[TPCFC] Chapter 4: Rejection to Being the Cannon Fodder

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10 thoughts on “[TPCFC] Chapter 4: Rejection to Being the Cannon Fodder

  1. overlyfriendly says:

    …………………… thanks………….

    • SnowTime says:

      It looks so friendly though! ?

    • Chibi ~Stalking Since 2009 says:

      You should also read The Founder of Diabolism!
      It’s too hilarious and the translator said that it is less spicy than The Legendary Master’s Wife.
      The tl said “It’s really, really, good and this isn’t an exaggeration. Chinese fans have called it an epic and even if you aren’t into bl, the story is mainly an action-adventure xianxia story. “

      • SnowTime says:

        Ohhhh, I’m totally reading it! “Reborn as a Nutcase” ?

      • overlyfriendly says:

        ;-; kk
        I’ll try it out

  2. indomnianoodles says:

    OMG. Mo Qi. I need you to die right now. Crawl in a hole and die.

    • SnowTime says:

      ? How fast she changes her face

      • indomnianoodles says:


  3. Chibi ~Stalking Since 2009 says:

    Thanks for the chapter~!

  4. Maikurovo says:

    thanks for the chapter. really looking forward to the next.

    i really wonder what will he decide to do

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