[RAMLRW] Chapter 46: I Can’t Keep Letting An Yize Kiss Me Repeatedly!

How’s after holidays everyone~! I’m personally dead in body but high in spirits. (Played ninja fruits Wii version with my nephew too much plus walked around NY… I thought I just had to handle sore legs and booty, but got to add in arms) Them younglings too OP in energy (The other one didn’t play, but Read More

[RAMLRW] Chapter 45: You Really Don’t Have Much Experience Gifting A Birthday Present To A Man!

Happy Monday~ This chapter is a bit shorter than usual but enjoy it nonetheless. I’m in physical pain… clearing through 10 years of junk. Do dust and clean stuff once in a while /o/ Don’t be like my family…. 10 years of hoarding is a scary amount of stuff… rip nose & muscles Chapter here Translator: Read More