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第54章 万字大章

Chapter 54: A Section With a Lot of Words


Within the Imperial Study, the strict arrangement gave people a stifling feel. Trembling with fear, Ling Xiao knelt on the ice-cold floor, his face full of nervousness.


Within this room remained only two people, the Emperor and himself.


“What is your name?” The Emperor suddenly walked in front of him, his tall figure overshadowed his and brought a sense of oppression.


Ling Xiao hurriedly replied respectfully: “Answering Your Majesty, this servant is Xiao Lingzi.”


“We ask you, what is your name before you entered the palace?”


The Emperor’s voice was very flat, like he was asking about an insignificant matter, but it was enough to cause the kneeling Ling Xiao some doubt. However, even if he was doubtful, he still does not dare to not reply. He could only deferentially reply to him: “Answering Your Majesty, this servant is Ling Xiao.”

TL Note: Looks like all eunuch get their name to Xiao (surname)zi. Steward Xu called him Xiao Lingzi before.


“Ling Xiao.” The Emperor chewed over the name, pursed his lip and asked: “Are you here for you family master?”


Ling Xiao dipped his head: “Yes.”


The Emperor raised an eyebrow, looking down at the kneeling little eunuch: “You’re pretty honest.”


“Your Majesty, Master is wholly devoted to you. You have not been present for a while and Master is already wasting away.” Ling Xiao saluted and answered.


The Emperor heard that, swept his gaze across the little eunuch and turned to walk to the table. Waving his hand, he said: “You can go.”


The Emperor’s tone sounded displeased and Ling Xiao was helpless, so he could only salute and reply: “This servant… will leave.”


Ling Xiao opened his eyes in a daze, looking at the cotton veil above him and at his surroundings. Only then did he notice it was very late and he room had no other people, there was only a dim yellow lantern flickering.


Just now… that was a dream…


Ling Xiao turned and got up, a complicated look in his gaze. He had unexpectedly dreamed of an old matter from his past life, that time, Mo Qi had just entered the palace and was just barely conferred a title. She did not have anything the Emperor paid attention to and suffered for several days. Not seeing the Emperor come, Ling Xiao thought up of a way.


But Ling Xiao back then had also just entered the palace, he did not have enough connections and he also didn’t understand his circûmstances well. How would he dare to randomly think of a way? So he could only brazenly go ask for permission to see the Emperor, thinking that even if he can’t get the Emperor to think of Mo Qi, he could at least get some insight on how the Emperor thinks.


Every since their first meeting, Ling Xiao could clearly feel the Emperor’s displeasure when he talked to the Emperor about Mo Qi in the future. However, he had succeeded that day since the Emperor had shown up in Mo Qi’s palace that night.


Ling Xiao originally thought that the reason why the Emperor showed up was become of of his words and felt Mo Qi’s deep feelings. But in the end, Ling Xiao started to understand and was certain that the reason he came was because of some other interesting point he paid attention to.


But the Ling Xiao of his past life never found out just what was taking the Emperor’s interest. However, after the Emperor asked him his name, he would habitually use “Ling Xiao” to address him.


When Ling Xiao met the Emperor in this lifetime, Ling Xiao had remembered the event from before and did not reply to the Emperor that his name was “Xiao Lingzi”, rather, he directly answered the way the Emperor asked for before and said “Ling Xiao.”


And the Emperor, clearly likes to call him “Ling Xiao.”


Was it his own name that has a problem?


No matter how much he thought about it, he couldn’t understand it. Ling Xiao flung his head around in confusion.


There was no meaning of thinking about that, he already left the palace, and will no longer see the Emperor.


But what was strange was that even though he left the palace this long, he had never dreamed about the Emperor. This sudden dream made Ling Xiao feel uneasy.


As expected, it was because of that shadow that just flickered by! Ling Xiao pursed his lips and frowned.


Suddenly, the sight before his eyes went dark, a shadow appearing in front of him. Ling Xiao raised his head on instinct, but that shadow flashed and didn’t give him the chance to see clearly.


Ling Xiao’s heart started to pound out of fright and he wanted to shout, but before he could even make a sound, something warm and moist covered his own lips.


He was kissed!


Ling Xiao widen his eyes, stunned. But what was in front of him was a pair of serene and deep, double-pupil eyes.


