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Chapter 82: Eavesdropping


“We weren’t eavesdropping! We were simply sitting on the rooftop openly and justly!” Xuanyuan Meng corrected, she didn’t think it was inappropriate at all. Taking another bite of food she said, “I really didn’t think that he could get a thousand silver pieces for one night!”


Gu Yunlan and Xuanyuan Ying looked at each other, what an expensive night!


Xuanyuan Meng had her eyes half-closed as she reached out to lift the cup in front of Gu Yunlan, drinking it down in one gulp. Then, she ate everything even the spicy dishes. She gasped, “Yunlan! You drink win!”

    “没啊!被你喝了,你哥刚倒给我的,说是慢慢喝,让我暖身子的,谁知道你一口灌了下去!” 顾云兰一脸的无辜。

“I didn’t! You drank it. Your brother just poured it for me telling me to drink it slowly so I can warm up my body. But you just had to cup and drink it all in one gulp!” Gu Yunlan had an innocent expression.


“I thought it was tea! Who would’ve known that instead of sleeping on this freezing midnight, you two went to the courtyard to drink wine!” Xuanyuan Meng pouted and complained.


“You yourself said it’s late, so why don’t you sleep?” Xuanyuan Ying coldly lifted his wine cup had it next to his mouth as he berated.


“I didn’t finished talking!” Xuanyuan Meng hurriedly ate another bite, continuing, “Sitting on the rood, we watched Yangjin earn that much money, but we didn’t think it was too profitable. So to get him to earn a bit more, I made the two people in the room pass out, then I went to the medicine shop.”


Xuanyuan Meng took a bite before saying, “Zhangyu was in charge of capturing Yangjin. He was real quick, lithe as a sparrow, dunno what method he used but he directly carried him over and sent the old man to the neighbor! After that, I put the medicine I bought into Yangjin’s mouth. Only then did we go back to the rooftop to watch the show!”


Gu Yunlan was speechless, then she immediately asked, “You and Zhangyu both watched as they…”


“En! Why not? We often did this in the past!” Xuanyuan Meng was completely at a loss, what’s wrong with that?


“What happens then?” Gu Yunlan narrowed her eyes. She can actually imagine Zhangyu’s expression, no wonder he’s so hard to read now. It was probably because of her!


“Then! When they finished, Zhangyu sent Yangin back, and I carried the old man next door over. An Jiaona slept naked under the blankets, while Zhangyu stripped the old man naked and tossed him on the blanket! Then we went out to stroll around before returning!” Xuanyuan Meng picked up the two dishes on the table, then immediately stood up when she realized Big Brother’s face was very very dark!


She looked at Xuanyuan Ying defyingly, “Bro, I’ll leave first. You guys continue!” She immediately left after saying.


Gu Yunlan only snapped back to conciousness after a long while. She asked weakly, “Xuanyuan, in other words, Yangjin is no longer a virgin, and he himself doesn’t know?”


“Right! Mengmeng should know a bit on the myths about foxes, so she did that on purpose. For the first time to be under the influence of medicine, he must have done so without knowing about it. Although he is still somewhat fortunate, and didn’t die from excessive energy loss, tche tche!” Xuanyuan Ying exclaimed.


“Then you mean, he’ll keep looking for women in the future? A flower third, not bad!” Gu Yunlan chewed on a bite of food, at least Mengmeng did one thing right.


“Enough!” Xuanyuan Ying head ached a bit as he looked at her, “A lady like you shouldn’t discuss these kinds of thing. We’ll see what happens in the future. After you finish eating, hurry up and go to bed! I’m guessing that tomorrow, Yiran and them will be busy getting their belongings ready to move out!”


Gu Yunlan nodded her head. Eh, it really does seem like she went a bit overboard. She even forgot Xuanyuan is a man…


A silent night, bustling day, Gu Yunlan finally fell into a deep sleep. Again, she slept for half the day.


