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第56章 聪明绝顶

Chapter 56: Highly Intelligent


The Emperor had rushed over thousands of miles from Mu Country to Shao Country silently. Ling Xiao vaguely knew that he had a purpose for doing so.


And that purpose wasn’t to bring him back.


Otherwise, he could had taken him away that night…


Thinking to this point, Ling Xiao felt extremely complicated. He didn’t know if he should be more happy or more sad.


However, regardless of the Emperor, now that Fu Yujun was in a crisis, he can’t just ignore it either.


First, Ling Xiao wasn’t able to just let him die. Second, in the case Fu Yujun loses and the one that comes knocking is the First Prince, would he be able to have a good end if he lands in his hands?


And assuming that if he really was protected by Hong Ye and doesn’t land in the First Prince’s hand, he would still land in the Emperor’s hands…


If he were to fall into the Emperor’s hands, then the conclusion for him would be…


Ling Xiao suddenly trembled from the chill… he quickly shook his head to stop himself from thinking any further down that lane.


This won’t do, no matter if it’s for himself or some other reason, he can’t let Fu Yujun have an accident!


But trying to save Fu Yujun wasn’t something as easy as just saying it.


Fifty thousand troops and horses standing off against a three hundred thousand army, Ling Xiao doesn’t know if he should praise Fu Yujun for his great courage or scold him for being stupid.


This was no doubt just throwing his life away. The only things that could save him now were modern weapons, like guns or gunpowder…


Thinking to that point, Ling Xiao’s gaze swept around him and eyed the charcoal in the corner. The stone walls contained saltpeter while the stuff that was spread around within the surroundings to ward against bugs contained sulfur. His eyes flashed and a plan formed in his mind. His eyes finally fell onto Xiao Feng.


His idea needed a supporter.


With those thoughts, Ling Xiao walked and sat down next to Xiao Feng, looking at the wounds on his body, he friendly asked: “Imperial guard Xiao, how are your injuries?”


“It’s fine, it’s just some flesh injuries, Young Master does not need to worry, this subordinate will protect you.” Xiao Feng loyally replied, but his eyes has a glint of deceit, trying to see what Ling Xiao was thinking.


Ling Xiao sneered. It has already come to this point, what use was there to probe him?


Although he was not familiar with Xiao Feng, he had still heard about him. His ordinary conduct was smooth and evasive, although his martial arts were good, he has strategies upon strategies. He was very valued by Fu Yujun’s side. Last time Fu Yujun went to Mu Country, he had brought him along, and now he had entrusted him to him.


This Xiao Feng also did not fail to live up to Fu Yujun’s generous treatment. In the moment of crisis, he still did his best to help Fu Yujun.


He was a loyal and reliable person.


Thinking to that point, Ling Xiao went nearer to him and asked in a hush voice, “Imperial Guard Xiao, are you worried about the Second Prince?”


Xiao Feng stared blankly at the question and went silent. With this silence, it was clear to Ling Xiao that this Xiao Feng was worried.


Ling Xiao seize this opportunity assuming that and tried to feel out Xiao Feng’s wish.


“If we were to go out and save him…”


“No!” Xiao Feng immediately frowned and interrupted Ling Xiao, “With just these few men, not to mention we would be unable to save the Prince, we would only be throwing away our lives if we rashly went out. What’s more, the Prince told this subordinate to completely protect the Young Master. If something were to happen to the Young Master, then how would this subordinate explain to the Prince?”


Ling Xiao incited him after he heard that, “If he were to die, what explaining would you need to do to him?”


“!” Xiao Feng suddenly shook at those words, having an intense bad reaction toward it. He stared at Ling Xiao, his eyes full of discontent.


Ling Xiao’s eyes were calm in face of Xiao Feng’s sight.


Xiao Feng faced the other man, whose eyes were mysterious and his face calm. This kind of steady beauty, although his body wasn’t big, it also calmed him down.


He slightly frowned, but in his mind, he still accepted what Ling Xiao said.


He went silent for a long time before a trace of cunning flitted through his eyes, he asked, “If Young Master asks in such a way, does it mean you already have a plan?”


Ling XIao raised an eyebrow in surprise. This Xiao Feng was worthy of being someone important to Fu Yujun, in such a short time, he had already reacted and saw through his attempt.


Ling Xiao lightly smiled and did not plan to keep beating around the bush, he plainly stated, “I do have a way to save him, however, I will ask you a question first.”


