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Since this one was super short, already done. 9 chapters left…

第62章 坦诚以待

Chapter 62: Frankly Dealing With It


When Ling Xiao returned to Hopeful Spring Tavern, it was already late.


Candle fires were lit all over the tavern, and he was led back to the second floor by the maid.


Ling Xiao was a bit hesitant as he stood and looked at the second floor, when he realized that the Emperor was testing him, he was a bit indecisive and also felt a bit unwell.


His entire person was like he was tied up and then thrown into stifling hot weather. He was obviously feeling unwell from the heat and did not know how to relieve it, so he could only let that heat flow and corrode his heart and lungs.


The maid walked to the Emperor’s door and stopped, bending and saluting to Ling Xiao with the entrance by her side. The meaning was quite clear, to have Ling Xiao go in.


Ling Xiao slightly pondered, then waved his hand and had the maid leave.


The maid looked blankly for a bit then obediently and respectfully left with another salute.


With just Ling Xiao standing by himself outside the door, looking at the Emperor’s reflection through the window and sighed as he stared lost himself in his thoughts.


Always not being trusted by the Emperor, even if he had this death-exemption golden plate, he did not have a sense of security. He had to eliminate the Emperor’s distrust in him.


Thinking that way, Ling Xiao knocked on the door lightly and quietly called out for the Emperor once.


A period of silence lingered in the room, then before long, the Emperor’s steady voice sounded.


“Come in.”


Ling Xiao carefully walked in and saw that the Emperor was sitting at his desk, marking an account book. Seeing that Ling Xiao had walked in, he placed down his brush, staring at Ling Xiao quietly then pretended to be not paying attention as he asked, “So you finally decided to come in?”


Ling Xiao stared blankly then understood in the next second. The Emperor’s martial arts are strong, even the slightest sound would not escape his ear, let alone when he had stayed at the door for so long.


It was likely that he had already knew when he arrived at the second floor.


Ling Xiao also did not bother hiding anymore and walked in front of the Emperor, lowering his head in a salute and frankly said, “Ling Xiao doesn’t how know to face your Majesty.”


The Emperor raised an eyebrow, leaning against his chair, a questioning attitude.


Ling Xiao fearlessly pursed his lips and said, “Your Majesty, you do not trust Ling Xiao.”


Ling Xiao dared to speak this way because of the death-exemption golden plate in his bosom given by the Emperor.


Since his life was guaranteed, then hiding unhappy matters in his heart wasn’t his style. Ling Xiao firmly spread out his unhappiness in front of the Emperor.


Besides, the Emperor didn’t like lies in the first place, so being honest enough was the only way to obtain his trust.


His honesty was the crucial point in obtaining his trust.


The Emperor stared blankly for a moment, a bit flabbergasted that Ling Xiao would be so frank.


However, the Emperor didn’t dislike this kind of frankness. The corner of his lips curved up and a trace of a smile was in his eyes as he asked Ling Xiao, “You’re not satisfied?”


Ling Xiao nodded certainly, “Ling Xiao really isn’t satisfied.”


“……” The Emperor narrowed his eyes, staring at Ling Xiao before him.


With Ling Xiao’s frank face, his brows tightly knit with some grievance and anger on his face, and his unhappy frown expressed he was full unsatisfied. It was like a cat that was blaming the master for not taking good care of it, baring its fangs and claws to vent its unhappiness. But it wasn’t threatening at all.


The Emperor watched satisfied, raised his eyebrows and narrowed his eyes.


Ling Xiao clenched his teeth, “Ling Xiao didn’t meet with Fu Yujun.”


The Emperor heard and his eyes lighten, his thin lips slightly raised as he said, “Since you already got there, why didn’t you go see him?”


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  1. Ima says:

    Waaah! You’re right! That was short ;___; but you translated so fast!!! So I’m satisfied xD
    Yes, honesty is what make a relationship healthy~ Ling Xiao can’t always be scare of the Emperor!

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    Emperor is super dominating. He would be a bdsm enthusiast in modern day. I don’t know how Ling Xiao stays with him tbh, like yay he’s sexy and powerful and all but he’s scary. From where this chapter is going I hope they have more heart to heart conversations and stop with the whole threatening thing soon.

    Tldr; Like hullo u bois in lub kiss makeup shush and just snu snu k


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