Eyes opening, she felt rather cold. She sat up slowly to see the curtains have already been pulled aside. Then her gaze fell on Xin’er, whose nose was awefully red, walk into the room with a hair full of snowflakes. Only then did she realize why it was so cold; it was because it started snowing.


“Young Miss! You only just woke up!?” Xin’er dusted off the snowflakes,”If you don’t get out of your blankets soon, I’ll get you a brazier. For some reason, it suddenly started snowing!”


Xin’er left the room quietly and shortly after, she walked in with a warm and cozy brazier. She put the brazier on the table, and turned around to close the door.


“Is the snowfall heavy?” Gu Yunlan could instantly feel the room warming up.


“En! It’s been snowing all morning. If the snow doesn’t melt soon, Mister Bai and the others won’t be able to leave!” Xin’er went over to the wardrobe and look out a thick grey tanuki fur coat. The insides were lined with white velvet. The pants were an even thicker layer, and for some reason, the Young Miss had thrown out all the red paozi in the wardrobe.


Gu Yunlan took the clothing and put on the pants and coat, buttoning up with Xin’er’s help, “En! That’s fine, there are still a few days left before New Years. They had decided to return home for now, when the time comes we can rent cars to send them back.”


Gu Yunlan walked behind the screen to start rinsing her mouth, wash her face. Xin’er was fast, seeing Gu Yunlan go behind the screen, she immediately turned around to go fetch water to wait upon Gu Yunlan as she finished washing.


Gu Yunlan slowly walked out, instrucking, “Xin’er, there’s more!”


“What is it? Young Miss?” Xin’er pushed Gu Yunlan over to the dressing table to sit down, “Let’s do your hair up today! The Young Miss hasn’t had a complicated hair-do in a while.”


Gu Yunlan stared at herself in the mirror, then nodded her head helplessly. What she said made sense, she is becoming less and less concerned with looking beautiful these days. She instructed as she watched Xin’er’s movements, “When you have time, you should go to the streets to buy some things. Things like local products, buy a lot so that Yiran and bring them back for Master and Father! I have some money in the dressing table!”


Xin’er nodded her head, not stopping her hands as she continued to comb.


The snowfall was very heavy. When she left her room, it was still snowing. It was as thick as goose feather, landing on her shoulders, and quickly covering the tracks she just made.


“Young Miss! Wear this!” Xin’er carrie a grey tanuki coat as she followed up. She hurriedly helped Gu Yunlan put it on, then she shoved some gloves on her hands, “This is warm! Would you like to eat a light breakfast?”


“No need! I’ll just eat it with my lunch! You should be busy! There’s no need to take care of me!” Gu Yunlan smiled at her slightly. Carrying the gloves, she lifted her feet and headed out of the courtyard.


The orchid was filled with snow, and sometimes one could see a few faint footprints on the ground. Without needing to manage such a big mansion, she was a lot more relaxed. She strolled about the orchid freely, eventually arriving in front of a courtyard.


“Yunlan!” Xuanyuan Meng ran out of the courtyard, followed by a maid carrying a tanuki fur coat.


“Young Miss! If you don’t the coat, I’ll tell the mistress when we get back!” The girl pouted, her face full of unwillingness.


“A’ Mu!” Xuanyuan Meng halted her stegs begrudgingly, standing there and not moving, letting A’ Mu put on the clothing, “I’m not even cold! Since you cam why didn’t you greet me?”


“Mengmeng! This person is?” Gu Yunlan’s pupils held a smile, she found that the number of people who could suppress Xuanyuan Meng has increased!


“Beautiful Young Miss, this servant is called A’ Mu! I am Eldest Young Miss’ personal maid, arrived here just last night!” A’ Mu poked her head out from behind Xuanyuan Meng. Knowing her family’s Young Miss won’t introduce her, she immediately lit up into a smile. She already scouted out the situation last night, finding that the Young Miss and Gu Family’s young miss has a great relationship.


“A’ Mu, nice name!” Gu Yunlan looked at her. A’ Mu wasn’t short, her skin the color of wheat, and although her beauty wasn’t enough to move people, she was certainly lively and cute, “Look after your family’s Young Miss well, she loves looking for trouble the most!”