“Is everyone here willing to go out with me? They might not return alive.”


Xiao Feng solemnly purse his brows at the question, and he looked at Ling Xiao, hesitantly saying, “Young Master, can you tell the way to this subordinate, and this one will take men to do it. You stay behind and don’t go out, if something happens to you…”


Ling Xiao sneered and break off Xiao Feng’s apprehensions, “You need to think, if you guys were all to die, even if I stay here, would my end be any better? Might as well just take me along and work with everyone. Besides, I don’t think we will lose.”


Seeing Ling Xiao so sure of the outcome, Xiao Feng curiously asked, “Young Master, just what do you have planned?”


Ling Xiao thought a bit hearing the question, raised his eyebrow and stated, “I know an item that can utterly defeat an army and allow the Second Prince to turn the tide.”


Xiao Feng was alarmed, “Are you serious?”


Xiao Feng went silent and pursed his lips at Ling Xiao’s nod. He knew that the Second Prince was deeply in a crisis, if he really wasn’t able to stop them, it wasn’t safe for them here either.


If there really was something that could allow the Second Prince to turn the tide then it really would be better than them staying here in hiding.


Thinking that way, Xiao Feng clenched his teeth and appeared as if he had made a great decision as he got up and knelt on his knees before Ling Xiao, “If it’s like that, then this subordinate will follow Young Master and obey to your plans.”


Everyone else all rose and knelt before Ling Xiao when they saw Xiao Feng do so, “We subordinates will also follow the Young Master and obey your plans.”


It’s not that Ling Xiao had never seen so many people kneel before him, back when he was by the Emperor’s side and he had been injured, the people present had all knelt due to the Emperor’s action and knelt in his direction. Ling Xiao understands that they were doing so because of the Emperor’s dragon prestige.


And right now, these people were all kneeling to him and were truly doing so toward him. A man aspires to travel far and make one’s mark, with this scene, it fired up Ling Xiao and his heart started to pound. He stood, overlooking the group and was speechless from excitement.


From everyone else’s point of view, a rather imposing manner arose from Ling Xiao’s body–his small body. Furthermore, his calm and collected appearance as he faced their obedience, neither servile nor overbearing unconsciously made everyone have more a bit more confidence so they lowered their heads even more respectfully.


Xiao Feng raised his head seeing this, “Young Master, if you are really able to save the PRince, then you would be Shao Country’s benefactor. All of Shao Country would be deeply grateful to you.


Ling Xiao was roused by those words of his and he slightly calmed his excited heart, supporting him up, and softly saying, “Stand up now, if it’s like this, then believe in me.”


Although he said it like that, Ling Xiao was still nervous within his heart.


He knew that internally, there were materials here that could be used to produce gunpowder.


Everything was here.




Although Ling Xiao had once sneakily made gunpowder in Jinhua University’s laboratory out of curiosity, and even succeed in modern times.


He had never tried making gunpowder in this world. Plus, in the modern laboratory, all the materials he had used were ready-made. If there were some unknown matter he didn’t know in these materials that gets mixed in and something goes wrong…


Ling Xiao sighed, although he knew it was dangerous, there was no leeway for him to hesitate now. He could only try to see how effective the golden finger that he had gotten through his rebirth is.


With those thoughts, Ling Xiao got up and directed everyone to move the materials to the fireplace.


Hong Ye observed everything and silently looked down. Her acupuncture point has already been unblocked while ropes were nothing against her. She was completely capable of capturing Ling Xiao and bringing him to the Emperor’s side right now.




Hong Ye gloomily hide her gaze. The Emperor pampered on Ling Xiao so much, yet this Ling Xiao never appreciated the kindness. This really made Hong Ye angry and resentful.


She wanted to give Ling Xiao a good lesson but with how much the Emperor cherishes him, if she personally does something to him, she would definitely be punished by the Emperor…


This was the reason why Hong Ye did not dare to openly dislike Ling Xiao.


But now, Ling Xiao was courting death himself so it doesn’t even need her interference anymore.


She was “tied”, “restricted”, and “completely powerless”.


Hong Ye lowered her head, hiding the trace of scheming on her face.


Fire could be seen everywhere with endless smoke. Three hundred thousand soldiers have already pressed forward to the imperial palace while Fu Yujun had already defended against them with fifty thousand for an entire afternoon.


