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Chapter 78: Covenantor (I)

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【Congratulation to Host for completing Additional Mission 2—Prevent Dipson from spreading the mutated gene.】


【Three missions were completed satisfactorily, Host obtains three times the reward. Constitution +10 (+3+5), Memory +15 (+4+5), Spiritual Power +15 (+5+5), Beauty +15 (+3+4), Life Span +5 (+1+2). The numbers in parentheses are rewards from the additional missions.】


【You can learn two additional skills from what is available.】


Shang Ke laid there unmoved as his mind replayed the scene of Qin Yuan holding his corpse and crying bitterly, a sour feeling overtook his chest. To him, he could meet him again at different worlds, but to “him”, it was one loss after another that couldn’t be undone.


“System, I remember you telling me that as long as I complete all the missions, I can return to the real world, or I can choose to return to those worlds and change our ending.”


【Not only does Host has to complete all the missions, but the comprehensive score of the mission perfection rate must reach 50% or higher.】


“What is my current perfection rate?”


【40%—Completing the main mission, 20%; completing two missions, 50%; completing three missions then dying, 70%; perfect survival, 100%】


40%, it was better than he had thought. He must do at least two missions in his next world, if he could survive and live there, it would be even better.


Shang Ke made up his mind and once again raised his spirits, preparing to start learning skills.


He thought a bit, and finally chose【Car Racing】 and 【Repairment】, in addition, he chose to advance his martial arts and medical arts.


After he left the Hundred Training Space, Shang Ke officially entered the next world.


Slowly opening his eyes, he found himself sitting in a speedily driving small car. Besides the driver in the car, only he sat in the backseats. The scene outside the window quickly sped by; numerous tall buildings stood on either side, he could see that this was a very technologically advanced world.


Shang Ke heaved a sigh of relief, the System finally has a conscience. Finally he did not have to confront all sorts of dangers the moment he opened his eyes.


Following that, the information of this world was quickly sent to him.


Shang Ke’s identity this time was one of Union Empire’s great families, Yue Family’s eldest son Yue Ze. He had just turned nineteen this year and was a bright person who surpassed others since childhood, an outstanding talent and loved by his father, Yue Cheng. He was the future heir to the Yue Family.


Mental Virus had appeared three hundred years ago, so far humanity still has not found the source of the virus nor the perfect cure. They only know that this virus hides in the mind of humans, once it erupts, the person would go crazy and die within three days. At the present time, the only solution to it was to strip away the emotion neuron, which clears away the root of the mental virus.


However, although this treatment would allow a person to return to their mind, they would lose all emotions that a normal person would have. The family, friends and even enemies they had would all be treated as data without any feeling of love or hate. More importantly, the people who accepted this treatment would have their lifespan greatly cut short, they will not live past 35 years old.


The Empire started calling these types of people “Conventors”, there are around 4000 of these covenantors every year, but the number of people who have died from the mental virus due to not receiving treatment in time was over 7000. Generally speaking, the mental virus mainly happened to those common people who lived hard lives along with those whose mental qualities were already at a disadvantaged (handicapped). Someone like Yue Ze who was beloved by the gods, the chance of him having it was very tiny. However, bad luck still descended upon him.


Yue Cheng made a hard decision in the end as he looked at his crazy son, Yue Ze. He had him undergo the treatment, even if this treatment would shorten his young life to thirty-five years.


But he did not know that Yue Ze’s craziness was not because of the mental virus, but because his younger brother Yue Xuan had injected an unusual psychotropic drug in him. The craziness induced by this drug only needed one to two days for the person to return to normal. If he was given the correct counter dose, he would be cured in a few hours.


This kind of psychotropic drug was very hard to detect and the doctor in charge of Yue Ze’s treatment was someone Yue Xuan’s mother, who was Yue Ze’s stepmother, Lady Chang assigned to him. After a series of precise arrangements, the healthy Yue Ze was treated as an mentally ill one and pushed into the cold treatment room. He was turned into someone without emotions, unable to live past 35 years old. At the same time, he thoroughly lost his qualifications to become the heir.


Besides not having any emotions, covenantors did not lose their skills anywhere else. In some cases, they would show even more potential than before. Yue Ze was that type, his ability to focus was exceptional so he could learn three times faster than normal, his ability to work with technology and stamina advanced by leaps and bounds.


When Yue Xuan saw that, the jealousy in him was lit again and after consulting with his mother, he secretly arranged a fake identity for Yue Ze. After that, he sent his information and medical treatment certificate to the Covenantor Distribution Center. This was the employment organization specially made for covenantors. Although covenantors have short lifespans, they were a community with the principle of knowing right and wrong. Once they sign a contract, they would strictly follow the agreement within the clauses and not use violence or betray their employer due to personal benefits or coercing. Even if their families were harmed, it would not sway them.


This was also the true origin of their name “Covenantors”. They were all unfeeling and steady-fast people who execute the wills of their employer, they were also a group of pitiful people without any dreams.


Covenantors have different skills sets and were assigned different star ratings at the distribution center. Yue Ze whose name was now “Shang Ze”, after passing an examination, he was evaluated as three and a half stars by the supervisor of the distribution center. He comprehensive ability was high, at work, his work, physical and internal affair abilities were all very amazing. He was classified as a relatively omnipotent employment talent.


