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He’s strong now, Our Ling Xiao – The Emperor

17,181 Characters T-T So damn long

Why are you on the last chapter anyway? .-.

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21 thoughts on “[TPCFC] Chapter 71: Dispersing the Harem [End]

  1. Oh snowy, what’s up with this (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ emoji on certain chapters?
    NSFW tag? („ಡωಡ„)
    Don’t leave us hanging please TvT


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  2. Please Ignore Me (Not) !!! says:

    Hello~! This is my first time commenting, anyway, if I may ask, does the title mean that Ling Xiao’s harem will end? As in, he chooses one among them, that they either die or they don’t love him anymore?


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  3. What does that means???
    Everyone become his toyboy? XD
    The Emperor has awakened his lust for more chrysanthemum?😏
    Prince Fu Jun unexpectedly discover his talent as a neko???😂😂
    Ling Xiao became the Empress??
    Bondage? *This is random*

    “He’s strong now, Our Ling Xiao – The Emperor”
    The Emperor is keeping a diary about Ling Xiao???😆


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  4. Wait, so the first NSFW chappy is ch 54?! 😱😱😱 that’s a LONG wait! But truly, thank you for translating so efficiently Snow-sama! 😊😊😊 I love your translation! Keep up the good work and indulge us stalk…ahem…readers! 😘😘😘


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  5. yucas says:

    Because i cant stop clicking your page and searching this cannon fodder themed novel that just awakened my fujoshi sides that almost died down two years ago? Take responsibility snowy, and translate this gold to finish, this is my second most favorite bl novel of all time after wear the face of the devil. And i thank you for the translation.

    P.S : i’ll stalk this page untill you finish this 😆😂😝


  6. marhrain says:

    because i love to push the next chapter until the end. 🙂 :O
    thanks for the chapter and i saw the jelly (or puding ?) character, i’m so excited. 😀


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