This pair of eyes, this pair of eyes that has a double-pupil, Ling Xiao can never forget it in his entire life…


Mu Country’s Emperor, Mu Chong Xuan!


So stunned, Ling Xiao forgot to struggle and the Emperor happily kissed Ling Xiao, following the small gap between his lips, he made his way into his mouth, doing as he pleased as he drew away the fragrance there.


His mouth limp and numb, allowed Ling Xiao to return to his senses and he suddenly used his hands and feet to shove away the Emperor.


The Emperor felt Ling Xiao’s refusal and slightly frowned. Displeased, he turned Ling Xiao over and pressed him down.


The large figure pressing down on Ling Xiao’s body prevented Ling Xiao from struggling. The Emperor firmly held onto Ling Xiao’s wrists with both hands and held them to Ling Xiao’s side. Then he leaned over without restraint and sampled the red lips before him.




Ling Xiao dodged left and right but couldn’t dodge the Emperor’s passionate kiss. As if they were newlyweds, this kiss overbearing kiss had many emotions behind it.


Kissing him so much Ling Xiao because confused and disoriented. He didn’t know when, but his struggling had turned into pandering, his hands hooked around the Emperor’s neck, his head tilted and actively letting the Emperor invade in his mouth.




His whole body erupted into a heat that wanted his life, his breathing hard, and his lower body started to swell. Ling Xiao moved impatiently and turned around, his clothes unconsciously sliding down his shoulder while he was at it, exposing a large amount of alluring skin on his chest.


As if sensing Ling Xiao’s impatience, the Emperor left his lips and his gaze was attracted by his chest.


Fair skin with a rosy tint, carrying a color and luster that dazzled people, seducing them into stepping forward to sample.


The Emperor’s double-pupil darken, carrying a desire as if he wanted to swallow him, he reached out a large palm and touched the naked skin before him.


The Emperor’s palm had callus from martial arts, touching the tender rosy skin startled Ling Xiao he gaze a small jump. His body perked up in pleasure, the palm barely touched him yet Ling Xiao felt extremely weak.


This body’s sensitivity was too inconceivable.


Ling Xiao opened his blurred eyes, heavily panting for breath. His eyes were full of longing and this appearance pleased the Emperor. The Emperor happily leaned over and lightly planted a kiss on his lips.


“Looks like, you also really miss Us.”


The clear cold voice carried an odd attraction, falling into Ling Xiao’s mind. Ling Xiao’s body felt a suddenly limpness and he couldn’t help but make a low noise, his lower body swelling even more unbearably.


He pulled back his legs, wanting to lightly rub himself to free of that unbearably feeling, but when he pulled back his legs, he touched the Emperor’s burning hot matter and that heat gave Ling Xiao a shock, his mind sobering up from the heat.


However, the Emperor seemed to have been teased by Ling Xiao’s movement so that his last strand of reason broke and he lowly moaned, his body pressing down on Ling Xiao.


Boiling hot kisses landed at random on Ling Xiao’s body, the feelings they brought were hard for Ling Xiao to endure, like soft tickles. Ling Xiao softly moaned, the corner of his eyes moistening.


“Your… Your Majesty… wai… wait…”


He tried to push the Emperor, but the Emperor did not get pushed back at all. In a moment of desperation, Ling Xiao clenched his teeth and his wrist used the skill that Fu Yujun taught him.


The Emperor noticed and pushed away a little, his eyebrows slightly raised in surprise. He grabbed Ling Xiao’s wrist, narrowing his eyes dangerously.


“Haven’t seen you for a dozen days and you have certainly learned a couple things We are not fond of.”


The Emperor’s voice was flat, you would be unable to hear his anger, but his gaze was threatening. Fear arose from the bottom of Ling Xiao’s heart.


Ling Xiao swallowed his saliva, using the most respectful voice he could muster, he said: “This is just some self-defense Ling Xiao learnt.


“Self-defense?” The Emperor approached Ling Xiao and grasp Ling Xiao’s chin: “Who are you going to use it on?”


Ling Xiao widen his eyes, what he really wanted to say was “to protect myself from you, this Emperor”.


But the Emperor gave off the oppressing feeling that if Ling Xiao dare to nod his head, his head would fall so he hurried shook his head.


The Emperor’s face somewhat relaxed and released his hold on Ling Xiao. Ling Xiao seized the opportunity to shift back a bit, the Emperor eyed Ling Xiao when he saw that and straightforwardly waved his hand and caught Ling Xiao into his embrace.