Conventors with three-star ratings or higher were often personally recommended to bigwigs by the distribution center. Yue Ze was outstanding on all sides, so in not even two days, he was employed by a noble.


The territory of this noble was at Fort Ya Country three hundred kilometers away from the capital. He was this world’s main character, Lu Xiufan. Yue Ze was employed by him and after working by his side for three years, he was in an important position. No longer after that, Yue Xuan would fall in love with Lu Xiufan at first sight, but then found out that Yue Ze had become his personal assistant. In jealousy as if he was mad, he once again retaliated against Yue Ze.


Yue Ze remained indifferent to his retaliation, he did not hate him, nor was he sad, he only knows that it was caused by Lu Xiufan. In the end, something unexpected occurred and he was murdered by Yue Xuan. Lu Xiufan did not know Yue Ze was the young master of the Yue Family. Only when his violent death occurred did he investigate and find out the truth. Lu Xiufan told the results of his investigation to Yue Cheng, thinking he would deal with it. Who would have known that Yue Cheng just punished Yue Xuan a bit and passed the event over.


For Yue Ze’s Family to ignore such an incident like that, how could Lu Xiufan, an outsider say anything? But as one of his former subordinates, there was no way he would let him die in vain, even if he was a covenantor without any emotions.


The following years, the Yue Family repeated suffered from Lu Xiufan’s suppression in secret, everything was going badly for them. Yue Xuan did not know that all of his family’s problems were caused by Lu Xiufan, he had even thought to exploit the chance by marrying with the Lu Family and give his family power. After he was rejected, he tried to seduce him, finally drawing Lu Xiufan’s disgust which led to his end.


The events after that all did not have anything to do with Yue Ze anymore. Because even until his death, no one knew that he was originally a healthy person, nor did anyone sincerely feel sad because of his death. And so he silently left this wan world with his icy heart.


When Shang Ke transmigrated to this world, Yue Ze has already become a conventor, and with the identity “Shang Ze”, was employed by Lu Xiufan. He was currently on the way to Fort Ya County.


【Main Mission: Become the Yue Family’s heir again.】


Shang Ke turned his head to look out the window as he spoke in his mind; Yue Ze, don’t worry, I will obtain justice for you. I will not allow the truth and you to be buried together in the dark.


“Mr. Shang, we are here.” The driver stopped the car and spoke to Shang Ke in the back.


Shang Ke got off the car and the first thing he saw was a garden-type courtyard. Spacious, bright and beautiful, it was a very delightful view. Ahead of the garden was a grand mansion, from the looks of it, it was rather old.


An old man in the attire of a bulter came up to welcome him, saying with a smile, “Mr. Shang, welcome to Lu Family’s mansion. Please come in.”


While Shang Ke followed the butler into the mansion, he listened to his introduction, “I am Lu Family’s butler, Fei Lin. If you have any questions on your work or living, you can come to me.”


Shang Ke nodded, he did not answer outloud.


Fei Lin did not care, he was clear on the nature of covenantors, they were always people of few words. They did their work without involving their personal life or interest, and they did not have any emotions.


Fei Lin led Shang Ke to a room and once again spoke, “This is your room, Master’s room is the one at the end of this corridor. He is currently not at the mansion, it would take him approximately three days to return. You can familiarize yourself with the mansion for the time being.”


Fei Lin did not remind him to carefully look over the workflow and assignment arrangement, because the biggest merit of conventors was their high efficiency. He believed that before he even arrived at the mansion, he had already perfectly memorized the control contents and workd details.


After Fei Lin gave a few more warnings, he left the room.


Only then did Shang Ke relax his stiff nerves, acting as a qualified facially paralyzed person was really not easy.


He took out the contract book and work schedule from his suitcase and casually skimmed it, remembering the details clearly.


Fei Lin was old, so employing people now was to split his workload and steadily have him take over. He work content not only comprised of helping Lu Xiufan handle official matters and protecting him, it also consists of everyday life food and drink.


Shang Ke put away the documents and tidied his luggage. After that, he left his room to familiarized himself with his environment.


Regarding Shang Ke the covenantor, Fei Lin was rather assured. Before he entered the mansion, Fei Lin had someone else examine his body to confirm his covenantor identity. As long as that was determined, then other background checks were not needed. Because covenantors will not betray their employer, nor will they sign a contract with someone else before their current employment was over.


This was the most precious character left in covenantors after they have lost all feelings, it was also a cruel stigma.


There were very few servants in this mansion, besides the butler Fei Lin, there was only a cook, a gardener, two bodyguards and two maids. Shang Ke guessed that this mansion did not contain any particularly important information, it was just a place for Lu Xiufan to rest and relax.


He really wanted to see this man right now, he wondered if he was the man he was looking for. However, even if he was his man, he did not plan to further develop their relationship. Because the mission this time, no matter if he could live until the end of the missions, his lifespan was only until he was 35 years old. There was no hope since the beginning, so it was better off never to have started in the first place.


His identity as a Covenantor would become his screen. How could someone without emotions, feel emotions toward someone else?

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