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Chapter 49: Everyone Loves Little Immortal Mushroom (VII)


Shang Ke once again experienced his soul leaving his body. This meant that he wasn’t completely dead and further resurrection was possible.


Yan Lu’s situation was not very ideal though. His eyes were bloodshot, his body seriously injured while the energy in his body was in complete chaos as well. If he did not rest well, even his spirit root would crumble. He carried the mushroom body that has already turned into a flower and aimlessly walked. He only collapsed near a brook when his strength was exhausted.


Shang Ke who turned into a soul followed by his side without falter. He entered the mushroom several times and discovered that he could freely change his state. The devil dan within the mushroom body has already crumbled, short term it was impossible for him to transform. If it weren’t for the golden seed given by Daoist Luo He, the moment the devil dan crumbled, he would have been sent back to the system space.


Shang Ke suddenly become aware that each world actually has its own opportunities. He did not necessarily have to rely on the system to give him rewards. If he took advantage of the opportunities given to him, grasp them and look for other helps, it would all raise his chance of completing the mission.


Yan Lu’s external injuries appeared serious, but it was not hard to heal. What was truly fearful was the inside.


【Yan Lu, Yan Lu, wake up.】 Shang Ke tried to wake him up, but there was no result.


He then tried to move his body, but he could only float a few centimeters for about three to four seconds before turning powerless. Shang Ke knows that souls can also cultivate, but a soul like him without any foundation has nothing to work on.


Despite so, Shang Ke paused and walked over and over again until he finally moved Yan Lu to a spot where he can rest for a bit.


His soul state could not access the storage within his mushroom body so Shang Ke had no choice but to go out and find spiritual herbs. He cautiously chose a very late time to go out to lessen his chance of meeting a cultivator. A soul, especially a plant-type soul was a “very nutritious” thing. Even if it’s a righteous cultivation, it was quite hard to say that they would not have side thoughts.


Three days later, Yan Lu woken up from his sleep and discovered that all the injuries on his bodies have healed quite a bit. The chaotic energy within him has also eased somewhat.


Little Mushroom!


Yan Lu suddenly sat up, a soft lump immediately tumbling off his body. He subconsciously reached out to catch it and looked at it; it was precisely the little mushroom turned flower bud.


Yan Lu’s taut muscles gradually relaxed as he caught sight of a couple types of medical herbs by him from the corner of his eyes. Among them was a herb that still had dew, it was clearly not picked too long ago.


Who saved him?


A trace of confusion and caution flashed through his eyes. He carefully checked those medical herbs, they were truly high class spiritual herbs. Strange, since they are kind enough to give him herbs, then why did they not directly make it into a pill? After spiritual herbs are picked, if there is not a suitable storing method used, then they must be refined quickly so to not wasit the spirituality and effect of the spiritual herbs.


Yan Lu did not linger too long on that question, he decided to wait and see for the person that gave him herbs before bothering about it. He carefully placed Little Mushroom into his bosom then picked up a herb and started to heal himself.


But because his injury was too big, he could only absorb half of it before fainting once again.


When he woke up again, there was once again a big array of medicinal herbs by his body. However, he still couldn’t find any traces of the one that gave him it.


Yan Lu felt as if the situation was somewhat familiar, as if he had already experienced it before. He took the little mushroom out of his bosom and muttered to it, “It’s you, right? Little Mushroom.”


But, his Little Mushroom never responded.


Over the next few months, batches of medicinal herbs frequently appeared next to him. Despite his lack of money and the large amount of herbs he had wasted, the person still continued to bring him medicinal herbs.


Day after day, it had never stopped.


“Little Mushroom, I know it’s you.” Yan Lu cupped the flower bud, his eyes sweeping over it, “Where are you? I want to see you.”


He did not notice that a soul was just standing in the corner not five meters away from him. He just could not see him.


Shang Ke’s soul was too weak, only cultivation experts could possibly notice his presence. As his dual cultivation partner, Yan Lu originally could sense his existence, but after Shang Ke’s devil dan was shattered, everything returned to as it was before.


Thus, the two remain at this close distance while remaining out of reach to each other for a couple years, until Yan Lu was pretty much healed back to his former condition.


