The Shameless Prince

A long, long time ago, there was a very small yet beautiful country. The King of the country was kind and the Queen of the country was beautiful. However, there was one problem that plagued them. That problem was that they did not have any children.

The Queen prayed every day to God until God finally answered her one day.

God said to her, “O beautiful daughter, what was the King like when you first met him?”

The Queen answered, “We were both very young back then. His expression actually contained dread the first time he saw me.”

God asked again, “What was he like when you fell in love with him?”

The Queen answered, “At that time, he was already the King. He was an extremely busy man since he was managing the affairs of the country everyday.” 

Then God finally asked her, “Then what was he like on the night of your wedding?”

The Queen blushed. “Umm…. How shall I put it? It was a bit of a shame….”

God then said to her, “Fine. You will have three children. However, they will not be perfect. Will you still love them even with those imperfections?””

The Queen would undoubtedly love her children. She thanked God, and then promptly told her husband the good news.

It was not long after that the Queen was able to successfully give birth to triplets. She had given birth to three extremely healthy princes. The King and Queen were both exuberant, and they watched as their children grew up over time.

However, the people within the palace soon noticed that something was not quite right. The Queen remembered what God had told her before. Those words were now being reflected through the three princes.

The eldest prince was named Breiv. He was strong and dashing, and exceedingly brave. He was always disregarding danger and doing things that would horrify others. He was a man who knew of no fear.

The second prince was named Svenk. His strengths relied on the fact that he was a hardworking person who did not shy away from fatigue. The King and Queen occasionally worried themselves about Svenk getting sick from overworking himself. He was a man who knew of no hardship.

However, the youngest prince whose name was Shaym, was a bit of a special case. While he was just as handsome as his brothers, the one thing that worried others about him from an early age was that he knew of no shame at all.

He never had a sense of honor. He could casually be seen naked. He could also be passionately expressing his affection towards everyone. Whenever other people told him that it was inappropriate, he would ponder about it in his head. However, even after pondering about it, he still could not understand why he should feel shameful. No matter how much he was educated about it, the King and Queen were still helpless in changing the mindset of their youngest son. In the end, the only thing that they could do was threaten him by telling him, “If you do not do as we say, then we will be angry. Even if you do not understand why, the only choice you have is to obey”.

Their threats worked. From that point on, the youngest prince knew that he needed to put on clothes. He also knew not to strip other people’s clothes off of them.

The years went by. The three princes reached seventeen years of age. It was on their seventeenth birthday that the King held a massive celebration.

The castle was filled with joyful music and the streets were scattered with flower petals. People crowded in front of the palace square and saw the gallant King with the charming Queen. Following that, the three young and handsome princes appeared.

On the day of the celebration, the princes had to deliver a public speech and tell the people how much they loved their country. The celebrations progressed smoothly. The three princes were all very obedient. At last, they stood in succession on the terrace, ready to speak to the people.

Breiv, who knew of no fear, said, “I love this country, as much as I love my sword. My sword aids me, and I will never let the sword become shattered”.

Svenk, who knew of no hardship, said, “I love this country, as much as I love books, luggage, roads, plants and fields. My soul belongs to you, and I grant this life to you all”.

It finally reached Shaym, who knew of no shame. He walked up and said with a dazzling smile on his face, “I love my country, as much as I love my □□□□”.

This comment led to public outcry. The King and Queen almost lost their footing. Both of Shaym’s brothers looked at him in shock.

He had just said the name of a certain organ only possessed by males aloud in such a liberal manner.

After the celebration, the King was furious. He ordered Prince Shaym to think over what he had done inside his room. He then summoned many scholars and wise men from all over the country to discuss about how they can educate Prince Shaym.

“Your highness, you absolutely must not penalize him,” said a Great Wise Man, “You must have heard of the story about the princess and salt before. A king asked his three daughters how much they loved him. The eldest daughter said ‘I love you as much as sugar’. The second oldest daughter said, ‘I love you as much as honey’. However, the youngest said, ‘I love you as much as salt’. The King believed that salt was cheap and ordinary. Thus, in a bout of fury, he sent the youngest daughter to exile. It was many years later when the kind youngest daughter married the neighboring king. She invited her father to the wedding, but purposefully gave him food without salt in it.…”

The King embraced the Queen. His whole body was trembling in horror. “I understand now. If I were to penalize Shaym because of this, then Shaym will cut off my □□□□ in the future…?”

The Great Wise Man secretly thought that the logic behind the story was not that brutishly straightforward, but the basis was not wrong. He gravely nodded.

The King thought and thought about it, becoming more and more distressed. He could not let Prince Shyam roam around free nor could he treat him too harshly. What should he do? If this type of behavior were to continue, then Prince Shaym may not even find himself a princess!