The fifty thousand troops and horses had killed numerous enemies while receiving only a little bit of damage. Fu Yujun had used his intelligence and arranged traps after traps, causing the other army to fall into traps one after another and killed the whole way.


Like that, an afternoon of slaughtering countless troops and horses have passed…


However, looking out from the high Imperial Palace, the number of troops and horses that stood outside waiting were only more and not less.


Fu Shangjun, that great Imperial Brother of his, somehow obtained more troops and horses from other places!


Did someone surrender?


No, perhaps that great Imperial Brother of his had been urged by another country and made some kind of transaction in the dark.


Fu Yujun’s face darken. If that Imperial Brother of his only wanted to be the Sovereign King, it was not impossible for him to let him. But he understands that Imperial Brother of his too well, he has no aspiration and only knows how to eat and play, how could he suddenly plot a rebellion? There must be someone instigating it behind.


And this person was very likely to be someone from another country…


The figure of the Mu Country Emperor flashed through Fu Yujun’s mind, he clenched his fist.


Shao Country cannot fall into another country’s hands! This time, even if they have to fight to death, he still has to defend this Imperial Palace!


Fu Yujun clenched his teeth and turned around, only to see his soldiers, completely tired out and lying all over. Their physical strength was clearly overused…


Meanwhile, the people outside the palace were all in great spirits, their grudge completely high.


With things like this, how could they fight back?


Despair suddenly rose in his heart, was he really going to lose like this?!


Sudden, a great “boom!” sounded, startling Fu Yujun to look back.


What he saw outside the palace was thick smoke, and that place that was smashed with an unknown item was a hole.


Within the surroundings of the hole, the soldiers were either injured from the blast, or like if they were suddenly injected with something evil that caused them to faint crookedly on the side.


The unexpected unforeseen event, smashed Fu Shangjun’s army, causing the soldiers to all be terrified of the unknown item. They all spontaneously distance themselves from the spot.


Fu Yujun was astounded and stared closely at the scene below.


Not long after, a horse carriage could be seen arriving from the distance. The horse carriage took the chance when the soldiers did not dare to go near the matter and rushed in, rushing straight at the Imperial Palace.


Placed within the horse carriage were numerous bamboo pipes while sword carrying guards were circled around it. The guards would be holding a handle of fire had shrouds on their faces.


The two people that were sitting in the front, one guiding the carriage while the other just sat by his side, were also wearing shrouds.


Fu Yujun felt this figure was quite familiar, but because he was too far, he also wasn’t able to clearly see just who these people were.


He could only see that these people were rudely and impetuously smashing through Fu Shangjun’s army, rushing straight for the Imperial Palace without regards for anything else.


They chose the area that they had just blasted a hole in and galloped in, it was quite a wise choice. The soldiers did not dare to randomly go near, but because that place wasn’t really level either, it was a great hindrance for allowing the carriage forward.


After the soldiers came to their senses, they started to attack the people on the carriage.


Fu Yujun watched their carriage that galloped forward difficultly under those soldier’s attack and inwardly cold sweated. These people were clearly not part of Fu Shangjun, otherwise, they would not be attacked.


The people that would be attacked would only be those on his side. Their purpose for coming toward them were quite clear, trying to cross over the army and arrive at the imperial palace.


However, they wanted to rely on the horse carriage to rush into the palace?


It’s too willful!


Fu Yujun unconsciously gripped the armrest on the railing, holding so tightly his hands were white. A few deep traces of fingerprints were on the armrest.


Seeing how the surrounding soldiers were almost completely surrounding them, Fu Yujun’s heart jumped to his throat.


Ling Xiao sat next to Xiao Feng who was driving the horse carriage and saw the actions of the soldiers. He suddenly gave an order, causing the surrounding guards to each grab a bamboo tube and ignite the fuse of it, then throwing it in the directions of the soldiers.








A few loud sounds like the one from before sounded as they smashed onto the ground and caused smoke to rise. The smoke and dust surged, causing FU Yujun at the top to be unable to see the situation below for the moment.


When the dust cleared, Fu Yujun was then able to see that the soldiers below had all been ruined beyond recognition. The surroundings were scattered with pieces of soldiers, motionless and unknown if they were dead or alive.


Meanwhile, not a single hair was harm on the people within the carriage as they firmly headed to the palace.


Fu Yujun had a face of amazement. This carriage was truly amazing, rather, it should be said that those things the guards on the carriage had threw out were amazing.


