[TA] Chapter 69: No, I want you.

I apologize that it has been a while since I last updated. I have been busy. There were some other activities that came up that sorta sucked all of my free time.

New chapter is here!

Really liked the interaction between SQ and YWS this episode XDDD

And congratulations on the completion of the entire audio drama series! Man I can’t express my love towards the two main voice actors~

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    Hi, where can I listen to the audio drama of thousand autumns?

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    i’m so happy you’re still updating thousand autumns because i’ve only recently got into reading it and there’s not many good translations of this novel so thank youuuu <3 i really appreciate it ;w;

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    When will Thousand Autumns from Chapter 70 to 128 be released? You updated other novels but this one yet and it has been 2 months already since Snowy Codex released Chapter 69.
    Thank you very much for your hard work & your time.

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    Is there any update please? I can’t move to the next chapter. It says its the end. How come? Any help? Thank you

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      Sorry I’ve been very busy so I can’t really guarantee the release schedule. But next chapter is almost done.

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        Мы очень ждём, не бросайте нас))

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    Uh is it dropped already? I’m so sorry for being impatient but I I really can’t find any good translation of this novel anywhere except for this. I I …(wanna read it so bad) sorry for this. Thank you for all the hardwork so far

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    Would you be theoretically interested in help with translating the rest of the novel? I say theoretically because I’m still just starting out to learn Chinese but if you were that’d be a very huge motivation.

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    Hello! Any further updates beyond Chapter 69? Excellent translation! Thank you!

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