Looking at the mushroom soup that suddenly appeared, Yan Lu was already used to it. Although he couldn’t see Little Mushroom, he knows that he was always by his side.


But he still wants to see him, to hold him, like before. To walk together and see all the sceneries of the world, of everything the mortal world has to offer.


While Yan Lu drank his soup, he thought about how to help Little Mushroom increase his cultivation so he can appear again.


He once tried sending his true essence into the flower bud, but the result was a violent rejection. Little Mushroom was clearly of devil cultivation, yet the flower contained immortal qi. Back then at Heavenless Secret Realm, the old cultivator in the picture had given Little Mushroom a golden seed. It should probably be a golden seed that contains immortal qi, preserving Little Mushroom’s divine sense. At the same time, under its care, the shattered devil dan of Little Mushroom would likely turn into and immortal’s. This was likely the reason he would reject him.


Thinking to that point, the thought of dispersing his cultivation and recultivating rose in his mind for the first time. In the past, Little Mushroom always wished for him to follow the righteous path. But because he wanted to dual cultivate with him, he never went along with him.


Now that Little Mushroom obtained the opportunity to cultivate again, why not accompany him and cultivate again as well?


With his plan set, Yan Lu did it with pretty much no hesitation. He activated his true essence and destroyed his cultivation he had recovered not too long ago.


“Ah…” Yan Lu cried out in pain as the true essence within him violently collidaded. The clothes on his body loudly ripped as his muscles ruptured, drenching him in blood.


Shang Ke who was watching by the side was dumbstruck. In the past, he had used up all his brain power to think of a way to make Yan Lu give up devil cultivation and failed. Yet after he turned into a soul, he had actually destroyed his own cultivation without warning. This kind of matter, probably only Yan Lu would be so determined to do as he wished.


After his cultivation was dispersed, Yan Lu quickly aged by several years. His black hair turned into silver, his muscles quickly withered while his skin also withered and wrinkled. He now looked like he had one foot in the grave.


Only now did Shang Ke understand the consequence of dispersing one’s cultivation. In order to complete his mission, he had always tried to persuade Yan Lu to enter the righteous path, thoughtlessly believing that changing cultivation was for his own good. Never did he know just how much courage and willpower was needed to cultivate again.


Shang Ke walked by the weaken Yan Lu, opened his arms and gently embraced his shoulder. Although he knows that the other can’t see him, he still wants to give his support.


【Yan Lu, in this life, unless I die, I will always stay by your side.】


Yan Lu opened his tired eyes, a bright splendor flashed through his eyes as the corner of his mouth rose. Following that, he closed his eyes again and deeply slept.


Fate really works in strange ways sometimes, Shang Ke entered the devil path for Yan Lu, while Yan Lu went to the righteous path for Shang Ke…


A hundred years later, an old man in ragged clothing traveled through the noisy crowds in the street market while leaning on his walking stick. Everyone avoided him when he passed by, giving him gazes of disdain and disgust.


The old man did not care at all, he still walk through neither slowly or quickly. Although this man looks very old and his body broken, as long as one paid more attention, they would notice his pace was firm and his gaze sharp. An indescribable distinct air emitted from him.


This man was precisely Yan Lu who went into closed door seclusion for one hundred years. His cultivation nowadays has went back to Core Formation Stage and was just a step away from Nascent Soul Stage. The reason why he came out of seclusion was because the Origin Realm that only appears once every millennium was about to open.


According to legends, the Origin Realm was once the battlefield of a ancient deity, buried there were many powerful immortal tools. If have the chance, not only would one improve their strength, they would also be able to obtain the special objects and god-level cultivation methods left behind from ancient times.


However, the place where the Origin Realm opens was different every time, the way in only lasts a single day as well. After three months, everyone in the realm will be expelled out. No matter if it was a living person or a dead one.


Yan Lu did not enter the Origin Realm for immortal tools or cultivation methods, rather, he wanted to find some immortal wood to help Little Mushroom cultivate.


Under Yan Lu’s nourishment, Little Mushroom did not change much. First was because his strength was too weak, second was because he lack spiritual objects to nourish him.


A hundred years years of dry and dull waiting made Yan Lu feel very hollow and lonely. Although he could occasionally vaguely see Little Mushroom’s soul, he can’t touch him or smell him. It was really too depressing.