Fu Yujun cleared up his face and then stared at the two seating in the driver position.


One was concentrating on driving the carriage while the other man would turn around to yell something once in a while. He appeared to be constantly observing his surroundings, so it was clear he was the commander of this group.


This man was dressed in cyan embroidered clothes. He was tranquil and calm facing this situation and army. His calm and unhurried orders made on feel admiration for him from the bottom of their hearts.


Fu Yujun couldn’t help but look at him a few more times, and he felt that the general appearance and figure of his looks somewhat familiar…


It looks like…


His eyes widen in shock as a faint figure flashed through his mind.


Wasn’t this person… the man he had Xiao Feng protect, Ling Xiao?!


Fu Yujun had frighten himself with that thought and cold sweat filled him. Then he saw the man take off the shroud, and under it, was the delicate and pretty face, it was the man he considered his.


Fu Yujun clenched his teeth, anger on his face as he stomped down the stairs and quickly opened the palace door. Bringing his men with him to surround the carriage.


Ling Xiao understood that Fu Yujun was sending people to assist them when he saw that and he heaved a breath. His legs had gone so weak that he wasn’t able to get off the carriage. He had only just placed a feet on the ground when he was suddenly pulled to the side by an external force.


As such, his face knocked against a sturdy meat wall, the thick manly body odor filled his nose.


Ling XIao wrinkled his brows and abruptly pushed away the other man, only to see a sorry-faced Fu Yujun.


His face was covered in dust and blood while his body was also splashed with blood. He didn’t know if all of this blood were other people’s or his own.


Right now he was looking at Ling Xiao, the expression he was wearing seemed to be anger while also carrying surprise with a bit of incredulous.


“Why did you come here?!” Fu Yujun berated, his face carrying great distress.


Ling Xiao was shaken by his expression, and lowered his head a bit uncomfortable, “Aren’t we here to save you.”




“Alright, let’s talk later and defeat these guys first.” Ling Xiao interrupted Fu Yujun, looking at the army that was approaching.


The remaining thirty thousand troops all came out to fight, surrounding Ling Xiao and Fu Yujun to protect them. While outside, the shady Fu Shangjun’s army remained.


Based on the number of people. Fu Shangjun was obviously winning. Fu Yujun had already calculated the worst possible outcome, trying to think how he should protect Ling Xiao.


But Ling Xiao suddenly climbed back onto the carriage, startling Fu Yujun. He hurried pulled him and asked, “What are you doing? The archers on that side will make you a target if you stand on it.”


“It’s fine!” Ling Xiao shook him off, “Everything has danger to it, you just need to make sure those people don’t come near me. The rest will count on the secret weapon!”


Secret weapon?


Fu Yujun was doubtful. Xiao Feng arrived before and reported to him seeing his look, “Prince, it’s something called ‘gunpowder’. Young Master made it, the power is tremendous. That thing can allow one person to defeat a hundred.”


Xiao Feng pointed at the bamboo tubes in the carriage., directing Fu Yujun’s sight to the bamboo tubes that were not impressive looking at all on the carriage. Was it really as impressive as Xiao Feng said? Fu Yujun was really suspicious which seemed to


Fu Yujun was astounded as he watched Ling Xiao direct the people he brought with him, standing on top of the carriage. The surrounding men all lifted their shields while the people within all ignited their bamboo tubes and threw then at the places Ling Xiao indicated far away…




With every bamboo tube thrown, a loud sound could immediately be heard. Next, the enemy’s anguished wailing as well as the sound of soldiers collapsing could be heard.


This thing really has formidable power! This was made by this little servant?


To think that this little servant was this amazing!


Fu Yujun looked at Ling Xiao and saw him standing by the carriage majestically, directing everyone in combat at full mettle.


On the little servant’s face was calm and his actions were composed. It was as if this battle’s victory was already in grasp, this undoubtedly boosted the morals of the soldiers.


It made people display their faith in him from their body to their hearts.


Fu Yujun watched, his heart throbbing as obession gradually appeared in his eyes.


Sigh, this was the little servant he liked~


So different from the masses.


He obviously feared death, yet at a crucial moment, he did not abandon anyone and leave.


He was obviously extremely timid, yet at a crucial moment, was able to be so majestic and high-spirited.


He was obviously extremely talented, yet always hid himself within a crowd.