Ling Xiao’s body went stiff which the Emperor noticed and his hands started to gently move, lighting up a fire wherever he touched Ling Xiao and made him repeatedly gasp for breath. His body went soft like a puddle of spring water.


“No…don’t…Your Majesty…”


Ling Xiao struggled to reject it, but the Emperor acted as if he didn’t hear. Ling Xiao clenched his teeth, his hand tightening while his body gave him devastating pleasures and his reason dithered at the edge. He obviously wasn’t drugged this time, so why was the Emperor’s touch so pleasureable…


Was it because he had already experienced it once before and wants to try it again?!


Ling Xiao felt stunned, but his lower part was suddenly wrapped in a thick hand and he trembled from the sudden burst of pleasure, crying out.


This cry carried the peak of his pleasure and astonishment.


The Emperor would actually touch that part of him? Wasn’t it the part that he hide from the Emperor? The Emperor would actually…


Does the Emperor want to personally castrate him?!


Ling Xiao was filled with cold sweat as he thought of that. Although his lower part felt very pleasureable being held, it had still gone limp.


The Emperor narrowed his eyes to look at Ling Xiao when he saw that. Ling Xiao’s face was pale white, cold sweat flowing from his forehead, he was losing his head out of fear when the Emperor turned his sights onto him.


The clothing on his body was quickly sliding off, but he was too busy to worry about it. He merely stared close at the Emperor holding onto that thing, his body especially stiff.


Little he would realize, that his current look with his eyes misting with lust, staring at his own sex organ like he was enticing someone, and his clothing that was still hanging off his arms added him even more flirtatious feelings.


The Emperor’s eyes darken and his hand below started to move.




With the Emperor’s one actions, it made Ling Xiao go soft at his waist and he laid powerlessly and spread out on the bed, his voice unceasingly leaking out.


His voice carried a pleasure that he could not bear, he trembled until he made one final cry.


His cry caused the Emperor’s heart to shake and his gaze turned even deeper.


The Emperor did not stop his movement below and Ling Xiao continued to moan. His voice sounded like he couldn’t endure it anymore, huskily crying out in a low voice as he once again peaked in pleasure and a high moan ripped out of him.


Such a sweet and unctuous voice, rising and lowering, shot straight to one’s head and caused one to impatiently heat up.


The Emperor’s action became faster and faster and Ling Xiao entered the realm of the utmost pleasure until finally, his own waist started to follow the Emperor’s movement.





After cûmming, Ling Xiao lazed dazed and limp on the bed, enjoying the pleasant feeling that lingered after.


The Emperor’s hand now quietly reached behind Ling Xiao’s back.


Slowly probing and softly stretching him.


Ling Xiao did not notice the Emperor’s sudden movement while immersed in his pleasant feeling.


He only came to his senses from that stab of pain when the Emperor finally attacked, but it was too late by then.





That night, Ling Xiao did not know when the Emperor stopped, nor did he know when he had fallen asleep.


He only knows that his throat had almost gave out on him, any kind of words for mercy were said, but the Emperor just wouldn’t stop.


At dawn, Ling Xiao was roused by a screech.


He muddled-headily opened his eyes and looked around, only to see Hong Ye staring at him with a face of shock.


Ling Xiao wrinkled his brows and followed her gaze down to look at himself. What he saw was his exposed body, covered in numerous kiss marks.


Last night’s scene suddenly appeared in Ling Xiao’s mind and his face couldn’t help but ‘slow’ then turn red. He hastily pulled the blanket over to cover his body, looked left and right before finally realizing the Emperor had long left without a trace.


His behind had clearly already been cleaned up, the moist warmth from there showed that the medicine was probably also applied.


Thinking about how it could had been the Emperor personally placing medicine at that area, Ling Xiao suddenly felt a burst of heat and his sensitive body went limp just from imagining it.


Ling Xiao clenched his teeth, frowning to resist this soul-devouring feeling and cleared his throat, “Hong Ye, why didn’t you knock on the door?”


Hong Ye returned to her senses and bowed her head, feeling wronged as she replied, “Young Master, Hong Ye did knock. This one knocked for a long time but did not hear Young Master respond, so this one was afraid something happened to you and therefore brazenly came in to see.”


