[RAMLRW] Chapter 69: The One Who Will Be With Me For The Second Half Of My Life Will Only Be Jian Jian And No One Else

Respect for An Yize +1 Mother An +1 Diabetes of Sweetness overload +1 Stories like these are why I dun wanna get married…. because it’s too hard to find such a nice relationship in the first place \o/ and I’m a hermit. Single (forever) +1 Chapter here Translator: Resonance Editor: element.number.three 17+ Read More

[RAMLRW] Chapter 64: Don’t Be Angry, Don’t Be Angry! My Love For You Can Be Testified By Heaven And Earth, You Must Believe In Me!

Warning: If you are eating or drinking something, beware of choking hazard…. Who am I kidding, the chance of spitting out your drink and choking on food is always 10x higher in this than anything. element just graduated ayeee Chapter here Editor: element.number.three 10+ Read More