The Great Wise Man thought of an idea. “The three princes are all young and strong. How about letting them go on an expedition with their weapons and luggage? Usually when princes travel around, they often come across a few princesses or maidens that need rescuing. Then, the rescued princesses will naturally be willing to marry them! You can also use this as an opportunity to train them and make them into even finer princes.”

The King agreed. On the second day, he called the three princes over and had them go on an adventure into distant lands. He told them to save the weak and punish the evil to the best of their abilities. The three princes were all willing to do this. They soon packed up their luggage and left the castle.

Not long after, the princes heard rumors of an evil sorcerer living inside a tall tower within the woods. Inside the tower, there was a princess from a neighboring country imprisoned. She was the most beautiful girl beneath the entire sky. The sorcerer had threatened her country by saying that if they did not offer their princess to him, then he would snatch away all the girls from within the country. The princess had a kind heart, so she willingly walked into the depths of the woods.

Breiv, who knew of no fear, said, “We should rescue the princess. We are three people, so we can definitely defeat the sorcerer.”

Svenk, who knew of no hardship, gave his glasses a nudge. “I didn’t sleep at all last night. I went to get insider information about the sorcerer. According to rumors, we must obtain three treasures in order to defeat him. Without the three treasures, he will not surrender.”

“No matter what the treasures are, we shall obtain them,” said Shaym, who knew of no shame.

Just like that, the three princes walked into the woods. After experiencing a series of hardships, they finally arrived in front of the evil sorcerer’s tower. The three princes were deeply rueful at the sight of the tower that reached past the clouds. All of them started to ask questions.

“Why does the sorcerer live in such a high place?” said Breiv, “Methinks that they must be worried about other people peeking into his evil plans.”

“How was the sorcerer able to build such a tall tower?” said Svenk, “Methinks that they must have the knowledge and the magic to do so.”

“Why does the sorcerer only want a princess and not all the girls within the country?” Shaym finally spoke, “Methinks that he must not have a healthy body, and lacks the confidence in his ability to □□□□.”

Under the shocked and criticizing gaze of his two brothers, Shaym did not finish his statement. However, he was convinced on his views.

The three princes stormed the tower gates and continued upwards. They were not afraid of any monsters that suddenly jumped out at them. The monsters opened their bloody mouths. However, they were so terrified of the princes’ valiant postures that they disappeared off in a puff of smoke.

Finally, a door suddenly opened. The sorcerer was wearing a black cloak. He sat upon his throne with a mocking smile on his face.

The stunning velvet drapes inlaid with golden threads slowly drew apart behind the sorcerer. Behind it was a series of metal bars, forming what seemed to look like a giant bird cage. The Princess was imprisoned within that cage. She had a luxurious bedroom and clothing fully adorned with jewels. However, she had bracelets on her hands that looked like golden manacles. In a similar fashion, her feet were shackled as well. She was unable to take a step out of the cage.

The Sorcerer began to laugh at the Princes’ rebukes. “My heroes, do not act rashly. Even if you were to kill me, you would still be unable to open the cage that is imprisoning the Princess. This is because of a curse that has been placed on the cage. It will only open when someone brings me the three items I am searching for.”

“What are the items then?” the Princes asked in unison.

“Firstly, you must find a piece of sugar that can intoxicate people, yet it contains no liquor. Secondly, you must find a fire that can warm people, yet it does not scorch their hands. Thirdly, you must find a sword that can terrify people, yet it does not have a sharp blade.”

When the Sorcerer finished listing out the requirements, he continued on, “I am unable to provide any hints, because even I don’t know where to find these items. If you cannot find them, I cannot release the Princess even if I released her on my own will.”

The Princes did not believe him. When they rushed towards the entrance of the cage, the Sorcerer waved his hands and several frightening minions appeared in front of the Princes. This time, the minions were very powerful and they possessed claws that were as sharp as blades. They spat out fire thus preventing the Princes from getting too close.

The eldest prince, Briev, lifted up his sword. With a great roar in the name of his country and God, he heroically rushed towards the minions. The second prince, Svenk, took this opportunity to bypass the fight. He came in front of the cage. He then took out a large pile of spell books from his heavy satchel. He began to test every spell within his arsenal to unlock the shackles that rested upon the Princess’s body.

Last but not least, was Youngest Prince Shaym. With a smile on his face, he walked inside the house and then began to strip off his clothing piece by piece.

“W-What are you doing!” The Sorcerer panicked. His minions were too preoccupied in the fight with the Eldest Prince, so they were unable to come protect him.

The eldest prince, Breiv, chopped off the first minion’s head. He then sliced apart the second minion’s arm. The minions instantly disappeared in a puff of smoke. There was only a single minion left. Breiv’s victory was close at hand.

Second Prince Svenk had successfully unlocked the shackles on the Princess’s feet with his spells. He was now attempting to release the manacles. The Princess moved her feet excitedly as she sat near the bars of the cage. She cheered for the Princes.