Ling Xiao heard the answer and turned to look at the sky. It was really already well into the day, it was likely that because he was too tired last night, he had slept too dead and wasn’t able to hear the knocking.


Ling Xiao embarrassed played with his hair when he thought of that. Hong Ye clenched her teeth when she saw that, her eyes carrying a trace of misgiving as she asked, “Young Master, your body…”


Ling Xiao heard and he paused, collecting himself.


How would he be able to talk about such a matter with a young woman?


Even if she wasn’t a simple woman.


Furthermore, he doesn’t have any reason to talk about it right?


With those thoughts, Ling Xiao feigned a master’s imposing manner, “I have no reason to tell you what I do right?”


Hong Ye heard and her face went white, feeling wronged as she lowered her head, her hands played together as she gloomily said, “Hong Ye was just worried about Young Master.”


With a face of grievance, her lowered head and suffering face made it look like he had bullied her, so Ling Xiao felt sorry.


Ling Xiao opened her mouth, wanting to comfort Hong Ye a bit but found himself unable to find the words for it. Helpless, he only cleared his throat and change the subject, “What time is it now?”


“It’s almost noon.” Hong Ye answered.


“So late!” Ling Xiao was surprised.


He had even made an appointment with Fu Yujun to do morning exercise this today!


Ling Xiao wanted to get up, but then noticed that he wasn’t wearing anything and Hong Ye was still at the entrance. He discontentedly sat back down and said,, “Hong Ye, you can leave first.”


In the end, he also warned, “Hong Ye, this is my own personal matter. The fewer people that knows the better, do you understand what I mean?”


Hong Ye looked slightly blank at what she heard, thought a bit with her head lowered then softly said, “Hong Ye understands. If it’s like this, Young Master would have to clean up those traces well, it might be seen by someone else, especially the Second Prince.”


Hong Ye withdrew. Ling Xiao kept feeling that Hong Ye’s final words held some other meaning.


When he thought more about it, he felt that there wasn’t anything deeper to them. The person that shouldn’t see the traces on his body was Fu Yujun in the first place.


Otherwise, if he asked about what happened, how should he answer?


Answer that the Mu Country Emperor had ran out from the Mu Country imperial palace? Then ran over to Shao Country to tangle with in for a night?


Leaving that aside, whether Fu Yujun would believe it, even if he did believe it, with him being treated by the Mu Country Emperor like this, if the Emperor came to Shao Country now, how would he face the unmarried Mu Country Emperor outside?

TL Note: Concubines could be taken without any of the ceremonies used in marriages. So he’s technically “unmarried”?


It was hard to say that the traces on his body were involuntary right? If Fu Yujun misunderstood that he and the Emperor had a plan in advance, then it would threaten his own safety.


Although this possibility is rather low, it was not without possibility. He absolutely cannot let Fu Yujun know that the Emperor is in Shao Country.


Ling Xiao tried to find himself an excuse to hide the Emperor’s whereabouts.


When all was said in done, he doesn’t wish for the Emperor to be in danger.


With his face tangled in confusion and grimace, Ling Xiao held his aching waist and wore his clothes, hastily washing his face and walking to the front courtyard.


What what he found was that the place where they normally practiced martial arts did not have Fu Yujun. Puzzled, Ling Xiao went to Fu Yujun’s room, only to see the man drowsily walk out from within.


When he saw Ling Xiao, the sleepiness in Fu Yujun’s eyes dispersed a bit and he hurried walked up to him, apologizing deeply: “I slept late today and missed the appointment.”


Ling Xiao ws surprised, staring at Fu Yujun with astonishment. Fu Yujun has always had the habit of getting up early, he didn’t expect that he would also have a day he would oversleep.


And was even last night…


Was it the Emperor’s work?


Ling Xiao sank into thought while Fu Yujun saw his appearance and helpless knocked on his head: “Just what are you thinking about, so deep in your thoughts?”


“Ah…” Ling Xiao returned to his senses and randomly replied: “I was just thinking if we were still practicing today.”


Fu Yujun raised his head to take a look at the sky and responded, “Can’t, I still have to go to Imperial Brother’s home today.”


“?” Ling Xiao puzzled looked at Fu Yujun.


The little servant’s face had a trace of pinkness due to the burning heat. His eyes were slightly moist with a slightly quirked eyebrows, that gave him an enchanting grace. It was very seductive now that he was even using that sort of naive and curious gaze to stare at him. Such pure ignorance mixed with his beauty really baited a person to commit a crime.


