[RAMLRW] Chapter 60: Jian Jian, I Like You

It’s here \o/

The big bomb drop, but who knows, will it be successful or not. o3o I think everyone is kinda getting used to getting hanged on the cliff yeah?

We have a new editor joining this novel~ and meanwhile, I totally forgot to ever make a profile card for Isalee so we’re showing hers too!

Please love them kindly~ I do at least, there’s still a pile to edit lolol You might get another chapter update today

Can’t believe we’re two-thirds way through~ Lalalyly will be happy \o/ May her life get less busy.

Chapter here

Translators: Axuline, Resonance

Editors: Isalee, element.number.three


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    Aww double updates 😆😆
    Thank you so much

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