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Chapter 16: Face, This Kind Of Thing, Is Useless For You

Lofty Cloudy Sect Mountain, Qiyang City.

The prosperity of the city grew under the protection of Lofty Cloudy Sect. This was due to its involvement in various businesses within the Sect. This was the Sect’s main source of income. Many cultivators would stay at the taverns, and some of those taverns were under the Sect’s control. Since the inn was able to guarantee the safety of the cultivators, many wandering cultivators would stay at the taverns despite it being more expensive.

Those that visited Lofty Cloudy Sect would occasionally miss the best times to visit, so they would stay within the city to recover themselves.

Ji Qingyuan got all the people from Ten Thousand Sword Sect settled at the largest inn in Qiyang City, which was called ‘Sinking Immortal Tavern’. He returned to his room to get a messenger talisman. The gentle smile on his face never diminished and his eyes didn’t show any kind of insincerity. After pouring his spiritual power in, he said, “Senior Brother, we have arrived in Qiyang City and will visit Lofty Cloudy Sect tomorrow.”

After passing on the message, the corner of Ji Qingyuan’s mouth rose into a cold smile. If Yu Tianyi and Lofty Cloudy Sect were to join together, then that would no doubt stabilize Yu Tianyi’s position. Would that mean that he would never be able to turn around his own fortune?

What should he do to get the chance to see Mu Chen? Ji Qingyuan was in the middle of secretly scheming to himself. The intent to kill flickered in his eyes. He was clearly unable to make a decision.

Right at this moment, a strand of divine sense with murderous intent latched onto his body. The spiritual power didn’t seem to have any differences with his own. The sword attached to Ji Qingyuan’s back suffered from the oppression of the murderous intent. It spontaneously let out a warning sound. The desire for battle rose from the sword….  

The expression on Ji Qingyuan’s face turned colder after being provoked like this. His figure flashed by, so he was now standing on top of the Sinking Immortal Tavern.

Ji Qingyuan then noticed a person standing like him on top of the light grey colored roof on the opposite side. He was dressed nicely in a snow white colored robe with wide sleeves. A silver light seemed to drift from him underneath the moonlight. A single look at the other’s clothes could tell you that he was of upper class. The other’s appearance wasn’t simple either. His face was smooth like jade and his skin was so glossy. This beautiful face unfortunately had an indifferent and cold expression on it. Underneath the night sky, he looked like an immortal that came from the moon. Even if he stood there without movement, the great aura that came off of him would pressure others not to come near to him. Even the air around him felt somewhat stagnated.

Ji Qingyuan felt confused and knitted his eyebrows together. He didn’t remember when he had offended such a person. Perhaps this person simply felt hatred towards Ten Thousand Sword Sect? The expression on the other person’s face was one that you used to look at something dead.

Jing Ming only had to look at Mu Chen’s eyes to understand that nothing good would happen between Mu Chen and the other person in front of them. This wasn’t the first time that they had seen a situation like this. With great intellect and foresight, he took out a large bag of mid-grade spirit stones and raised his voice, “Today, my family’s Palace Master has a personal grudge against Ten Thousand Sword Sect’s Ji Qingyuan. In order to prevent anyone from being harmed, would everyone please take a mid-grade spirit stone and change your place of residence?”

Everyone finally noticed that there was somebody behind the white dressed man when Jing Ming spoke. It was likely that he had some kind of treasure that hid his appearance from others and he just stood behind the other man. His appearance was pleasing to look at, however he was overlooked simply because of the imposing aura from his Master.

The ones that were present were mainly wandering cultivators. They could tell from a single look that the master and his servants were not to be trifled with. Once they heard about getting a spirit stone and considering that they didn’t want to be in the line of fire, most of them got rid of the notion of watching the show. They all ran away one after the other.

Jing Yingyuan’s pupils slightly contracted. In order to give away mid-grade spirit stones, he was certain that this person wasn’t an ordinary one. In the past, he conducted himself as a prudent and generous person. He was kind and charitable, so he was good at roping others along. If he met someone like Mu Chen, his first reaction would be to make friends with him. Also, this person’s appearance was so remarkable that he would be remembered from a single look. As of right now, this person gave Ji Qingyuan no impression at all.

There was probably some kind of a misunderstanding.

Once he thought up to that point, he cupped his hands together and politely asked, “May this one know what to refer to this friend as? This one does not remember when he has offended sire.”

Mu Chen swung his sleeve around and his figure disappeared from that spot. He flew directly over Ji Qingyuan in order to kick his face. The kind of a shameless thing (person), it was useless to try and hide behind trickery. There was no need to bother with names and stuff like that!

He did not expect Mu Chen to act without saying a word. Ji Qingyuan raised his sword to block Mu Chen’s foot, but found that his sleeve was burned by the white fire from the soles of Mu Chen’s foot. In a single moment, his sleeve disintegrated into nothing. Ji Qingyuan retreated a few steps. The expression on his face changed when he looked at the spot where his sleeve used to be.

Jing Ting placed the last spirit stone down to start a magic spell. The place where the two were fighting suddenly turned into a wide expanse of white leveled ground. Everything around them was just a wide expanse of white where one couldn’t even see the end of it. A mere look around told Ji Qingyuan that it wouldn’t be easy to break out of this magic spell.

The expression on Ji Qingyuan’s face softened at his attitude. “This friend, is there some type of misunderstanding between us?” He knew that the man in front of him wasn’t easy to handle. Ji Qingyuan also got the impression that Mu Chen was unique. Thus, he wanted to remove any misunderstandings between them. He wanted to make Mu Chen a friend rather than an enemy.

