[TPCFC] Chapter 22: Warning Warning

I sincerely hate mosquitoes, 5 bites in under an hour…. :/

Chapter here

Editor: Karma

Now, a small announcement I know some of you already know and it’s also to clear things up.

The Daily Task of Preventing My Disciple From Turning to the Dark Side

^ That is being taken by me. For those aware of the drama, I am the “conclusion” of the drama. :v (Too lazy to go search the forum for it)

So I got full permission.

Chapter 1 is here which I done earlier for BC to use as MTL reference actually.  I was originally already doing a teaser. Mimosa (new) is the permanent editor for that novel.

I will do everything from 1, because although I do respect MTLers for doing as well as they can without knowing the language, things still do slip by. And I also need to make my own glossary and get used to the author style. It’s only 9 chapters, you guys won’t die.

What you may die from is that I won’t work on it immediately. The schedule to pick it up got pushed actually, I was planning to finish Cannon Fodder first before even attempting. I still am finishing Cannon Fodder first – There’s only 30 chapters left, I’ve been updating unedited daily for a week now? (Someone with a better sense of time tell me lol)

Once We Got Across Love also got pushed back…. -.-

:/ I’m attempting to work on it.

I got all the chapters for it now (Thank you Bunnie) and will churn out as fast as I can. Technically I can (this only happened once when I didn’t want to write my essay in college) do 3-4 chapters a day, but I’m down with infection (reoccurring) The headache usually just allows me to finish one chapter a day nowadays.  :v

Oh, and overheating laptop of course. 100 F is normal here. rip

Still, it isn’t like I’m getting paid so…. I have no obligations to actually meet on a schedule I do not have. This is purely my own desire to finish Cannon Fodder >_> And actually say I have a novel completed on my site ;-;


Now, please, be patient. For My Sanity. Even AES (well, this one is like…. rip editor? Prady bro, when are you going to revive…), and Daily Immortal Cat is getting pushed back. DN I am still weekly working *cough* I also fill in for Myaato on Wangye…. when times get desperate and I get reminded.


Someone, please, hear my heartfelt wish, give me the shadow clone no jutsu. if I die from anything it’s going to be overwork .-.

Now, forget about the new novel for a month for my sanity. You may bother me in a month about it. Well, I’m actually debating just tling up to 10 past where BC dropped off and then drop off the map on that novel for a month… :/

But then Cannon Fodder will likely get pushed…. ughhhhh decisions decisions…. I suck as a decisive individual T^T

Now, fire rants at me all you want. Particularly the “Don’t do so many things you can’t do” rant I see pretty often behind my back lol. (Don’t think I don’t lurker in forums…. o-o I do see things once in a while~~~)

Or “Drop some damn novels and focus on one”

Just think of me as an ADHD individual, quite honestly, I don’t know how I am focusing on Cannon Fodder every day LOL

Image result for crying in a puddle

My half tears and blood….

My back hurts…

Half rant half info, not meant to offend anyone.

I believe myself to be pretty…. eh, not an expert at business choice of words :v Don’t ask me to talk formally, it is simply impossible.

10 thoughts on “[TPCFC] Chapter 22: Warning Warning

  1. Degs says:

    I don’t care if I have to wait
    This is juicy enough in the mean time hohoho~

  2. FableCat says:

    Take your time ^_^

  3. jaylooord says:

    crying tears of joy here. you are one badass translator.

    also, looove the attitude. ahaha

  4. White Head Ice Prince says:

    Hoho, already a fan of cannon so I don’t mind~~

  5. sangeetasan says:

    lol . please go with your own pace and dont overwork yourself . just keep us giving the happy doses of danmei and that alone would be enough.i sincerely thank you for all your your hardwork and giving us such treats for free and regularly . hope you will get well soon . best wishes to you . and once again thank you so much .

  6. shizuka says:

    I had some glimpse of this strange drama (not on NU forum though), even I’m courious about the new novel I’m actually more courious to see Cannon Fodder finished ^^

  7. Ritu says:

    I’m aware of the drama over that novel . Still thank you for picking this up. With all the drama I was worried if it will even get translated or not. . Anyway take your time . You have been consistent in uploading translated chapters. I can attest to that as a stalker of this site . Thanks for all the. Hard work.

  8. Turning into bunny says:

    Tq. I dunno why but 4 of my fav novel that i currently read suddenly had the same drama happening to them almost at the same time. Except only the novel u taken had happy ending. The others had been dropped. That’s why, tq soo much for taking the novel. I really appreciate it.

    • SnowTime says:

      ? Which novels were the other 3?

  9. iamabanana says:

    Dem readers just doesn’t understand this ‘unexplainable’ urge we translators get, the urge to translate many interesting novels that caught our attention _(;3/

    I wanted to translate something else all the time while translating my current one, but I pressed the urge (I simply jhave no time for it orz)

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