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Chapter 23: You Are My Faith (IV)


When that man who had been invaded by the devil qi returned to normal, everyone present was very amazed. The clergy ordered someone to bring him a bowl of holy water and had him drink it. This kind of holy water can detect whether or not there is devil qi within a person’s body, if there is only a bit, it can be directly dispelled. If there’s too much devil qi, then the person would be in acute pain.


However, holy water doesn’t have much effect on King level apostles.


The man drank the holy water, a refreshed expression on his face. The clergies all looked at each other, although there was some suspicions in their heart, they still declared that the devil qi in the man’s body was dispelled.


The man’s family were all crying in joy and gave many thanks to the clergies.


Clergies: Actually, they are very perplexed too….


Shang Ke’s body was stiff as he held back the urge to tremble. Absorbing the devil qi was like eating dark cooking, that kind of tart feeling was enough of an “aftertaste” for him for several days.


Kaiser pensively stared at Shang Ke. Did he see things wrongly? The devil qi on that man’s body seem to be flowing toward Shang Ke?


“Daddy?” Pupu sensed Shang Ke’s abnormal state and tugged on his hair a bit in confusion.


“It’s fine.” These two words were pretty much squeezed out through the gaps of Shang Ke’s teeth.


“Let’s go, there’s nothing to see now.” Youri ran over, each hand pushing someone as he pushed Kaiser and Shang Ke out.


Shang Ke staggered from his push and almost fell. Kaiser quickly helped him, a trace of confusion flashing through his eyes.


Vadula couldn’t help but quietly mock him, “As a man, his body is way too bad.”


Although she said it quietly, because they were close they all heard it.


Shang Ke stay silent, the hood hiding his face so they couldn’t see his expression. Kaiser and Youri also did not say much and left the light palace hall.


Shang Ke walked very slowly, the other three were already far ahead, but he still lagged behind swaying a bit. It was not that he didn’t want to walk fast, but the devil qi he had absorbed just now caused the originally peaceful devil qi in his body to once again start moving, “provoking” his willpower and body from time to time, causing him to be both sore and pained.


Shang Ke couldn’t help but once again thank the System for making him go through so much torment in the first world, allow him to forge such an ability against pain.


This really is a fact that made people couldn’t help but have tears flow in their heart.


At this moment, Shang Ke noticed a couple low ranking apostles that were wandering around them constantly. If it were ordinary people, Shang Ke would not be able to sense them, but the aura of low ranking apostles were conspicuous like will-o-wisps in the dark.


He was already unhappy, yet there were people coming to bother him.


The pressure of a King level apostle suddenly sprang out from Shang Ke’s body majestically. It was bitingly cold and threatening, to sum it up, it meant one thing: Scram!


Those low level apostles all shook, their expression terrified as they looked around but did not find the “Big Boss’s” trace. But they were quite clear that this are was already marked by the Big Boss and did not dare to linger, they turned directions and quickly disappeared within the crowd.


Kasier’s footsteps paused. Strange, he had obviously felt some people following them, but why were they all gone in the blink of an eye?


They all lost the mood to walk around so they returned to the inn after they bought everything they needed.


Teacher Gwyn smoothly got the reward money back and split it among his students. Shang Ke really did get a portion, although it was only thirty gold coins, it was enough for him to live for a period of time.


The next day, they set out for the imperial capital.


The situation from the day at the light palace left a question in Kaiser’s heart. So the entire way, Kaiser was especially mindful of Shang Ke’s every movement.


Very quickly, he gradually noticed some oddity. Shang Ke’s body could not be considered weak, but his physical strength was very low and would often reveal a weary appearance after walking for a while. This kind of physical strength was not even equal to normal people. But he does not look like he was ill or injured, his stature was also well proportioned and clear, so he obviously trained before. He just doesn’t know why, but his reactions and movements always appeared a bit delayed.


When he left aside those oddities, Shang Ke really was someone easy to get along with. He was gentle and clever, he merely dismissed Vadula’s occasionally mocking remarks with a smile.


After he secretly observed for a while, Kaiser was about to give up. Until today, when they incidentally met another person who was invaded by the devil qi. The questions in his heart was finally answered.


Shang Ke knelt by that person, placing his hand on him. Then he could see strands of devil qi slowly flowing into his body.


A trace of shock flashed through Kaiser’s eyes, but his face showed nothing. After all of the devil qi was sucked away, that man returned to normal. It was the same as what had happened in the light palace hall.


Kaiser had never knew that besides the power of faith that there would be another way to cure an invaded. And the price of that other way is to sacrifice oneself.


After Shang Ke finished absorbing the devil qi, his originally jet-black eyes turned into an even denser black, his complexion paled, but his lips were an exceptionally captivating red, giving him a devilish like sense of beauty.


He seem to have noticed Kaiser’s gaze as he pulled down his hood a little more, covering over half of his face, revealing only his captivating lips.


Kaiser’s pupil contracted, he finally knew why Shang Ke would become so weak that day, it was because he was bearing the pain of the devil qi for others.


