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第58章 皇帝弯了

Chapter 58: The Emperor Turned Bent


“Very good.” The Emperor only said two words with his narrowed eyes after Fu Yujun.


Those two words were like ice smashing into Ling Xiao’s heart, causing him to tremble all over. He knew that Fu Yujun… was done for.


As expected, in the next moment, the Emperor hinted to Lan Wei and he started to advance forward. In a flash, Fu Yujun was subdued due to the injuries caused by An Ya and was brought in front of the Emperor.


The Emperor waved his hand, showing no interested in Fu Yujun who was forced in front of him, having Lan Wei and his men take him away.


He took Ling Xiao in the sedan chair and left.


Ling Xiao was very nervous, he didn’t know just how the Emperor was going to deal with him.


The Emperor didn’t look like he was angry at him.


But Ling Xiao wouldn’t believe it even if he died that the Emperor would let him off like this.


The sedan chair stopped in front of Hopeful Spring Tavern and Ling Xiao was brought off the chair, going toward the second floor.


When they went to the second floor, Ling Xiao was led to a hidden private room. It was a small bedroom, there was a table, chair and everything else in it. On the desk was a lit incense along with tea that was still steaming hot.


It looks like, the Emperor had been living here in Shao Country the whole time.


Ling Xiao unobtrusively looked around while the Emperor let him go and proudly sat down in front of the desk.


Ling Xiao promptly knelt in front of him.


The Emperor frown at the scene, his head slightly lowered as he leaned back into the chair.


“It looks like, you are really afraid of Us.”


With the way the Emperor said it, it sounded like he wasn’t too happy. Ling Xiao did not dare to reply as he wished and only kept his head even lower.


The Emperor stared at Ling Xiao’s head for a long time, then crossed his hands, asking with a sigh, “What makes you afraid of Us?”


“……” With the way the Emperor was asking that, Ling Xiao was really flabbergasted. But he knew by heart that the Emperor didn’t like lies and with how he already has a serious crime on himself, he did not see the need to hide it from the Emperor. He honestly answered.


“Your Majesty, you are a Monarch, an Emperor above everyone else. In your hands is Ling Xiao’s life, and Ling Xiao is a person that cherishes his life.”


The Emperor raised and eyebrow and played with his palm, pretending to be indifferent, “If you do not make a mistake, why would you be so worried for you life?”


Ling Xiao went blank at the words with some black lines on his head as he raised his head. Wasn’t it because he was a mistake so he always had to lie to the Emperor and use him, was it strange for him to be scared!


The Emperor was fully aware of what rule he violated, so why bothering asking!


Wasn’t this an indirect way of saying he has a guilty conscience!


Ling Xiao rolled his eyes and resentfully mumbled to himself, “Your Majesty, you are fully aware of what Ling Xiao is wrong for…”


The little eunuch’s tone was full of grievance and resent, his expression carried annoyance and blame, he seem to be criticizing him for bringing it up. The Emperor pursed his lip, this little eunuch, it was obviously his own mistake, yet he looked so grieved at him.


The Emperor shook his head and fished out a Command Plate from his bosom, throwing it in front of Ling Xiao.


Ling Xiao blinked his eyes at loss, staring at the golden Command Plate.


On this Command Plate was an “excused” word. If he wasn’t remembering wrongly and wasn’t misinterpreting what he was seeing, this was the golden plate for exempting death.


With this, even if it the Emperor, he would not easily want his life.


Did the Emperor mean, this was for him?


While astounded, a black glided boot appeared in front of him.


He didn’t know when, but the Emperor had already walked in front of him.


He had his hands behind his back, overlooking Ling Xiao, “You fear death, so We will give you a protective screen. As long as you do not betray Us or commit treason, then We will guarantee you do not die.”


Ling Xiao’s eyes widen, stunned. So what the Emperor meant…


He wasn’t going to pursue everything that happened up to now!


Including the fact that he wasn’t an eunuch?


“Stand up.” The Emperor spoke.


Ling Xiao stared blankly at the death exemption golden plate, he was feeling helpless from happiness appearing too suddenly.


Ling Xiao’s gaze was slack and his movements stiff, watching the Emperor absent-mindedly. He appeared very stupid and the Emperor pursed his lips and asked, “What? Not satisfied?”


“Nonono.” Ling Xiao quickly shook his head and tightly grabbed the death exemption golden plate, he was afraid the Emperor would regret it.


The Emperor raised an eyebrow.


Ling Xiao became aware that his actions were a bit too rude and relaxed his grip, promptly reply, “I just felt that happiness appeared too suddenly.”


“Happiness?” The Emperor raised his eyebrow again, “So a death exemption is happiness?”


“……” Ling Xiao went silent, he naturally couldn’t reply back to the Emperor it was. But in fact, a death exemption is really happiness to him. After all, Ling Xiao had always believed he would die by the Emperor.


Even if the two of them were married, even if the Emperor conferred him the title King Consort, Ling Xiao could not get rid of that way of thinking.


In his past lifetime, the Emperor’s implacable hatred for lies already made a profound impression in Ling Xiao’s memories. He really did not believe the Emperor would let him off so easily.


Even if it was now while he was holding the death exemption golden plate, Ling Xiao still couldn’t believe it. He always feel like this isn’t quite reality, was he really let off like this? Or was he just dreaming?


Ling Xiao’s momentarily helpless look was seen by the Emperor.


In the Emperor’s view, Ling Xiao’s dumbstruck appearance was something he had never seen before so he felt it was a novelty and stared a bit more.


His staring caused him to find that Ling Xiao’s handsome and delicate appearance, even while looking foolish still felt as bewitching as always. Especially those lips he liked the most, slightly long and agape, allowing to see his pearly white teeth.


He unconsciously remembered just how sweet and soft those lips were, and how pleasurable it was when they tangled and tasted that mouth.


The Emperor’s eyes darken and he slightly approached Ling Xiao. Ling Xiao had not come back to his senses and was still staring at the Emperor in a frank and blunt manner. Those pure eyes knocked against the bottom of his heart and caused a ripple to appear in his tranquil heart.


He crudely pulled Ling Xiao back into his hold and overbearingly took those lips that made him daydream.


Ling Xiao tried to defend against the attack, but the Emperor burst into Ling Xiao’s personal space and followed after Ling Xiao’s soft and slippery tongue, the two touching like they were dancing.


Both were somewhat gasping for breath after the kiss.


Ling Xiao was weak in the Emperor’s embrace, his face bright red. But the Emperor was not satisfied and left light kisses on Ling Xiao’s mouth again and again.


“Happiness does not excuse death, you once told Us you liked Us and wished to forever keep watch by Our Side. We are giving you a chance now, We will watch over the world with you, growing old together.”


The Emperor serenely stated.


When it went into Ling Xiao’s ears, the words were like a heavy hammer that woke him up. Ling Xiao knew that the Emperor never makes promises so easily, if he could promise it, then he could do it.


It was also because it was like that, that Ling Xiao now knew the weight of those words and was clear on the Emperor’s resolution.


It was only now that he was truly aware.


The Emperor… turned bent!


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