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Side Story 6: Visiting New In-Laws (6)

Su Jie didn’t know what kind of expression he had on. However, he knew that his whole body was stiff. His heart stopped for a moment before it started pounding strongly.

Su Jian’s voice wasn’t loud. In addition, it was slightly unclear since he was drunk. However, this sentence of his sent a huge torrent through Su Jie’s heart.

This room belonged to his dead brother. The box belonged to his brother who used it to store the things he liked. The box was always hidden by his brother under the bed.

“I’m the one who placed it there. Of course I know.”

Su Jie stared hard at the person beside him. Do you realize what you just said?

Su Jie slowly lowered his body. He spoke in a light, trembling voice, “Brother?”

“Hm?” Su Jian answered lightly.

“Brother?!” Su Jie’s face was full of shock.

“What?” Su Jian looked at him dazedly with a scrunched up face and said, “Be good and pour brother a cup of water…”

Although the voice was finer and gentler, the content of the sentence and the tone was all too familiar to Su Jie! In the past, whenever my brother played games and was too lazy to get up, he would often ask me to pour him a cup of water!

Su Jie grabbed Su Jian’s shoulder excitedly and asked, “You’re really my brother?”

When he first met Su Jian, he didn’t think much about it. However, as he interacted more and more with Su Jian, he slowly realized that Su Jian had many of the same habits his brother had. Even their temperaments were similar. Additionally, Su Jian and his brother had the same name and were involved in the same traffic accident. Su Jie couldn’t help but feel something was off. Initially, he hadn’t thought of the possibility of a rebirth. After all, the idea of rebirth was too bizarre and the Su Jian now was a female. However, he was chatting with An Yirou one day and she happened to bring up about her recent favorite novel about a guy reborn into a girl. He couldn’t help but start having thinking about this absurd. He knew that such a conjecture was absurd. However, as he tried his best to get closer to Su Jian and understood Su Jian more and more, reality was telling him over and over that his conjecture might just be true…

And today, this surreal yet pleasant surprise landed right in his lap.

Of course, Su Jian didn’t know about the turmoil in his younger brother’s heart. Hearing Su Jie’s words, Su Jian raised his hand and smacked Su Jie’s head. However, it lacked strength and felt more like a pat. He said, “You brat. You can’t even recognize your own brother? I’ve doted on you all these years in vain…”

Su Jie held Su Jian’s hand, feeling very excited in his heart. However, he didn’t dare to believe just yet. He said, “Yes, you always doted on me. Since young, you’ve always gave me pain[1]. Brother, do you still remember? In the past, although it was your fault, you always made me take your punishment and I had to be hit instead.”

Seeing Su Jian stay silent, Su Jie smiled. Lowering his body, he looked at Su Jian’s face and didn’t let him hide. He said, “Brother, my leg has a mole. Do you still remember where it is?”

Su Jian looked at him dazedly. It took him a long while before he understood what Su Jie had asked. Then, he furrowed his brows and muttered, “Your mole is clearly on your butt…”

Su Jie’s heart clenched, then it relaxed. He leaned forward and hugged Su Jian. With a slightly trembling voice, he said, “Brother, it’s really you!”


When Su Jian woke up, he was still a little dazed. Thus, when he saw Su Jie sleeping beside him, he lamented instinctively: My brother is so handsome. As expected of someone who has the same blood as me!

However, his head quickly cleared up and was shocked: Why was I sleeping with Su Jie on the same bed?

As much as they had slept together sometimes when they were brothers, he was now a female. Waking up and finding myself in my own brother’s tight embrace is very horrifying okay?

Their current relationship is brother and sister and it’s precisely the brother and sister relationship that makes it strange! They are both adults. Even if he was Su Jie’s biological sister, they couldn’t sleep like this, not to mention a godsister like him!

Su Jian roughly remembered himself getting drunk last night during the gathering. Then, he somewhat remembering being brought home by Su Jie. However, he couldn’t remember the exact details.

The drunk sister who was supposed to be sent back to the An family was instead brought to the younger brother’s home and spent a night together… Although it seemed like nothing extremely terrible happened between them, the current situation is terrible enough.

This intimate sleeping position doesn’t lose one bit to how he slept with uncle An…

Su Jian felt extremely perplexed as he looked at his younger brother’s handsome face. He’d never expect himself to experience a nonsensical plot in a nonsensical novel! Just what did his brother see in him, how can he bear this! Xiao Rou, I’ve done you wrong!

“Morning.” As Su Jian was lost in thoughts, Su Jie’s low and gentle voice sounded in his ears.

Su Jian quickly pushed him away. Feeling perplexed, he said, “Ah Jie, we won’t have an ending.”

Su Jie was stunned.

After Su Jian was drunk and revealed the truth last night, Su Jie had been very happy to find his brother again. Because of his excitement plus his worry for Su Jian who may be unwell due to being drunk, Su Jie decided to stay with his brother. However, he didn’t expect his brother’s sleeping posture to be as bad as before even though he was now a female. He kicked the blanket and kicked people, sleeping in a mess. In order to prevent Su Jian from falling off the bed, Su Jie decided to lock his brother in his embrace. Since he has already found out that Su Jian was his own brother, he felt that this much of intimacy was fine. They were both males anyway. Unexpectedly, his brother woke up shocked. And looking at his expression, he seemed to have forgotten everything that happened last night.

