[DN] Volume 2 – Chapters 2-5

I don’t like doing this, but editors are dead and I gotta let people know anyway.

Chapters 2 to 5 are up, but they are unedited. I will continue to post unedited chapters without making posts for NU to pick up after this time.

Once they are edited I will edit the pages, but otherwise, I can only do what I can do.

Which is ninja posting 😀

Chapter 2: Cause of Death
Chapter 3: Frankenstein
Chapter 4: Catherine
Chapter 5: First Experience of the Lifetime


4 thoughts on “[DN] Volume 2 – Chapters 2-5

  1. zatroxpl says:

    yyy, these chapters are on NU so you probably failed. (from what i understand you didn’t want for them to appear for now cause they are unedited, right?)


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