By then, Youngest Prince Shaym was already stripped naked. He applied the exceptional fitness of his body through training all year long with the military by confining the Sorcerer who was too slow to respond onto the seat.

He cradled the Sorcerer’s neck, and passionately kissed his mouth. He then initiated a series of torment and dominance games that shall not be narrated within fairytales. The Sorcerer did not even notice that the final minion was defeated. He lay limp in front of the Youngest Prince, as if he had been struck by a curse.

After that, borrowing from his many years of experience in casually stripping off, the Youngest Prince stripped the cloak off of the Sorcerer. When the second oldest brother was finally able to use his spells to unlock the Princess’s manacles, the Youngest Prince was imprisoning the cowering Sorcerer between their fiery hot chests.

In the end, the Sorcerer found a thing that shall not be narrated within fairytales nudging against his body. That body part which is unsuitable for an appearance within fairytales quivered. The Youngest Prince then spoke into the Sorcerer’s ears.

“First, as I caressed your lips with mine, when I □□□□□□ and □□□□□□ your □□□□□, there clearly was no liquor exchanged. However, your body turned pliant as if it were intoxicated. My kiss makes you drunk just like a piece of sugar without any liquor. Next, you started to sweat as my body □□□□□□ and □□□□□□ you. My limbs and muscles are a fire that warms people without burning others. Now, my □□□□ is at your □□□□, if I □□□□□□ □□□□□ it, you will feel the □□□□’s □□□□□□. No matter how much you beg, I will not stop. This does not endanger your life, yet you are shaking. You see, my □□□□ is the sword that terrifies people without having a sharp blade.”

All the minions disappeared. The shackles were completely removed from the Princess. The cage that used to be unbreakable started to crack. However, it did not open completely.

The Eldest Prince had put away his sword, and the Second Prince had put away his books. They were now standing next to the cage. The Youngest Prince looked at his brothers before he said, “There is also another aspect. If we are looking from the perspective of the whole country, then my eldest brother Breiv is a man who knew of no fear from an early age. He is an undefeated hero. He is the greatest sword that can strike fear within the entire country without being sharp.”

“My second brother Svenk is a man who never knew of hardship. He is always diligently conducting research. He always voluntarily puts himself to work, bringing knowledge and hope to others. He is the best fire that can warm others without burning them.”

“As for me, I am the sugar that can intoxicate people without containing liquor, just as I am doing this to you.”

The cage cracked open and the Princess regained her freedom. She looked over at the Princes. She originally wanted to go to the Second Prince, Svenk. However, before she reached him, he had already rushed towards the Sorcerer’s study. Thus, the Princess changed her course and ran towards the Eldest Prince, Breiv. She wrapped her arms around his waist, forming the splendorous scene of a righteous knight rescuing a maiden.

Shaym was sitting upon the Sorcerer’s throne, yet he did not put  his guard down after the victory. He used his intoxicating sugar to suppress the Sorcerer, his warm fire to imprison the Sorcerer, and his terrifying sword to completely conquer the Sorcerer. He thus created an image that shall not be narrated in fairytales.

Several days later, the three princes returned to the castle. The King and Queen were both moved to tears. They felt as if their children were all exceptionally outstanding.

Breiv, who knew of no fear, received the affection of the neighboring Princess. As with all heroes and princesses, they held a massive wedding and lived happily ever after. The King discovered that ever since Breiv was married, he was no longer reckless. In fact, he had now become more of a delicate person. The King was very glad to see that his son not only had courage, but he was also a more tender person as well.

Svenk, who knew of no hardship, received the knowledge that was possessed by the Sorcerer. He studied this knowledge day and night. Whenever he came across a problem that he could not understand, he would go to the Sorcerer for advice. He wanted to spread this magic across the lands and use them for the greater good. The King and Queen advised him to not tire himself too much, so he assured them that he will rest as properly as needed in order to spread this captivating knowledge around. The King was very glad that he no longer had to worry over his second son becoming sick from overworking himself.

As for the Youngest Prince Shaym, who knew of no shame, even though he did not have the princess nor the magical books, he had received the Sorcerer himself. At first the King was strongly disapproving. After all, how can a prince be together with a Sorcerer? However, as the King would later find out, there was a certain degree of benefits to it. Ever since Shaym got together with the Sorcerer, Shaym no longer stripped his clothes off in public nor did he strip off other people’s clothes in public. Both the King and Queen were pleasantly surprised to see that their youngest son was finally having a sense of honor.

However, matters were not as they seemed. Shaym had only learned to have a sense of privacy. In fact, he would play shameless games with the Sorcerer inside his own room within the castle. Thus, he was able to live a happy sex life ever after.


Author’s note: …After writing this I also feel quite shameless……_(:з)_


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