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Volume 2 – Chapter 28: Maize Witch

The witch’s cabin was located on a small patch of ground. It did not cover much area and had two floors. From the outside, it looked very much like a small dirt castle.

At that moment, the oval door to the witch’s cabin was closed securely, and everything was completely silent.

The werewolf raised by the Albert Family was currently standing on a tree near the cabin, its claws tightly gripping the trunk as it growled lowly in the cabin’s direction.

“Dr. Stein, stay here. Frank, protect your Master!” Otto observed the scene, then turned his head and spoke to the others, “Tony, Will, we’ll go take a look.”

Qin Lun calmly nodded, Although Will was the youngest, he was still battle oriented. On the other hand, the doctor was support oriented, while Frank was merely his private attendant. There were no problems with Otto’s arrangements.

Otto, Tony, and Will scattered and surrounded the witch’s cabin. Tony made a gesture at the werewolf, causing the fierce beast to tense its muscles, and squat down on the fork of the tree.

The tree was only twenty meters away from the cabin and towered over it. With how the werewolf moved like the wind, it was the best all-around defender, preventing the other three exorcists from a surprise attack.

“Bang!” The three had just gotten close to the witch’s cabin when the wooden door was smashed to pieces, and a huge monster rushed out from the house, throwing itself towards Tony, who was in the middle of the three.

At the same time, the window on the cabin’s second floor opened, while the vacant underbrush on the left also started rustling. Two dark figures pounced towards Otto and Will.

In the blink of an eye, all three exorcists had fallen into danger. It appeared that the witch had long made her preparations. Not only did she not run out of the cabin, she had chosen to stay and face the exorcist team.

“Howwwl!” The howl of a wolf resounded, and the Albert Family’s werewolf ferociously jumped from the branch it was on and pounced into the sky like lightning. Its claws pushed down the huge monster in front of Tony, and the two of them became a ball of chaos.

The three exorcists, who had made their preparations, did not launch their own attack. They all chose to roll backwards and uniformly avoid the abrupt attacks. Based on their actions, it was clear they frequently dealt with this kind of situation. Even Will might have frequently undergone evasive training.

Qin Lun excitedly observed, with wide eyes, the three new evil organisms.

The huge monster that was engaged with the werewolf had green skin and a height approaching three meters and two feet. It wore deerskin over its chest and waist. Its limbs were thick and had a pair of hands that were about four times bigger than a normal hand. The creature should be the Grand Devil the exorcists had spoken of before.

There were bulges on the Grand Devil’s chest, so it should female. However, the face was very ugly with black and yellow teeth, and a waist that was like a big pillar. It did not fit humanity’s esthetics at all.

Compared to the Grand Devil, the black figures that rushed out of the cabin were far more dainty and delicate. Their appearances were similar to birds of prey, covered in ashy brown feathers and possessed a pair of three-toed claws. The only difference they had from normal birds was that their claws were far larger and ended in sharp, hook-like points.

What amazed him was that its head was actually that of a beautiful woman’s. This was an evil organism that was very rarely seen, the eagleman.

When the eagleman failed to hit Otto after attacking, it leaped from the ground and once again soared over the exorcist’s heads.

Out of the three exorcists that were attacked, the one in most danger was Will. The evil organism that rushed out from the left underbrush was a vicious, human-faced mantis.

The head portion of the evil organism had the face of a human man, while the lower half was that of a mantis. Its arms were shined darkly with a metallic luster and were sharpened into levers. If those arms chopped at someone, being separated into two was guaranteed, similar to the poor man who suffered from the scorpionman’s attack the other night. There was no chance to save him.

“Do you exorcists want to break the Millennium Contract?” The cabin door exploded open, and a person walked out. A lovely and pleasant female voice came from the cabin.

She’s a Maize Witch? Qin Lun’s eyes lit up, and a strange expression decorated his face.

No wonder Qin Lun was amazed. The witch had black hair that flowed down like a waterfall and was very pretty. She wore clothes weaved from grass and wore a flower crown. If it weren’t for the lack of pointed ears, he would had thought she was an elf cleric from Moonlight Forest.

This was far too different from the ugly, hunchbacked, and crow-voiced evil witch in Qin Lun’s imagination.

“Evil witch, the ones that broke the Millennium Contract are you guys!” Otto gave Tony a signal through his eyes and the two pounced toward the witch as one.

They really didn’t expect that the witch would still have three evil organisms by her side despite sending out so many. No wonder she was fearless in the face of multiple exorcists and even waited for their arrival at the cabin.

The two experienced exorcists immediately realized that they could not pull out of the fight. They had to finish the fight as quickly as possible. The evil organisms over at Nova’s position were mainly comprised of gargoyles. Without a witch actively commanding them, their abilities would greatly decrease and victory would not be a problem.

The problem was that the exorcist team was half a day away from them, and it was completely impossible for them to hold on for that long. Furthermore, the evening was approaching, and the sky was slowly turning darker. Even if Nova and the others hurried over, the witch would have long obtained victory and could use the darkness to leave the scene.

Their only chance of victory was to concentrate their power and quickly defeat the witch.