Kaiser felt this was very crazy. As everyone knows, being invaded by devil qi not only brought pain, it was also a torment and test to one’s willpower and faith. If you were careless for the slight bit, then you would be swallowed by the darkness and become a slave to the Devil’s Tree. No one was willing to draw devil qi into their own body, because everyone have the own weak points and dark side. No one was able to guarantee they will be able to stand the pain and not be swayed at all.


However, Shang Ke had done so and had likely done it for a while.


Because Kaiser couldn’t sense the devil qi on his body, this meant only one thing. That the devil qi he had absorbed has already completely settled and reached King level.


Perhaps he was a devil apostle? Kaiser’s face slightly changed but immediately denied that thought. If he was really a devil apostle, then why would he secretly help other people dispel devil qi? Furthermore, after every time he saved someone, he would always be weak for a period. This clearly showed his willpower and the devil qi were in intense conflict.


The reason why Shang Ke’s physically strength was so bad was not because his body was bad, rather, it was because the great amounts of devil qi confined in his body. On the opposite, he had overwhelmingly strong willpower and firm faith an ordinary person could not image of.


Kaiser looked down at Pupu and once more confirmed his guess. Pupu had lived with Shang Ke and not only was she not polluted by any devil qi, on the opposite, she had very pure power of faith.


Any devil apostle would not leave a faithful believer by their side that could possibly injure them, even if it was a close family, there were no exceptions. Devil apostles, especially King level apostles, from the day they fall from grace, they already thoroughly abandon their conscience and emotions.


“Daddy.” Pupu looked at the weak Shang Ke and did not know how to express her worry, she cold only tightly tug his sleeve.


“I’m fine.” Shang Ke rubbed her head and smiled, “Here, feed daddy a small fruit.”


Pupu quickly took out a pearl sized wild fruit from her pocket, stood on her tiptoes and stretched out her arm in a great effort to put it into Shang Ke’s mouth.


Shang Ke slightly bent down and ate it, praising it, “Really sweet.”


Pupu immediately had a happy smile.


Kaiser’s gaze also became gentle at the scene. Soon after, he glimpsed Shang Ke’s slightly trembling finger and the sweat the flowed down to his jaw. His brows pursed and he quietly walked behind him, supporting his waist and quietly saying, “Sit down and take a rest.”


“Resting again?” Vadula resentfully said, “Because of him, we have already been delayed quite a bit.”


“Vadula, Shang Ke’s body isn’t good, taking care of him more is normal.” Youri answered.


“Taking care? Even I, a woman isn’t as delicate as him.” Vadula glared at Shang Ke with despise.


Duro and Fred also had some things to say about Shang Ke. Although his person was pretty good, his constitution was really too bad, he really did not resemble a man.


The grim beauty Amy did not say much, she merely deeply looked at Shang Ke.


“Let’s hurry, don’t delay the way because of me.” Shang Ke lead along Pupu and smiled at everyone.


The remaining two days, everyone once again met people who were invaded by the devil qi. There were degrees of seriousness, but with no exceptions, all of them were cured by Shang Ke.


For every person he cured, he became weaker.


Every time Kaiser thought he was going to collapse, he, like a miracle persevered on. Despite his trembling, he stayed strong. He unsteadily took each step and followed everyone behind unflinchingly.


Kaiser has never admired anyone before in this life, but Shang K’es tenacity really emotionally moved him.


“Ah, we’re finally back!” Vadula looked at the imperial capital, King City that was right before their eyes and cheered.


The other people also revealed a relieved smile.


Teacher Gwyn said to them, “You guys will come with me back to the school to sign in, then you guys will have a three day break.”




A couple of people high-spiritedly walked toward Light Ode College, meeting some of their felow classmates while the returned.


Shang Ke also followed them into the college. The original’s memory of this college was very deep, “his” most beautiful and most ugly experiences were all from this place.


“Shang Ke, you and Pupu can wait here in the garden for me for a minute. I’ll go sign in and be right back.” Kaiser told him and entered the school.


Shang Ke sat on a bench in the garden as he taught Pupu how to weave rope as they waited for Kaiser.


Right at this moment, a burst of of clamor came from not too far.


“Quick, it’s Lord Tylor!” A schoolgirl used an overly emotional voice to shout, “Ahhhhhh, he’s still so handsome!”


When Shang Ke heard the name “Tylor”, he raised his head and followed where all the gazes were gathered at. His eyes landed on a tall man who was walking with large strides toward the school. He had a head full of blond hair that was like the sun, and red eyes as if they blood moons. He wore a set of sturdy clothings and his physique was well-built, giving him a feeling of strength. His slender legs tread in black boots, wind blowed as he walked, causing his clothes to also fly with his movement.


This is a man that could become the focus of attention anywhere.


Tylor stared fixedly on Shang Ke as he passed by, a strong burst of wind blew by, raising his hood and black hair outside.


Shang Ke noticed that on the palm of his right hand, was shockingly a mole.

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