[TPCFC] Chapter 7: Face Smacking the Prime Minister’s House

Hey! Long time (?) no update for this~

Karma edited this instead of her homework haha >w<

So, a few changes:

I called Mo Qi a Maid, that is wrong, she isn’t a maid. A Xiu Nu is a talentee girl, which are girls who are 14 and above, that are eligible to be chosen by the Emperor as concubines. So I chose to change the “maids” to Show girls. They are also used for entertainment like singing, dancing and stuff >_> So they aren’t just concubine candidates… It’s just a really complicated term T^T

There are actual maids, but they don’t show up until chapter 9 (because I tled passed that :v and then noticed my mistake)

So the one time I used “drafting” (for those of you who have good memory) is also changed to selection~

Now have fun reading this hahaha o/

Chapter here
Editor: Karma

6 thoughts on “[TPCFC] Chapter 7: Face Smacking the Prime Minister’s House

  1. Shizuka says:

    Thank you! This novel is really funny ^^

    • SnowTime says:

      Lol, so fast you people

  2. UnicornsGalore says:

    Show girls is a bit….. wouldnt female candidates work better? Or concubine cadidates?

    • SnowTime says:

      Well, they don’t get chosen as concubine candidates all the time, they can also be used for singing and well, being entertainers…
      Xiu Nu is a very complicated term T^T
      And it get’s too wordy if I used that all the time…

      • UnicornsGalore says:

        Erg so it really is a showgirl or female performer…. sounding more like entertainment slaves considering they are being sent as gifts to the king…… (goes off further from defintion….)

        Thank you for taking the time to explain and translating this though. *hands a cookie*

        • SnowTime says:

          ? it is so hard to explain… I’m trying to make things as english as possible… too many pinyin kill a lot of people ?

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