Su Jie’s eyes flashed and he slowly said, “I know that we won’t have an ending. You have a husband and I have a girlfriend. However, I just can’t control myself.”

Looking at his brother’s pained and affectionate face, Su Jian was stupefied.

Su Jie’s low and sad voice continued, “For some reason, I feel an attraction from the soul whenever I see you. It’s as if we were once very, very close.”

Bro, we were indeed close, but that’s because we are siblings! Su Jian was screaming in his heart.

“Only after seeing you was the emptiness in my heart filled.” Su Jie suddenly flipped over and pressed Su Jian down below him. Slowly lowering his body, he said, “I’ve never wanted to treat you as a sister…”

“Stop! You can’t do this!” Su Jian felt like dying. Why is the script bad as well!

“Why?” Su Jian’s face was filled with despair.

“Because… Because I already have a husband and a baby!” Su Jian raised his hand to block Su Jie’s mouth.

Su Jie raised his hand to removed Su Jian’s hand and said, “I don’t care.”

Su Jian asked with a crying face, “Then what do you care about?”

Su Jie: “…I don’t care about anything. I only care about you.”

Su Jian’s heart was in a conflict. Seeing Su Jie coming closer and closer, he clenched his teeth. He finally couldn’t help but shout out, “You brat, I’m your brother!”

Su Jie’s body stopped moving and he asked, “What did you say?”

The moment he said it, Su Jian knew he couldn’t hide the truth anymore. Fortunately, the person before him is his brother so Su Jian wasn’t so worried. He said frankly, “Ah Jie, I’m really your brother Su Jian. Your biological brother. I know that you might not believe me, but this is the truth. I can’t help it. I didn’t die, but when I woke up, I’m already like this. I became the other Su Jian.”

Su Jie’s expression slowly became serene and e asked, “This is too absurd. How can I believe that you’re my brother?”

Su Jian thought for a moment and asked, “Do you still remember? When you were ten, I brought you to the amusement park to play and you got yourself lost.”

Su Jie thought for a moment and said with a puzzled expression, “If I remember correctly, it was you who went to buy some sugar artwork and left me alone.”

Su Jian lightly coughed and said, “Then, do you remember that there was once when father and mother argued? They argued to the point that they said they wanted to divorce. Then, mother came to ask us who we wanted to follow.”

Su Jie nodded his head and his eyes looked gentler.

Su Jian looked at him and said with a smile, “I still remember that I was very angry then. So I said, “You guys can divorce, I won’t follow either of you. I only want my brother. I will raise him up well.””


“Brother,” Su Jie called softly, “You’re really my brother.”

Su Jian had a satisfied look as he said, “Ah, this sounds much better than ‘sister’!

Su Jie asked, “Just what is going on?”

Su Jian sighed, “I don’t know either. I was already like this when I woke up.”

“Then what is with you and sister-in-law, I mean, An Yize?” Knowing that Su Jian is his brother, Su Jie found it harder to accept Su Jian and An Yize’s relationship. Although Su Jian was now a girl, he married a guy and had a kid so quickly. Su Jie felt amazed. A blasphemous thought quietly surfaced in his heart: Don’t tell me his brother has never been straight?

Su Jian didn’t catch it at first. It was only after he saw Su Jie studying him doubtfully that he understood. He punched Su Jie immediately and exclaimed, “It’s not what you think, I’ve always liked girls!”

Seeing Su Jie still looking a little doubtful, Su Jian sighed, “When I woke up in the hospital, I realized that I’d already became a woman. I was very shocked too. Your brother-in-law saw that I was handsome, oh, I mean pretty, so he forced me to marry! I wouldn’t agree even if I died. Unfortunately, he is very rich so I couldn’t fight against him at all! Since then, my life has been a torture. Every day, my tears is enough for me to wash my face and life is desolate…”

In the past, his brother had made him the scapegoat by speaking so passionately before their parents. Now that he was doing so with a cute face and a softer voice but with the same similar way of speaking, Su Jie felt that something was out of place.

“Then why didn’t you come back to find us?” Su Jie asked with a displeased face.

Su Jian continued his passionate acting, “Because your ruthless brother-in-law said that he would break my leg if I tried to escape!”

Su Jie asked, “Wasn’t your leg injured because of the accident?”

Su Jian choked, then continued, “That’s right. My leg was already broken, but he threatened to break the other. Look at how cruel he is! Fortunately, I’m tenacious and tough. I never yielded and fought hard against this cruel fate! But at that time, I realized that I have his child…”

Su Jie’s eyes swept past Su Jian’s belly unconsciously. Although the person before him was already a typical girl, Su Jie still felt an indescribable sense of amazement thinking about the fact that his own brother had given birth. He couldn’t help but ask, “Brother, is it really painful to give birth?”

