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Volume 0 – Prologue

Year 506 of a new era, autumn.

Human Federation, China District, in the capital of the Handan prefecture-level city in the Hebei Province.

“…This is the Hebei Television Channel HDC reporting: In the Hebei’s intermediate court, the Chief Justice has signed the death penalty sentence docûment. There will be eleven death row prisoners executed today, at 7 p.m. Within the group, the eye-grabbing issue is that the serial killer, Qin Lun, is also on the death row…”

On the television billboard above the floating roads, the beauty host of the Hebei Television News Channel suddenly appeared. Simultaneously, within the never-ending magnetic levitation cars of various styles, the eye-catching breaking news sounded out from the radios in the vehicles.

After humans on the Earth entered the new era, they formed a united, federation of countries. Production rate got a considerable increase, and the quality of life was a lot more superior. However, the increase in production rate did not diminish the distance between the rich and the poor. The lack of a vigorous life even promoted wild criminal activities.

The reason why the serial killer, Qin Lun, attracted such heavy attention was not only because of his ruthless murdering methods and the bloody scene of the crime; it was also because, in the process of Qin Lun degrading into a murdering demon, he caused extreme controversy amongst people.


Twelve years ago, there was a terrifying murder case that shook the entire city. It happened on the surface of Hebei’s second layer poor district.

A middle-aged couple was wretchedly killed on Christmas Eve. On scene, there was only the unconscious, five-year-old stepdaughter, Elaine, and the eight-year-old stepson, Joey, who was sitting within a pool of blood while holding the blade of a scissor in his hand.

After the police’s investigation, all of the evidence on the scene clearly showed that Joey was the murderer…

Of course, pointing at an eight-year-old as a murderer was too outrageous. That case quickly caused huge disputes through the China District. The Hendan Child Welfare Organization promptly entered that case and pointed out much evidence of abuse towards Joey and Elaine by the Foster couple.

The Foster couple were a race from Europe, and they were immigrants from the North America District. They were not Joey and Elaine’s biological parents.

The siblings were Chinese. The elder brother was Qin Lun, and the younger sister was Qin Mei. Their biological parents died in a car accident. After that, the Foster couple took them in, and their names were changed to Joey Foster and Elaine Foster.

Under the pressure of society and public opinions, the Hebei police transferred the siblings to the child welfare organization. One month later, the sister, Elaine, was taken in by another family. Since Joey carried the suspicion of being a murderer, no family was willing to take him in. The young man changed back to his original name of Qin Lun and kept on staying in the child welfare agency.

The time of four years quickly passed by and just as the murder case that shook the federation slowly faded away from people’s memories, another fatal case happened in the child welfare agency that Qin Lun was staying in.

A healthy male nurse’s stomach was cut open, and his intestines flowed out, dying tragically in Qin Lun’s room. The thin and weak twelve-year-old youth was once again found hugging a sharp piece of a scissor’s blade to his chest, his body covered in blood in the corner of the room.

Afterward, a particular person who oversaw the welfare exposed that the stated male nurse had past convictions of abusing children and the welfare agency strictly warned him. Because that person was a relative of the agency’s director, at that time, he was not driven away from the child welfare agency.

Qin Lun killed in self-defense, so he was free from the punishment of the law. However, that issue was as though it opened a Pandora’s box in a particular place in Qin Lun’s heart. He was diagnosed to have schizophrenia by a mental doctor, and he walked onto a road of fate that was already determined long ago.

In the next eight years, in a mental hospital, juvenile prison, and supermax prison, the young man Qin Lun ruthlessly murdered dozens of people with different methods. He thoroughly became a true insane murdering demon.

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