He was so low-key…


Luckily he had found him the him who was so different from the masses.


Fu Yujun rejoiced for himself for not missing Ling Xiao, and also felt happy for being captivated by him.


He thought there there was probably no one who could make his heart move like this in this lifetime.


At Ling Xiao’s side where he was accurately directing and at Fu Yujun’s side where men constantly blocked the people from advancing, someone finally noticed it was Ling Xiao’s doing.


They finally made Ling Xiao the important one to handle first and all the archers aimed their bows and arrows at the standing and directing Ling Xiao.


After Fu Yujun’s orders, a hidden archer sent out an arrow toward Ling Xiao.


Fu Yujun had keen eyes and saw it, pulling Ling Xiao out of the way of the hidden attack, his expression gloomy in that moment.


Ling Xiao blankly widen his eyes, leaning against Fu Yujun fearfully, his legs somewhat weak.


He almost… went to see his Maker…


Fu Yujun’s heart pained seeing that, he comfortingly patted Ling Xiao’s head, gazing at the distant fire and smoke. Fu Yujun made a great decision in his heart.


He took a deep breath and touchingly laid a kiss on Ling Xiao’s face, then whispered into his ear, “If I do not win and die, then I will leave Shao Country in your hands.”


Saying those words, Fu Yujun took out a bundle from somewhere and squeezed it into Ling Xiao’s arms quickly. He reached out and seized Xiao Feng’s sword and pushed Ling Xiao in front of him, warning him again, “Protect him with your life, understood?”


Xiao Feng caught Ling Xiao and pushed down his confusion as he saw Fu Yujun’s solemn and unable to reject expression, he complied, “Yes.”


“Wait, what are you trying to do?” Ling Xiao returned to his senses after being frighten and restlessly asking Fu Yujun.


Fu Yujun revealed a smile at him, showing his pure white teeth. It looked like when he had first met him in Mu Country, that kind of unrestrained smile.


“To capture evil, first capture the king.” With those words, he turned and leaped, his sword rushing out.


To capture evil, first capture the King?

TL Note: Solve the main root of the problem


He wanted to go catch Fu Shangjun???


Ling Xiao was surprised and hurriedly ran forward two steps, trying to stop him. “Wait, come back Fu Yujun! The gunpowder over there was mixed with knockout drugs! You will lose consciousness!”


Fu Yujun heard and turned to look at him. His eyes expressed many things, and it also made clear to Ling Xiao, Fu Yujun would not turn back.


He had already made his determination. Fortunately he had heard him and at least knew about the knockout drugs, so he could at least avoid it.


Ling Xiao caught it by luck and held the heavy bundle. He lowered his head to look at it and unexpectedly found that it was the Shao Country’s Jade Ruler Seal along with the posthumous edict from the previous Emperor…


Such an important thing!


Ling Xiao suddenly felt his hand was burning and almost threw out the thing in his hand. But in the end, he still silently took it.


This Fu Yujun was too unreliable, to think he threw such an important thing to him!


He can’t take care of it!


He gritted his teeth and climbed back on the carriage. He stared at the figuring leaping far away and he grip his hand, directing everyone where to throw the gunpowder again. He was going to help Fu Yujun make a way through!


Fu Yujun’s way of handling it was undoubtedly not the best way!


The Emperor sat up high, silently watching everything that happened below. His sight finally fixed itself onto Ling Xiao who sat on the carriage, his lips pursed tightly.


This little eunuch really gave him a whole new level of respect for him.


With such talent, he could understand why he kept trying to escape the palace.


He really was wronged staying in that small harem.


As expected, he needed to treat him more specially.


The Emperor contemplated and then got up.


The Emperor’s expression was unsettled, causing the guards by his side to believe the Emperor was angry. They promptly crouched on the floor and beg for forgiveness, “Your Majesty, please calm down. General Lan will be here at once, the Shao Country’s Second Prince will not be able to run away.”


The Emperor gave a light glance at the imperial guard behind him at what he heard. The chamberlain became aware that he should not randomly guess what he was thinking and he was frightened into cold sweat. After a while, the Emperor gave a soft hmph and turned around, “Let’s go and take a look down below.”


“Yes.” The chamberlain let out a breath of relief, accepting the order.


It looks like the Emperor did not get angry, rather, his mood was still pretty good. Otherwise, the Emperor would not let him off so easily for already counting it as a victory, doing a taboo.


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