[MLQ] Male Lead is a Quilt [Virtual Reality] Launch Release

Hello~ Kiseki here!

I decided to pick up a new novel a while back. It’s a romance novel from JJWXC by Hú Shēng Yǒu Mèng | 狐生有梦 called Male Lead is a Quilt [Virtual Reality].

It is a fairly short novel at 35 chapters total (33 of which is the main text, with 2 side stories.) One of the reasons why I picked it up; the other is because the title was hilarious enough to catch my interest in reading it.

Update schedule is will be 3 Chapters/Week on MWF. The actual update time may vary, but it will be updated 3 times a week~

So everyone can get a feel for the story, the first five chapters will be released simultaneously! Please take a look ♥

MLQ Chapter 1

Translator: Kiseki

Editor: Rawr [who has edited all five chapters to be released today ヽ(*´∀`)八(´∀`*)ノ]


Disclaimer below just to clear up legalities.

Disclaimer: No monetary donations will be accepted for the translation of this novel. Neither will a paywall be added. This is in-line with what the author herself desires as seen from her responses to the other translations for her novels. This translation is simply done as a hobby. I, as translator, receive no monetary gains (beyond advertising revenue that is used to fund the site) and does not claim that this is an official translation. All chapters translated, if marked VIP on the original text, have been bought from JJWXC to support the author. 

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