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Chapter 17: I Have Always Been Here    


When the Scarlet Clouds Sword was given to Mu Chen, the matter had caused huge sensations throughout the immortal realm. They all felt that giving divine tool to a pill cultivator is an absolutely dreadful thing, it simply cannot show it’s value. Ji Qingyuan naturally heard of this before, no one believed that Mu Chen could show the true power of this sword, but reality? His swordplay was sharp, and his moves were firm, only those who have personally fought against Mu Chen would be able to feel that fierceness.


Ji Qingyuan suddenly thought of Mu Chen and Yu Tianyi’s “relationship” and he was secretly fearful. Perhaps Yu Tianyi wanted to probe himself? He suppressed the killing intent in his eyes and started to speak on the spot, “This one does not know where Ten Thousand Sword Sect has offended Elder Mu, is this your Lofty Cloudy Sect’s way of greeting guests?!”


Mu Chen asked in return, “The one I’m beating is you, what does it have to do with the sect? Get over here, continue!”


This attitude provoked Ji Qingyuan’s anger even more and incited his desire to kill. Talen that made people hate out of jealousy, opportunity that people seeked but couldn’t obtain, and an identity of that people couldn’t hope to reach. He had none of these! He carefully observed people to get information, making plans step by step and even compromised to crawl his way to now. However, the event this time might change everything, so he hated, he hated Yu Tianyi, and he also started to hate Mu Chen. He hated anyone that had more than him!


Mu Chen looked at him with cold eyes. He knew what the other wanted, and his kick from before broke down the other’s false mask. He has to say, the true Ji Qingyuan is really disgusting.


He lightly waved the sword in his hand and looked down indifferently at the person below his feet, not disturbed in the least. Next, the hatred he had for this thing for sneak attacking his disciple, this two-face thing, if he directly kills him then he could prevent him from returning back to cause trouble again.


Right at this moment, the magic spell boundary suddenly swayed and the mist faded away along with the spell. Mu Chen stopped in midair and heard a crisp child voice added with spiritual power shouting, “Stop!”


Mu Chen’s hand stopped and turned around in surprise to look at the people that came. Gu Yunjue sat on Chu Qianshuang’s shoulders, his hand holding a spirit stone he had taken out of the spell, glaring at him.


How could this kind of trash be dealt with personally by Master? What if he dirties his hand? His little Master should stay by his side, doing things he liked everyday. As for killing, he can leave it to him.


He jumped off from Chu Qianshuang’s shoulders and ran over two steps. Such a small child wearing a smile, ever since he spoke, the entire surroundings became quiet. Everyone’s sight was on him, like some kind of mystical aura was on him. It was an innate intimating aura, or in other words, the pressuring might of a leader.


Ignoring all the other people’s startled, sighing, or probing gaze, Gu Yunjue’s mouth quirked up and he walked toward Mu Chen. The moonlight pulled his shadow longer, giving Mu Chen a misconception for a moment that disciple of his that could control the three realms with just his hands, was hidden in this little guy’s shadow. That he was always there.


Finally, Gu Yunjue was standing under Mu Chen and he raised his hands to him, his tone gentle as he coaxed him, “Master, come down.”


Mu Chen suddenly felt that there was nothing as attracting as the small hands below.


His disciple was still here, he was right here.


A battle was interrupted by a single line from Gu Yunjue. Ji Qingyuan’s face was ashen, he could only glare as Mu Chen withdrew. If he dared to do something against Mu Chen on Lofty Cloudy Sect’s territory, forget Lofty Cloudy Sect, even Yu Tianyi likely wouldn’t agree. The only thing he could do now was to break his fangs and swallow it down. The hatred he couldn’t suppress casted a dull grey on his handsome face. The slight twitching of his face and malice publicly  declared that he was not resigned to this. They had to visit Lofty Cloudy Sect tomorrow and ask Mu Chen to treat Elder Xing Xuan. This meant that he still had to stretch out his face for him to beat it again! How could he bear this anger?!


Ji Qingyuan then thought of the timing Yu Tianyi used to have him come here and get involved with Mu Chen who he never met and had no reason to fight against. Ji Qingyuan’s mind was deep and calculating, he naturally over thought it. Perhaps Yu Tianyi sensed his deeds and wanted to use Mu Chen to kill him?


He had lived under Yu Tianyu’s famous reputation for these past hundreds of years. He was good at observation and establishing social relations. Fifty years ago, he had planned the death of Yu Tianyi’s sole disciple borrowing the devil realm and finally obtained the opportunity to be in charged of Ten Thousand Sword Sect. If the other knows that he was the one that harmed his disciple… Ji Qingyuan felt a flicker of fear at this moment.


Right at this moment, Gu Yunjue’s finger hooked and some devil qi queitly attached to Ji Qingyuan’s body. It was like laying down a devil seed, as long as it has enough nutrients, then it will break through its shell and grow. He believed that someone like Ji Qingyuan did not lack the potential to enter into devil cultivation. For Master to kill him now would no doubt attract trouble to himself, nor would Ten Thousand Sword Sect allow it to happen. His little Master was too kind, sometimes killing someone did not need to be done through their own hands. When you want to take revenge, sometimes killing the other is the kindest way of handling it. Therefore, he can just leave these kinds of matters for him to deal with.


Mu Chen naturally did not know what his clever little disciple was doing under everyone’s noses. He was still feeling regretful that he couldn’t kill people in front of his little disciple, he can’t chop down Ji Qingyuan. He felt very sullen about it.