Fu Yujun’s heart started to pound without reason and a burst of heat flash through his body.


Today’s little servant really caused one’s heart to throb.


He slightly conspicuously turned his line of sight, feeling uncomfortable. He cleared his throat: “Although I have slept in today, I had thought of a good way to draw out Mo Qi.”


“Mo Qi?” Ling Xiao raised an eyebrow.


Fu Yujun nodded, “I will get the answer to that secret.”


Now that he has the little servant, he wasn’t actually that attached to that dancer anymore. However, Fu Yujun still wanted to find her and take a look at just what kind of person they would be that the Emperor of Mu Country would hide her so.


His infatuation from before has dispersed a lot with the appearance of the little servant, but his curiosity was still there.


No matter what, Fu Yujun wanted to take a look at the dancer with his own two eyes.


Hearing Fu Yujun’s determination, Ling Xiao’s face paused and his expression turned stiff.


Just why was this Fu Yujun so attached to this matter?!


What’s so special about it?


If he were to know that that dancer was him, a man, he guessed that he would want to vomit to death. Ling Xiao rolled his eyes, too lazy to continue being tangled up with Fu Yujun’s thoughts and gave the matter about drawing Mo Qi out his full attention.


While thinking, Ling Xiao asked: “What kind of idea do you have to make your Imperial Brother let go of Mo Qi?”


Fu Yujun answered: “Imperial Brother fears death the most. Mo Qi right now has a highly toxic poison on her, if we told Imperial Brother that that poison is infectious, we wouldn’t even need to do anything and he would drive her out.”


Ling Xiao suddenly realized and smiled: “So, we just need to have someone watch the First Prince’s home at that time and would be able to find Mo Qi.”


Fu Yujun smiled and nodded his head.


Ling Xiao raised an eyebrow: “However, what if she was already dead? You did say it was highly toxic poison.


Fu Yujun put on a facade when he heard that. He lightly sighed: “If she died if would be like your wishes came true, and you have successfully avenged yourself.


Fu Yujun saw Ling Xiao’s mouth twitch and continued to speak. Fu Yujun knows that he didn’t want him to talk about how it would be like for Ling Xiao, he unconsciously smiled: “If you mean me, then you don’t need to worry. If Mo Qi really died, then she probably really didn’t have anything to do with that dancer. I won’t force the issue anymore.”


Ling Xiao was astounded, Fu Yujun would say it so lightly?


Ling Xiao was now aware that he really wasn’t able to make sense of this man.


The little servant had a face of astonishment, one moment it was doubt and another it would be a sighing appearance. It was extremely vivid and made Fu Yujun happy from the depths of his heart, he gave a gentle look and lightly smiled, scratched Ling Xiao’s nose a bit and gently said: “After all, I now have a man that can make my heart beat besides that dancer.”


Ling Xiao raised in his head in surprise, but Fu Yujun moved and slipped to the door: “You can eat by yourself in the house, you don’t need to wait for me.”


“……” He’s leaving just like that?


It looks like, it wasn’t as carefree as he had said!


Ling Xiao returned back to his court, a bit bewildered.


Was that dance really so attractive?


Ling Xiao was really doubtful. He was the clearest on his own dance, he was very confident.


However, he also didn’t think it would cause Fu Yujun to be so attached to it.


Ling Xiao was contemplating in his room. Taking a look around and seeing no one, he walked in front of the mirror and lightly stepped out the dance steps. He watched himself in the mirror move, he thought to himself if he had saw such a dancer…


“Oh…” Just when he had done a few dance steps, a cry of surprise came from the entrance. Startled, he hurried stopped his movement and he looked toward the door.


It was the woman dressed in red and delicate makeup, Hong Ye. Ling Xiao stared blankly, his mouth twitching. Why was it in the same day, this person had seen two of his secrets that cannot be spoken of!


This woman really wasn’t simple.


Thinking this and that, Ling Xiao unhappily looked at Hong Ye who knew that she had been rude and knelt at the door, bowing and explaining: “Hong Ye just wanted to ask Young Master if you would like to dine. Seeing that the door wasn’t closed, Hong Ye came in, but unfortunately Young Master was…”


“Forget it forget it.” Ling Xiao waved his hand, he didn’t feel like listening to Hong Ye explain. No matter if it was intentional or otherwise, since she had already seen it, what use would explaining be? He needs to give this Hong Ye, who recklessly did as she wished and doesn’t know how to knock on doors a good lesson!