The Grand Devil was powerful, acting as a perfect meat shields. However, it was currently being restricted by the werewolf. The attack power of the human-faced mantis was high, but it was not very agile, as long as Will was careful, he would be fine. As for the agile eagleman, it only had a single method of attacking. Being clawed a few times wouldn’t immediately kill anyone, so it could be ignored for now.

The pretty as a flower, witch’s eyes held a sneer as she watched Otto and Tony throw themselves at her.

Compared to exorcists, witches were often the weaker party. If they hadn’t hidden in the most deserted areas, where conditions for survival were terrible, they would have long been wiped out a thousand years ago.

In the long war, the witches had learned from all their defeats and learned to use their intelligence to fight against exorcists instead of blindly acting rashly. Most Maize Witches would spend a lot of energy around their cabin, setting traps and scouts to avoid being surrounded by exorcists.

Qin Lun’s team had dealt with many traps on the way to her cabin, causing their whereabouts to long be exposed. However, at the time, the Maize Witch had been busy putting her attention on Nova’s team and did not pay attention to the danger signal coming from her magic crystal ball.

She was ignorant of their presence until Will ran into the man-eating flowers, which was a small trap. The sudden gunshot surprised the witch, and she finally noticed the solo operation team.

So to sum things up, Will falling into the man-eating flower trap not only brought forth great inconvenience for the exorcists, it also pushed the witch into a situation where she had no way out.

The first thought that arose in the witch’s mind was to give up the cabin and run away into the depths of the forest. But her cabin, which served as an important center of intelligence, was filled with a lot of important information that could not fall into the exorcists’ hands.

A lot of the information had to do with witches returning to the human world and the data they managed to obtain by infiltrating into the human world. There were also letters from humans who the witches had bribed over to their side as secret agents. Within the pile of information, some of it could be burned, but there were some that had been sealed by magic and, temporarily, could not be destroyed.

In addition, her cabin was where a lot of research on human bodies was done in order to create evil organisms. There was also a lot of black magic with high killing power. If she gave up her cabin, it meant starting over again. Moreover, some of the things couldn’t be completely destroyed. As long as any bit of evidence fell into the exorcists’ hands, then the exorcist organization would have an excuse to ignore the Millenium Contract and even mobilize a human army to surround the Maize Witches.

The current age was no longer the same as the one from a thousand years ago. The witches that had hidden themselves in the corners of the world were always watching the humans, and they had found that their previous judgment of them was half correct and half wrong.

The half that was correct was that the exorcist organization no longer resembled the one from a thousand years ago, it was no longer the summit of the human world.

With the development of the era, they slowly weakened and returned sovereignty to the ordinary people. They were no longer like before, where they could mobilize the human army at any time and anywhere. A portion of the exorcists were tarnished by the glory they received and turned into hounds that chased after money and power. They lost their belief in protecting the world.

The half that they were wrong about was that the normal humans that the witches once neglected had started to show the power of science. There were now firearms, cannons, stone castles that were hundreds of meters tall, large battleships that could travel the oceans freely, and huge iron beasts that could spray air…

Witches suddenly realized that they completely did not recognize this world. Perhaps, after a couple hundred years, exorcists and witches would disappear from the world and become common individuals.

Learning of this inevitable fact, witches broke down into factions. A portion of the witches believed that they should give up their unrealistic thoughts and once again blend into the human world, becoming witches of a new age.

The other portion of witches believed that the stronger science becomes, the weaker their hearts would be. They needed to exploit large-scale and fatal black magic, and creating frightening events to entice the humans to massacre each other. That way, the humans who slowly lose their faith will once again fall into the direction of darkness.

This Maize Witch was one of the dark witches that held the latter view. Therefore, as the witch that was dispatched to the outer ring of the Maize Forest and the one that was in charge of monitoring Odia Region, she clearly understood that, as long as there was even a chance of being saved, she could not give the exorcists, who were eyeing them, any evidence.

As a result, after observing through the crystal ball and seeing that there were only five people in the team looking for trouble with her, and noticing that one was a youngster and one a driver, she immediately made her decision to stay and fight. At that time, she rejoiced that she had been cautious and left behind three helpers near the cabin.

Looking at the two exorcists that pounced towards her, the witch waved her right hand and sat on a long magic wand.

“Whoosh!” Like she had sat on a small rocket, she suddenly rushed up to the sky.

“Running now? Isn’t it a bit late?” Otto coldly smiled and put his hand into his bosom, taking out a carved scroll that he crushed.

An earthy yellow light arced from Otto’s hand and landed on the witch’s body.

“Ah!” The witch felt like a heavy mountain fell on her body and cried out as she fell from midair.

“Clang!” Cold light glinted in Tony’s eyes. He crossed his arms and took out the long sword by his waist. His body suddenly accelerated, and his figure became a streak of lightning, causing the grass to move away from him as he ran by like an angry dragon.

Qin Lun, who was observing the battle from afar, only saw the twin flash of sword lights that crossed, and like a dragon that opened its bloody maw, viciously bit into the witch…

Exorcist battle sword skill—Twisting Death Kill!

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