He floated down to Gu Yunjue, his black hair floating freely and drawing an arc since he wasn’t wearing a crest. Mu Chen lowered his head and held Gu Yunjue’s hand. He did not speak, nor did he hold any desire to explain, he merely raised his feet and walked away.


Ji Qingyuan used his sword to stop the two, coldly smiling, “Elder Mu comes as you please, and leaves as you please, did you come here just to humiliate this one?”


Mu Chen nodded, “Yes.”


“Pfft!” A small number of the watching standings that stayed behind had exactly spiritual power and did not fear getting injured. They immediately felt things were interesting when they heard Mu Chen’s honesty. A young man in a magnificent purple robe who sat in the teahouse across from them directly laughed out loud. With a handsome face, thin lips and peach blossom eyes, his eyes curved. Gu Yunjue raised his head to give the man a glance and saw him wave at him and spoke using a coquettish voice, “Your Master is very interesting. Watch over him, don’t lose him.”


Gu Yunjue held Mu Chen’s hand like he didn’t hear him. The master and disciple pair left like they were just taking a walk. His small back was indescribably calm.


Ji Qingyuan watched Mu Chen’s departing figure, silently standing there with his eyes as deep as the night sky. The three youngsters that were comparably keen toward other people’s good and evil intentions were very eager to give it a try. If the three of them fight together, perhaps they can fight him evenly.


The three glanced at each other, should they beat him?


Jing Ting and Chu Qianshuang’s hands were already on their sword hilts: Let’s beat him!


Jing Ming took off the bone pendant from his bamboo flute and pushed it into the groove on the back. The flute buzzed and turned snow white, if one carefully listened to the buzzing sound, it would make the listener feel agitated and impatient.


Right at this moment, a cold wind suddenly came from behind their heads and the three felt something bad was going to happen and immediately ran away in mutual understanding.


Yue Mingze clenched his teeth as he landed, angrily stomping the ground. With a wave of his sleeve, he caught the three trouble causing brats and patted Jing Ming flying: Why did they have to tell Martial Uncle about that letter! If they didn’t tell him then this wouldn’t have happened tonight!


He then raised his hand to smack Chu Qianshuang flying: Why are you out so late! Why didn’t you hug your fellow disciple and sleep!


Finally, he looked at the cold-faced Jing Ting, and also swatted him flying: Scaring people everyday with that cold face of yours, can you cause less troubles for your juniors!


He didn’t know who he was pretending those three were, but after swatting all three flying once, he felt much better. Sect Master Yue still has to deal with this mess. He cupped his hands and said with a reserved face, “It looks like this place cannot be lived in. This friend has come from far, and is an important guest, if there’s some kind of misunderstanding, let’s take it to Lofty Cloudy Sect first.”


Those words no doubt gave Ji Qingyuan some face, for a sect master to personally come out and welcome him, if he didn’t go then he would be the one to fail to appreciate favors. But Mu Chen’s appearance then, how was that some kind of misunderstanding?


Being “invited” into Lofty Cloudy Sect, Ji Qingyuan’s face still did not return to normal. Once he thought of how he still had to report today’s event back to Yu Tianyi, he hated Mu Chen even more. A thought suddenly rose in his mind, his hatred could only be settled if he killed Yu Tianyi and Mu Chen.


He himself did not know that a black devil qi flashed through his eyes. Carrying a faint bloody color, it quietly entered his meridians and followed his spiritual qi all over to land in his dantian, sleeping quietly.


Gu Yunjue who followed Mu Chen back to Yanyang Palace seem to have sensed something and his lips rose, his mood great.


Mu Chen unhappily jabbed his forehead, coldly educating him, “Go to sleep, or you won’t grow.”


Gu Yunjue raised an eyebrow and raised a finger to jab at Mu Chen’s waist. While he jabbed, he asked, “Master, that person that caused you to even throw aside your disciple, do you have hatred with him?”


Mu Chen sighed and nodded. He has a great hatred with him, he used a sword and stabbed you before and even stole all of this one’s money that was left for you to find a wife. He once again threw Gu Yunjue onto the bed and Mu Chen fell down on the bed. Looking at Gu Yunjue’s steamed bun face, his mood once again rose. He pinched Gu Yunjue’s cheeks and Mu Chen worriedly educated, “If someone bullies you in the future, remember to viciously fight back and completely destroy them so that problems won’t come back in the future.” Mu Chen’s tone was quite regretful, he really wanted to hack Ji Qingyuan to death tonight, but was disturbed by this child. Seeing blood now was a bit early.


Gu Yunjue took off his clothes until only a thin inner robe was left. He happily narrowed his eyes and threw himself into Mu Chen’s body and snuggled in, taking the chance to use Mu Chen’s belly as a pillow. He appeared naive as he asked, “If I can’t defeat them?”


Mu Chen rubbed Gu Yunjue’s little head, humphing. “If you can’t win, then come back and find Master.”


Gu Yunjue happily turned over, lying on his Mu Chen’s body as he propped his chin up and asked with a large smile, “If Master also can’t beat them?”


Mu Chen did not even think about it and continued, “Then run, for a nobleman to take revenge, it is never too late.


Master and disciple talked a bit more until GU Yunjue fell asleep lying on his chest. Mu Chen sighed and held the other, pulling up the blankets as he quietly looked at his sleeping disciple. His heart became more and more tranquil. His little disciple was still here, and was cute and sensible, this gave him a peace of mind. Suddenly, he lost interest in cultivating tonight, Mu Chen lied down on his side, watching Gu Yunjue and gradually closed his eyes.


Without any mishap, Gu Yunjue once again got up at midnight…

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