Ling Xiao walked to the table and sat down properly. Then, he waved his hand at Hong Ye to call her over. Somewhat surprised, Hong Ye still walked before Ling Xiao and obediently stood in front of him.


Seeing Hong Ye so obedient, Ling Xiao was also not a petty person. He looked toward the seat across from him and indicated: “Sit.”


Hong Ye was overwhelmed by the kindness and looked toward Ling Xiao. Ling Xiao picked up the teapot from the table and poured two cups. Eyeing Hong Ye’s who didn’t dare to sit, Ling Xiao said: “I feel oppressed with you standing like that.”


Hong Ye only then carefully sat across from Ling Xiao when she heard that.


Ling Xiao pushed the tea he had poured before her and she said in a soft voice of “Many thanks”.


Ling Xiao raised an eyebrow in surprise, it looks like this woman wasn’t provoking people’s dislike on purpose.


Considering that thought, Ling Xiao smiled and said: “Hong Ye, you were a dancer in Hopeful Spring Tavern before, the first woman entertainer dancer of Shao Country. Many people were help you in their hands and you had your own way of handling work. I will not interfere, however, you had asked me to bring you back, then you should comply with the rules here.”


“Hong Ye…. knows.” Hong Ye seemed to have thought of her two mistakes and frowned, blaming herself as she answered guiltily.


When he saw that, Ling Xiao sigh. This was also awkward for Hong Ye, she was a loved female dancer and never thought that she had to attend to someone one day. Now that she will never obtain the same kind feelings from before, it was indeed hard for her.


But there was something that Ling Xiao couldn’t understand, just why did she follow him back to become a servant girl?


She obviously wasn’t a simple woman.


When he thought to this point, Ling Xiao probingly asked: “Hong Ye, now that it’s just you and me, tell me truthfully. What did you want to get following me back? Or to be frank, what… is your purpose?”


Hong Ye shook as she heard that, her gaze falling down and something dark flitted through her eyes.


She restrained her expression as if she had thought of something and pretended to be resentful and got up, staring at Ling Xiao like she was wronged: “What you mean by that Young Master! Are you suspicious Hong Ye!”


Ling Xiao watched Hong Ye’s change and raised an eyebrow, his gaze slightly sweeping past Hong Ye’s plan and he continued to probe: “But your hands have thick calluses, is that not a point of suspicion for people?”


Hong Ye instinctively hide her palms and immediately pretended to be calm and released her palms: “Hong Ye’s family was poverty-stricken and had done much heavy work. So what if this hand has two thick calluses? Young Master saw the calluses on Hong Ye’s hand and immediately became suspicious, then Hong Ye would be too wronged!”


Hong Ye recounted all of that in a tearful voice, if it weren’t for Fu Yujun reminding Ling Xiao many times that Hong Ye wasn’t simple, then Ling Xiao really would had been fooled by her.


“If Young Master does not believe in Hong Ye, then Hong Ye will not invite Young Master’s dislike and will leave at once.” Once she said that, she really was prepared to leave.


Ling Xiao hurried had her stayed, this Hong Ye was said by Fu Yujun to have her stay so he could observe her. If he really angered her away, then how would he explain to Fu Yujun?


With those thoughts, Ling Xiao took the initiative to calm her: “What I said was wrong, I’ve misunderstood Hong Ye. Don’t be angry, if you leave now you will get tangled up with First Prince. In this entire Shao Country, the only one that can somewhat worry the First Prince is the Second Prince.”


“If you leave the Second Prince’s home, it still isn’t a sensible decisions, so just stay behind.” Ling Xiao stated.


Hong Ye dipped her head, appearing to be thinking about it and Ling Xiao did not say anything else, waiting for her to decide.


After around half a quarter, Hong Ye raised her head with her face full of tear stains and looked at him with red eyes: “Then would Young Master still be suspicious of me?”


Ling Xiao was startled, hurriedly shook his head. Hong Ye smiled through her tears: “Thank you Young Master for your trust.”


Ling Xiao sighed in his heart. This was actually the first girl besides Mo Qi crying so miserably in front of him, Ling Xiao’s heart soften and he got up, walked to her and gently wiped her tears: “Alright, stop crying.”


