after-exchanging-shadowsAfter Exchanging Shadows


Author: Lord Sola (君sola)

Status: 73+ (Ongoing)


Ruan Yesheng was an out-of-date star; while Xi Mo, who had risen to fame within the same period, was now like the Goddess of the people.

That was the case, until a horrifying attack which happened without warning, occurred at the conference.

You who have admired that one person so greatly, until one day, you became her.

– After a time spent being shocked, Ruan Yesheng was secretly happy for the next three days.

You who would hate that one person so severely, until one day, in which you became her.

– Xi Mo only felt the urge to kill.

Tags: Yuri, Modern, Comedy

Table of Content

Chapter 1: This Elite, Cold Goddess Look Is Still There
Chapter 2: Take a Look and See if She’s Disfigured
Chapter 3: Skill is Excellent, But The Heart is Feverish
Chapter 4: Ruan Yesheng Has Successfully Entered And Reached The Apex Of Xi Mo’s Blacklist
Chapter 5: Do You Want To Come Over?
Chapter 6: The Things You Shouldn’t Look At, You Should Just Not Look
Chapter 7: I Think You’re Pretty Thin
Chapter 8: What I Am Looking At Is My Body, There Is No Problem
Chapter 9:
Chapter 10:
Chapter 11:



14 thoughts on “After Exchanging Shadows

      • dTYME says:

        Let say the one in Black is Xi Mo… does that mean that it’s actually is Ruan Yesheng Body…

        I can’t stop laughing… at the idea (based on the Cover Page):

        Xi Mo (actually Ruan Yesheng) who like to mess around Ruan Yesheng
        Ruan Yesheng (actually Xi Mo) try to reject Xi Mo

        wonder what the headline will be?

        The nation’s goddess, Xi Mo, is … … … … … … with Ruan Yesheng…


  1. Reyreyrey says:

    Can’t wait for the next chapter T♥T
    Always check this everyday.
    Thank you for translating this Snow ❤ Love you ;*
    More power!


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