Once We Come Across Love Chapters 1-3

Hello, I’m 16/ImpatientNeko, a newbie translator. Some of you may have seen me on some SLC chapters, which I am still helping out on. Anyways, today I’m bringing you my first TL project, Once We Come Across Love. I am reading this novel as I translate so no spoilers in comments. Hope you guys enjoy.

SnowTime: It’s very cute and funny~~ Do read it :3


A simple childhood love story.

The female lead’s name is Xiao Tu (Bunny) and the male lead’s name is Ling Chao (Super). As neighbors who were born a month apart, they grew up, went to school, and graduated together.

Tutu is a cute and good girl. Even though she’s not really smart, she’s not stupid. Since she is skilled in martial arts, the guys are scared of her. Ling Chao is smart and cool, but also stuffy and quiet.

He is the brainy type who excels in studies. Tutu’s mother wishes her daughter would grow up and marry Ling Chao, but her father disagrees and wants Tutu to get to know other boys.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Editor: Koreanmist

P.S. No I’m not actually 16 (year-old). (His nick is 16 though)



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