40 thoughts on “[HDS] Chapter 86: Covenantor (IX)

    • Little Fluffy Ninja Sheep says:

      Correction: Take that dust, eat my tofu. (✧ ꒪◞౪◟꒪)
      *sprints away*
      *doesn’t forget to roast some tofu on the way*

      • Takethattofu says:

        *Holding little fluff ninja sheep dust*
        …why are you give me your dust…
        Wait, you want me eat your tofu?…okay…
        *grope little fluff ninja sheep*

        Why are you roating me?! You are the one who told me to eat your tofu!!

        (For who didnt understand, 吃豆腐 or eat tofu is an expression that means something more like taking advantage of someone)

  1. Little Fluffy Ninja Sheep says:

    *sets up a new shrine*
    *roasts some marshmallows and tofu*

     ⋀,,⋀  ⋀,,⋀
    (  ・ω)σ)・ω・)
    ( つ旦 ノ ( つ旦O)
    と_)_) と_)_)

          • Little Fluffy Ninja Sheep says:

            Me too… I’m very concerned about myself ( ̄∇ ̄)
            Prolly it’s bc of danmei deficiency { @˟ꈊ˟@ }
            *wonders how would actually tofu s’mores taste like*
            *googles it*
            Holy mushrooms! There’s actually a recipe lolololololol _(:D」┌)

  2. theragingpanda says:

    It was fun clicking the next page just to see Tofu’s suffering. Hiyaa! *sprinkles a slow motion powder on a certain tofu*╰( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )つ──☆*:・゚

  3. Nods chan says:

    *set camps*
    Uhm… i am afraid to say that the comment section rlly amuse me…. *cough*
    Especially the comment of a certain person…. 🙂

    *adding myself as a rival*
    *starts to sta- follow the posts*

  4. SirenKiller says:

    Traveling this far in the teaser pages make me question why did i torture myself like that. Am i opening a new door ?!!

  5. Just curious, I have a question, Snowy-sama.

    What is the purpose of Chapter 114 being available with password? Did I miss something or was that just an error? >.< And thank you for the sacrifices you made to feed us! May the BL Gods have mercy on you! 🙇‍♂️

  6. Tinascow Mooduck says:

    *Sets up snack stand*
    Come get your tofu s’mores and dusty mayo!
    Come and sta-witness the journey of the always Not-first Tofu! All the way from Chapter 42 Tofu has tried to come in first, but no luck! Will Tofu prevail in the next batch of pages? Find out next time on Heroic Death System ~ Comment Section! Snack requests are accepted!
    *Puts up snack suggestion box*

  7. Worsening says:

    I’ll try to be first next time…. I’ll try to deny them all…. I wonder what will be Takethattofu reaction🤔🤔🤔

  8. Worsening says:

    Just read the first chapter of this arc. Just sharing the good blessings. And first comments for the chapter completely translated than a chapter title.

  9. Tinascow Mooduck says:

    I have checked this page so often, to make sure that it is the last, that I remember the chapter number at the top of my head. Takethattofu we are waiting to overthrow your plan!


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