Wangye, Wangfei is a Cat


Author: Yun Zhongyue

Status: 298 Chapters (Complete)


History’s greatest tragedy isn’t marrying the wrong husband, but confusedly recognizing the wrong master.

Mi Xiaoqi grabbed the muddled fortunes of her own master and transmigrated via a freak accident into the body of a small white cat. The saddest thing was, she ended up on top of Wangye Bei Gongyan’s bed.

He made her eat food and stay by his side when he had nothing to do. She intended to run away, but all right, she was captured and locked to the bed…

Tags: Ancient, Romance, Transmigration

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Table of Content

Chapter 1: Transmigration To Become A Cat?
Chapter 2: Being Obedient From Listening
Chapter 3: Accompanying His Meal
Chapter 4: Xiaoqi’s Recollections
Chapter 5: Thinking Of Sleeping With Ben Wang?
Chapter 6: Muddle-headedly Obtaining A Master?
Chapter 7: Don’t Think About Escaping
Chapter 8: Fame Comes In Waves
Chapter 9:


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    This story is so cute and interesting, thank you so much for translating it! \^w^/ Hope that everything is OK on the translators’ side & thank you for sharing this story with us


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