Mu Chen already knew what type of trash the other person was. Thus, he once again went up to kick the other person in the face without saying a single word. He just didn’t want to give Ji Qingyuan the chance to say anything.

Jing Ming, who once again acted like a boy scattering money, ran back and landed next to Jing Ting. Jing Ting was paying attention to the battlefield. The people inside the spell weren’t able to easily come out, however those outside the spell could see what was happening inside clearly. Noticing how Mu Chen wasn’t holding back, Jing Ming stamped his foot and subconsciously wiggled his butt. He happily said, “I haven’t seen Palace Master beat someone like this in a long time! This guy definitely isn’t a good person. Anyone that is beat up by Palace Master isn’t a good person.” Jing Ming was the exact model of mindless worship. In his eyes, Mu Chen could never be wrong.

The disciples of Ten Thousand Sword Sect who were watching the fight heard Jing Ming speak rudely about Ji Qingyuan. A few of them had already pulled out their swords. “Boy, what did you say?”

Jing Ting shot a glance towards them. He then signaled to Jing MIng with his eyes. “If you beat them down, then I will buy you a new coloring book.”

Jing Ming’s entire body jerked up. His ears shook. He hesitantly asked, “Really?”

Jing Ting nodded with a cold expression on his face. With Jing Ming’s type of IQ, if he cheated his once, then he would believe him once. If he didn’t cheat him, then who would he cheat?

Jing Ming didn’t doubt him any longer and took out his bamboo flute. He then threw himself forward. As he thrashed them, he also blabbered excitedly. “You’re just two animals at the Core Formation Stage, yet you have the nerve to come out and behave in such an atrocious manner? What is the difference between you, a dead shrimp, or a salted fish? You can come back once you’ve cultivated from another two hundred years!

The people that were watching from the distance were completely startled by Jing Ming thrashing the others. Where did these two children come from? They were thrashing core cultivators the same way that you thrash carrots. The others had no chance to counterattack.

Above them, Mu Chen was beating up Ji Qingyuan completely. Ji Qingyuan was unable to touch the fire on the other’s body. He was unable to hit him back. Also, if his sword touched him, then his meridians would have the feeling of being burned. Ji Qingyuan suddenly thought about the Cold True Ice Qi of Yu Tianyi. It also made people unable to strike back just like this. The most annoying part was that he was unable to tell how he had offended the other person.

Once Mu Chen set out to do something, he was very vicious about it. He felt like stomping on Ji Qingyuan until he died. Thus, he did not hold back on his attacks at all. The people that were watching the entire spectacle were all dumbstruck by this person who was able to weaken the sword cultivator with the highest attacking power and beat him up so fiercely. Some of them were unable to figure out Mu Chen’s identity.

“It’s Elder Mu!” Amongst the bystanders, there was a disciple from Lofty Cloudy Sect who recognized Mu Chen’s identity from a single glance. When the others heard about this, their eyes widened. A pill cultivator that was so savage that a sword cultivator had to cower before him? Are you joking? If all pill cultivators could fight this well, then how would others live?

Right at the moment when everyone’s attention was divided, Mu Chen ruthlessly landed a kick onto Ji Qingyuan’s face. The force was enough to send Ji Qingyuan flying before he was viciously thrown down. The white figure of Mu Chen closely followed the flying Ji Qingyuan and he fiercely kicked his foot out again before he could stop himself. He kicked the other’s face just as he had before.

The power of the two were evenly matched. For Mu Chen to be able to suppress a sword cultivator completely, he had to have a lot of experience in battle. It was a responsive ability that came out of life or death. Also, Mu Chen had better control over spiritual power than Ji Qingyuan. With a hundred of years more experience than Ji Qingyuan, it would hard for Mu Chen even if he tried to lose against the other.

Once he finished kicking the other, Mu Chen overlooked the scene in the sky with a cold expression on his face. His mood was an awful one. He only had a few friends, and he treated them all sincerely. He was also a generous person when he helped others. However, he had trusted the person in front of him because they had experienced several life and death situations together. The other ended up hitting him down once he was met with misfortune.

The two kicks were not for the ridiculous friendship that he once had with the other. Due to that betrayal, that timeframe was not worth ever mentioning again. The kicks were actually for the fact that he had collected so much treasure in his past life, but they all ended up being stolen by this unscrupulous wolf in the end! There was so much left there that was given to him by his Master Dan Yangzhi. There were even some that he had worked hard to give his disciple. However, they were all stolen by this shameless thing.

It was the first time for Ji Qingyuan to be humiliated so plainly by someone. Anyone would have the bottomline. This would have been the same for someone like Ji Qingyuan whose natural personality wasn’t a kind one. Ji Qingyuan was angered by this and unsheathed his sword. The intent to kill bubbled from within. The expression on Mu Chen’s face also changed and a long red sword appeared in his hand. The white flames on his sword once again turned into a group of dancing butterflies. Regardless if it was close combat or out-of-range combat, he didn’t need to fear either!

“You are…Mu Chen?!” Ji Qingyuan recognized the sword in Mu Chen’s hand. It was ranked seventh most deadly amongst all deadly weapons. The name of that sword was the Scarlet Clouds Sword. It was once a collection item that belonged to Dan Yangzhi, the number one alchemist in the Immortal Realm. Afterwards, Dan Yangzhi passed on that sword to his sole succeeding disciple as a tribute.

However, Mu Chen was Dan Yangzhi’s only disciple.

Inside Ji Qingyuan’s eyes, the intent to kill was gradually revealed.

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