[DTALICT] Chapter 1: I’m The Slag Gong’s Elder Brother

This novel is “Did The Affectionate Love Interest Collapse Today?” translated by Flozen, it was posted on NU already.

She has chosen to move over to my site, the chapter has been further refined along with a major mistake being fixed—accidentally not translating the full chapter 1 before haha.

Chapter 1

Author’s Note:

I’m finally beginning a new story! ~ Please share and comment. Thank you everybody for all of your support ~ 

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This story is full of dog blood, Shura field, crematoriums, book wear, fast wear.~ Everybody loves two affectionate men~ I hope my darlings will be fond of it, [heart]! ~ 

Flozen Translator Note:

PLEASE don’t read the reviews for this novel unless you’re really asking for spoilers, which will ruin the entire experience for you.

Also, special thanks to my lovely editor, Sahloknir! Please leave a message for everyone~

[E/N: Thank you, Flo! I’m so curious as to how this arc is going to play out. Lin Ziran is cute, but no pushover. I hope he resolves things with Lu Sui. 😭]

[T/N: LOL, no worries. Also, Lin Ziran does have a charmingess to his personality~ Defo like it.]

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