[TA] Chapter 59: When I was sleeping, you kissed me.

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[TA] Chapter 58: From now on, you are no longer a disciple of Qi Fengge.

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[TA] Chapter 57: Since when does an outsider have the right to humiliate the disciples of Mount Xuandu?

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[TA] Chapter 56: Shen Qiao could only think of one way.

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[TA] Chapter 55: I hope you take care of yourself on your way to the other world.

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[TA] Chapter 54: I got him!

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[TA] Chapter 53: Today will be your death day.

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[TA] Chapter 52: I’m still me.

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[TA] Chapter 51: Are you happy that Yan Wushi’s time of death is close?

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[TA] Chapter 50: But for him, it was an arduous journey of half a lifetime.

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