Hong Ye’s face redden, lowered her head and stopped sobbing. But her tears still dripped down one by one.


Ling Xiao was helpless, people said that women were made of water, it looks like it wasn’t completely false.


“However.” Ling Xiao shifted the conversation and cleared his throat, continuing: “Although they still flowed, what I said just now still needs to be complied with.”


“Please feel free to order this one Young Master.” Hong Ye lowered her head and spoke, finally stopping her tears.


Ling Xiao let loose a breath, quietly saying: “Although I said it like that just now, the rules here aren’t that severe. If I must say, I only have one request, and that is to respect other’s privacy.”


“You… do you understand what is privacy?” Ling Xiao paused then asked.


Hong Ye nodded her head.


It looks like this statement was commonly used, he raised an eyebrow and continued: “Then, it means to respect one’s secret. First, you need to knock on the door before you come in, if the door isn’t closed, you can yell into the room. No problem?”


Hong Ye shook her head, eager to express her aspiration: “Hong Ye remembered, today was Hong Ye’s mistake… Hong Ye will not repeat the same mistake next time.”


Ling Xiao interrupted her: “It’s not that you won’t repeat the same mistake next time, but that there wouldn’t be a next time, do you understand?”


Hong Ye nodded and Ling Xiao narrowed his eyes in satisfaction: “Very good, there is one more thing, and it is what I want to tell you now.”


Ling Xiao moved close to Hong Ye’s ear, coldly saying: “Sometimes knowing too much isn’t a good thing. It would be better for you to not know then to know, do you understand?”


Hong Ye slightly trembled, bit her lips and replied: “Hong Ye is clear, Hong Ye today… did not see anything at all.”


Ling Xiao smiled in satisfaction and told her to go bring some food over from the kitchen and carelessly settled down for lunch.


Fu Yujun said he would not insist on finding out who the dancer was, but in reality, it was already in the evening and he was still not back.


Ling Xiao sneered, according to Fu Yujun’s characteristics, how could he not find the dancer?


Ling Xiao felt the answer was set, with how he was unable to let it go, how could he not go look for the dancer!


Ling Xiao gave a long drawn out sigh. He really didn’t know just how long he could continue hiding this matter. If Fu Yujun found out the truth, how could it be good for him?


Fu Yujun had thought so much about that dancer, always believing that the dancer was a youthful woman and was always full of admiration for her. But if he were to know that that dancer was a coarse man, and this coarse man had even watched him run around like a headless housefly looking for the dancer…


It’s probably… very hard to not bother himself about it.


If he start to argue about it, this break off would perhaps be the best conclusion. But he can’t tell if the anger will cause him to get cut off.


Ling Xiao seemed to have thought of something scary and frightened out cold sweat from himself.


That felt that he cannot continue to sit and wait for death.


Rather than waiting for Fu Yujun to find him step by step, why not take the initiative to divert Fu Yujun’s attention?


Wasn’t it just a dance!


This dance, Ling Xiao can dance it and other people can dance it.


Anyway, Fu Yujun didn’t see that dancer’s appearance before, as long as someone can learn how to dance that dance and reveal themselves in front of Fu Yujun at an appropriate time, FU Yujun will automatically believe that that person was the dancer.


Ling Xiao would then be able to let nature take its course and get himself out.


The more he thought about it, the more he thought the plan was good. The first person that Ling Xiao thought of was Hong Ye.


She has a base and it would be very easy for her to learn. Plus, her appearance was first-class, her height, body shape were all like his, she could probably forcefully learn the charm from him.


But right now, there was one point that made Ling Xiao hesitate. She was someone’s insider, would he take the risk to teach her this dance?


Ling Xiao frowned in loss until the moon was up high, but Fu Yujun still had not come back.


Ling Xiao’s heart pounded once, since this Fu Yujun hasn’t return even though it’s this late, perhaps he had gotten something out of Mo Qi?!


Ling Xiao’s mind was very uneasy and he felt that he cannot wait any longer. Perhaps that Hong Ye is dangerous, but it was something Fu Yujun was also worried about.


What was most important right now was how to get himself out!


With that thought, Ling Xiao had Ji Xiang and Fu Kang light candles in the courtyard, organizing in the correct spots and stand at the entrance as lookouts. He then called Hong Ye over.