“En! Of course, can I call you Big Sister Gu?” A’ Mu immediately nodded and seeing Gu Yunlan nod her head, her eyes smiled into a slit.


“Yunlan!” Xuanyuan Meng stomped her feet, looking unhappy, “I originally planned on going with you to the mountaintop to watch the snow, you’ve gone too far!”


“Go with you? Us two? No way! You cause trouble everywhere, something always happens whenever I go somewhere with you!” Gu Yunlan tured around to walk towards the drawing room. Standing around chatting in the snow, too cold. 


“Gu Family’s Big Sis is right! Our family’s Young Miss loves causing trouble the most! The lord is is so annoyed by her!” A’ Mu chased the two of them, laughing into her sleeve.


“You talk too much!” Xuanyuan Ying swatted grumpily at the maid beside her. This girl had always disliked her being so low, she needs a spanking.


“Young Miss! If you hit me again, I’ll tell the mistress when we get back!” A’ Mu threatened with a pout.


“Then go!” Xuanyuan Ying smacked her head again. Daring to threaten her, tired of living!


Gu Yunlan walked in the front, the corners of her mouth pulling upwards. She’s not a maid, she’s someone Xuanyuan Meng’s mother found to suppress her! This girl’s mouth is too glib.


The drawing room had long been warmed with a lit fireplace. Gu Yunlan took off her coat, and sat down before the brazier. Seeing Xuanyuan Meng also sitting down, she asked, “Did Zhangyu and them move yet?”


“They said they’ll move after the snow stops!” Xuanyuan Meng beckoned to A’ Mu, hinting at her to sit down, “That Zhang Ziyang refuses to move, saying that if you don’t move, she won’t either!”


Gu Yunlan took the fire tongs and poked at fuel. The corners of her mouth hooked up disdainfully, “If she doesn’t move then fine, don’t give her any heaters, and also from today forth, cut off all of her meals. Your brother said already; we don’t support useless people. As the house manager, it’s the Marshal’s orders!”


“Yah! Big Sister Gu is the manager? Then does that mean I get to go act on Big Sister Gu’s orders right now?” A’ Mu looked at Gu Yunlan admiringly. Her family’s Young Miss hates that Zhang Ziyang the most, that woman always has a grouchy expression, but her face instantly becomes starry-eyes in front of the Young Lord!


“Go then! Find Xin’er first, she’s more familar with the workings in the mansion!” Gu Yunlan nodded her head. This girl is good at reading moods, even knowing that her orders are perfect for her to carry out.


“Of course!” A’ Mu happily stood up to jog away.


“This girl is pretty good! With her by your side, you won’t be able to be as troublesome!” Seeing A’ Mu’s leaving figure, Gu Yunlan praised.


“It must be because of Big Bro!” Xuanyuan Meng whispered.


Gu Yunlan smiled wanly, asking, “Mengmeng, did you really do those things last night?”


Xuanyuan Meng nodded her head and shook her head rather pityingly, “Of course, Zhangyu and I had to squat on that rooftop for such a long time. He doesn’t even look me look and covered by eyes. When we were about to get down, An Jiaona fainted.”


Hah! Gu Yunlan covered her mouth, “Did you leave an traces? Just in case Yangjin finds out…”


Xuanyuan Meng laughed slyly, “We did! Zhangyu said looking for the clothing is too troublesome, so he didn’t care who belongs to who when putting their clothes on! They probably figured something wrong later!”


“You two really act evilly, you probably have many bad deeds!” Gu Yunlan suppressed her laughter.


“Not too much! Back home my mother has a few ancestors I don’t dare provoke! But if I really don’t like something, hei hei!” Xuanyuan Meng laughed evilly.


“Everyone in your home must fear you!” Gu Yunlan laughed out loud. Suddenly thinking of something, her pupils moved, “If the old man found out he didn’t get to sleep with An Jiaona, then do you think Yangjin…”

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