Su Jian: “……”

Seeing Su Jian glaring at himself angrily, Su Jie couldn’t help but laugh. Unable to suppress his curiosity, Su Jie stretched out his fingers and gave Su Jian’s white and tender face a poke.

Su Jian looked at him in bewilderment and asked, “What are you doing?”

His rough brother had actually became such a soft and cute girl. Su Jie still felt that this seemed like a dream. However, he asked with a serious face, “Brother, just what is going on? Since you’re alive, why didn’t you come back? Did you know how sad father, mother and I were?”

Su Jian felt guilty. He said, “Sorry, I was confused then. This matter is really too strange and my identity was sort of special. I was also injured then, so I didn’t contact you guys immediately.”

Su Jian told everything in detail to Su Jie. He told Su Jie how he woke up and found himself as An Yize’s wife due to a contract and his plan to reunite with his parents when the contract end. However, he and An Yize eventual had feelings for each other and even given birth to a child. After he finished, he looked at Su Jie and said softly, “Initially, I didn’t want An Yize to find out and others to think that I’m an alien. After all, there was too many coincidences. Based on his intelligence, he might be able to sense something. We were only going to be together for one year anyway. After one year, we would cut all ties. However, we didn’t expect ourselves to really fall in love…”

“Hence, you were worried that he wouldn’t accept you after knowing that you are a guy?” Su Jie asked after he understood.

“Yes.” Su Jian nodded his head obediently. He understood that he faced many struggles before he could open his heart to An Yize, one of it being a bizarre factor of him turning into a woman. If An Yize knew that he actually liked a guy, he might not be able to accept the fact. If it was in the past, Su Jian couldn’t care less. But now, Su Jian can’t not care. “Sorry. I know that I’m selfish. However, I can’t make any rash moves. I need to think of a perfect plan.”

“Brother, you’re not wrong.” Su Jie patted him and said, “This matter is indeed strange. It’s naturally fine for us, but it might not be acceptable for others. What’s matter, it’s not a matter involving you alone, it involves a few families. You’re right to be careful. To be honest, if you told us from the start, we wouldn’t be able to control our concern for you even we know that we have to be careful. If that happens, the people around might notice something just like you said.”

Su Jian smiled and said, “Fortunately, the problem is solved now!”

“Yep!” Seeing Su Jian smiling brightly with a loli face, Su Jian suddenly felt like playing an evil joke. He said, “Brother, there’s actually a better method. You will be able to stay with us openly without worrying about others knowing your secret.”

Su Jian asked doubtfully, “What method?”

Su Jie replied with a serious look, “Marry me.”

Su Jian was stunned.

Su Jie continued seriously, “Look, you are a female now. You will have to marry eventually. You might not be able to accept marrying others, but you can rest assured when you marry me. I will definitely treat you well and won’t expose your secret. You can call father and mother openly and we can stay together happily as a family. Your current body is not related to mine by blood, so you don’t have to be concerned.”

Seeing Su Jian’s stunned look, Su Jie found it funny in his heart. However, he continued looking serious as he said, “Also, brother now looks better than before. I won’t dislike you.”

“Su, Xiao, Jie!” Su Jian could not bear it any longer. Pouncing onto Su Jie, he started punching him. “You brat, how dare you play such a joke on your brother! I’ll punch you to death!”

Su Jie couldn’t hold it back any longer and burst out into laughter. The two brothers brawled as they did in the past. However, now that there was a great disparity in their strength, Su Jian was soon pinned down under his younger brother.

Su Jie lowered his head to look at the two soft plump mounds caught between the two of them and lamented faintly, “Brother, these breasts of yours…”

Su Jian lowered his eyes and glanced at his own breast. Then, he held it up and said proudly, “Pretty big aren’t they?”

Su Jie: “……”

Su Jian continued boasting, “From the top to the bottom of my body, what I like the most are my breasts!”

He had yet to finish his words when Su Jie suddenly hugged him.

Su Jian was startled.

Su Jie said in satisfaction, “Brother, it’s great to see you back!”

Su Jian smiled and hugged him back, lightly patting him on the back.

Su Jie asked by his ears, “Brother, does An Yize treat you well?”

Su Jian lightly replied with a “Yes”.

“Then, do you intend to tell him the truth?”

Su Jian’s eyes slightly darkened. After a moment of silence, he shook his head and said, “Maybe not.” It wasn’t that he lacked courage. He was just unwilling to take the risk because he can’t afford to lose.

“It’s okay. It’s not so bad this way. A few secrets between husband and wife isn’t much.” Su Jie comforted, “However, we are brothers. Biological brothers. Therefore, you can talk to me if there’s anything wrong. Su Jie lifted himself up. Looking at the person below him, he said, “Brother, I’ve grown up. I will protect you.”

Although Su Jian have so much to curse about when he heard Su Jie’s words, he had to admit that he was very moved.

He was not done feeling moved when Su Jie continued, “When I was young, I was very envious of kids who had a sister. I had thought that it would be great if I also had a gentle and pretty sister. I didn’t expect my wish to really come true. There really are miracles in the world!”

Su Jian: “……”


[1]疼 – 疼 can mean ‘pain’ or ‘dote’. Su Jie is making a pun.

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