving wholeheartedly since he came back.

I sat behind holding Lin Ye’s hand, and didn’t let it go till the end.

Finally, when we arrived at his home, the dust was falling. I kept smoothing my suit in the car.

Lin Ye got off the car first, “What are you doing? Dilly-dallying.”

I smirked, “Sometimes a nice suit can make a gentleman.”

Lin Ye was amused, “Come on, stop struggling. Whatever you do you still look like a farmer.”

I lifted my head, seeing him standing next to the car, like a misty and gloomy dream under the dimmed sunlight. “Oh, by the way, what did you say about why your old man wanted to meet me?”

He startled, lost the train of thought for a moment, “He wanted to know, who was the one that let me beg for mercy in the dragnet…”

I squeezed his hand and simpered, “Of course, I am a treasure.”


[1]A Toad lusting after a Swan’s Flesh(癞蛤蟆想吃天鹅肉 ) is a Chinese idiom meaning “aspiring after something one is not worthy of”

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