As such, Yan Lu decided to take some risk this time and go to the Origin Realm and try his luck.


His decision was in line with Shang Ke’s intentions. As this world’s “main character”, Yan Lu naturally has the “Main Character Halo”. No matter how weak he was, he would still obtain countless chances within a predicament.


The development of the event was just as Shang Ke foreseen. Yan Lu smoothly entered the Origin Realm and become one of the glorious and fortunate “scavengers” among all the cultivation experts that went around looking for treasure.


When the Origin Realm only has two days left before closing, Yan Lu met a woman, and saved her life then.


Yan Lu rarely saved people, even if he switched to the righteous path, he has never changed his style. He merely acted more low profile, most of his time was spent on cultivating and nourishing Little Mushroom. As such, in these one hundred years, he did not make a single friend nor did he become enemies with anyone.


For him to take the initiative to save someone, even Shang Ke felt very amazed.


After that, Shang Ke found out that this woman was the praised “Most Beautiful In the Cultivation Realm” Feng Luoling, whose cultivation has already reached Demigod Stage. She was plotted against in the Origin Realm and was forced to enter a forbidden area and almost died. Yan Lu was just so happen to be passing through and gave her a pill, then took her out of the forbidden area.


Shang Ke carefully sized up this Number One Beauty. Her appearance and temperament was really out of the ordinary, don’t tell him Yan Lu this guy who has abstained for a hundred years fell for her? Hmph, even if he did it’s useless. The other is a beautiful woman, it was impossible for her to like a certain senile someone.


“Many thanks for your help fellow cultivator.” Although Feng Luoling spoke of thanks, her eyes carried a trace of disdain and icy arrogance.


Yan Lu did not have any reaction while Shang Ke was unhappy. Although Yan Lu’s current cultivation wasn’t high, he still saved her. Even if Feng Luoling isn’t grateful, she actually dared to “disdain” him?


What, keep on disdaining him! If you have the ability to, spit back out the pill Yan Lu gave you then lie back down on the ground and spit blood.


Right at this moment, Feng Luoling’s sect has received her cry for her and hurried over. When they saw Yan Lu, they immediately labeled him as the perpetrator and attacked.


They really saved a damn dog.


What was even damning was that Yan Lu was attacked for half a day before Feng Luoling finally spoke, “This cultivator is not a bad person, everyone stop, don’t harm the innocent.


That presence that was free of any impurities has already dazed the group of ignorant men.


Shang Ke was angered: What the hell were you doing earlier!


Following that, a group of people neither cold or warmly apologized to Yan Lu then turned around and left with Feng Luoling.


They just left like that?


Yan Lu saved her! At least give him a token or make a promise, saying that you will repay it someday. Even if was just empty words, it was better than just walking away without saying anything!


It was very clear that they simply did not care about Yan Lu.


Shang Ke thought of how if it weren’t for him appearing out of thin air and changing Yan Lu’s fate, he would already be a formidable and renown Devil Lord of this generation. The entire cultivation world would be unwilling to be enemies with him. Nowadays, Yan Lu saved the other person’s life yet did not obtain the proper respect, he was even given the cold shoulder. These two types of situations were just so different that Shang Ke who knew the truth felt pained for him.


Yan Lu himself did not care. Toward insignificant people, he did not want to waste too much of his energy on them. However, if his bottom line was really touched, even if he dragged in innocent people as well, he would not let the other off.


【So Yan Lu, why did you save her?】 Shang Ke used his divine sense to interact with him. Through Yan Lu’s one hundred years of nourishment, his soul was much more compacted and capable of “spiritually interacting” with him.


Yan Lu fell silent for a moment, then slowly said two words. “Too free.”


Shang Ke: “……”


In fact, it was because that woman’s eyes resembled the phoenix eyes of Little Mushroom. However, after he saved her, he lost interest. Little Mushroom’s eyes were bright and lively, changing constantly while that woman didn’t have a speak of his appeal.


“A few days ago, I passed by God Perch Peak and noticed that the summit has a clear spring. Why don’t we go take a bath there?” Yan Lu suddenly proposed.


Shang Ke naturally did not have objections.


As such, Yan Lu headed for God Perch Peak with his Little Mushroom.


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