The candles in their small cups illuminated the courtyard. Ling Xiao stood within the candle flames, wearing a light green robe and his hair casually scattered over his shoulder and only a thin rope on his forehead to keep his hair away.


He had both hands behind his back and he raised his head to look at the bright moon. His long sleeves drifted in the wind, giving him an immortal appearance. His charming face gave a faint radiance under the moonlight.


Hong Ye watched in fascination, her heart couldn’t help but jump one.


Ling Xiao seemed to have felt someone approaching and he turned to see who had arrived.


When he turned to look, it was like things had brighten up, his bright pupils carried brilliance that caused others to be overshadowed, reflecting everything before his eyes. Limpid and bright, like a clear spring flowing into one’s heart and cleansed a person of all their distracting and nasty thoughts. Hong Ye widen her eyes in astoundment, a faint feeling of understanding why this man was able to receive the Emperor’s love.


She would no longer be able to find another with the same kind of eyes are these in this world.


Such clear and pure eyes…


“Hong Ye, you came.” Ling Xiao’s voice called back her consciousness.


She gracefully saluted to him and Ling Xiao crossed over the candle lights, walking until he was in front of her and smiled: “You don’t need to be so polite, just be yourself.”


While speaking that, Ling Xiao paused: “I asked you to come here because I wanted to…”


“I wanted to…”


Ling Xiao frowned, he was somewhat at loss on how to explain this matter to Hong Ye.


Hong Ye looked strangely at Ling Xiao, her eyes full of doubt.


Seeing that, Ling Xiao closed his eyes, thought a bit and then changed the way he said it: “I thought that you dance pretty well last time I saw you dance, so I was wondering if you were interested in taking me as your teacher.”


Hong Ye was astounded and Ling Xiao was suddenly aware that the way he said it might have been somewhat rude and he hastily explained, “You had already seen it earlier, my other secret is that I can dance. Naturally, you might not have been able to see it clearly this morning, so why don’t I dance it again for you to look. You can decide to learn or not.”


Saying that, Ling Xiao did not wait for Hong Ye to react and walked to the center of the candle flames.


His barefoot accurately played out the dance steps within the candle fires, the turns of his soft waist and movement of his wrists, causing the sleeve to fly.


Like a fairy that landed on earth, Ling Xiao’s eyes were lively, some allure appearing from the corners of his eyes while his face was full of enticing charm.


Hong Ye had never seen this kind of dance, a bit graceful and free, like a immortal, yet also a bit alluring and enticing, like a evil spirit that confused people. It made people unable to stop themselves from watching.


Hong Ye was unable to take her eyes off, her footsteps unconsciously taking her step by step to this man like she had lost her soul, she only thought of going closer to him.


Closer… and closer.


Hong Ye walked until she was at the candle fire, but she still did not know to stop her steps and kicked a candle holder when she raised her foot. The holder and candle both fell on her foot.


The boiling hot candle wax passed through her thin cloth shoes and scalded her tender skin within. Hong Ye called out in pain and was only then able to return to her senses.


Ling Xiao naturally also saw that and he stopped dancing, walking slightly stiffly to Hong Ye. His dance just now had implicated the injured place the Emperor caused to his behind last night, so his walking looked stiff now.


However, when he walked toward Hong Ye, an extra person in white suddenly appeared by her side.


That man dressed in exotic white clothing and his head wrapped with gold pieces hanging on his clothing was the continuously unmarried Fu Yujun.


And under Fu Yujun’s feet were the unconscious Ji Xang and Fu Kang…


“It was unexpected you, Ling Xiao.”


Fu Yujun’s face was distracted and absent-minded, he walked toward Ling Xiao step by step and the gaze he used to stare at Ling Xiao was full of vengeance.


“It was unexpectedly you, sigh…” He arrived before Ling Xiao with a light smile and repeated this line, expressing his shock.


“I…” Ling Xiao licked the corner of his mouth, frowning in embarrassment. Why did he immediately run toward him when he came back!


Ling Xiao was very much at loss and he quickly searched through his mind for an excuse, but he noticed that there wasn’t anything he could say that would be clear.


He unconsciously went silent, lowered his head and bit his lips. He honestly said the words he always wanted to say– I’m sorry.


Fu Yujun shook at what he heard and forced a smile: “Was what you wanted to say that?”


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