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Chapter 62: A+A (X)


Shang Ke woke up on Rhine’s bed and he laid there in a daze. He finally turned around to look when the sound of the bathroom door from behind him opened, only to find Rhine leaving from it with only a towel wrapped around his waist. His entire body was full of rugged and robust muscles, filled with power that was ready to be used at any moment.


“You’re awake?” Rhine made his way by the bed and asked, “Are you hungry? Do you want to eat anything? I will go have someone prepare it.”


Shang Ke did not reply to any of his questions, he merely stared at him, his gaze roaming his body back and forth as he tried to find something.


“What’s wrong?” Rhine asked in confusion seeing his strange state.


There wasn’t a mole, this man didn’t have a single mole anywhere on his body! This was simply not scientific! How can a person not have a single mole on their entire body?!


Shang Ke’s instinct told him Rhine was the man he was trying to find, especially last night, that feeling of his was even stronger than usual. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have gotten drunk before and went to bed with the wrong person, indulging in a passionate activity in bed. However, his body just doesn’t have that sign. After five worlds of his man having that one sign, could this really be the exception?


Shang Ke was unwilling to give up, he pulled over Rhine’s right hand and carefully looked over it.


Rhine allowed Shang Ke to grab his hand as his own eyes started to wander over his body.


After he carefully looked over the right hand, Shang Ke actually did find something unusual. In the hollow of his palm, there is a veined pattern that was lighter compared to the others. He had thought it was one of the lines of his palm, but now it looks like it was left behind by a wound a long time ago.


“You got injured here before?” Shang Ke raised his head, his eyes full of anticipation for the answer.


Rhine moved his gaze to his right hand and replied, “When I was young and learning how to assemble and install machines, I scratched myself there.”


Shang Ke took a deep breath in his heart, then pointed at the hollow of his palm as he asked in the calmest manner possible, “Before you got injured, was there a mole here?”


Rhine nodded, “Hm, after it was treated, that mole also disappeared.”


Disappeared, disappeared, di-sa-ppe-ared! Do you know how important that mole is? Your entire appeal drops a large chunk without that mole alright? Without that mole, with your aura of supremacy, arrogance and forceful scum aura, who would like you!


These two years, he had conflicted with himself, worried, angered, confused and hated himself, all because you bastard cleared away that valuable mole!


The eyes Shang Ke used to look at Rhine became incomparably sharp and his nails stabbed into his palm. If it weren’t for Rhine having thick skin, blood would already be flowing.


Rhine had thought that Shang Ke was angry over bedding him last night, so he spoke very confidently, “Filmore, get used to my embrace quickly. Besides me, you will never have a second person to sleep with you.”


“……” Although Shang Ke determined his identity, he still really wanted to give this guy a beating. Just thinking about how he had been forced before, Shang Ke felt that he should not let him off so easily.


He shook off Rhine’s hand and turned around to pick up his scattered clothing. What he found of his clothes were either torn or smeared with suspicious stains; they could not be worn again.


Upon seeing the result of their night in Shang Ke’s hands, Rhine connected his communicator and told the butler to deliver some clothes and prepare something to eat while he was at it.


Without any word, Shang Ke went to the bathroom to clean himself up into something more presentable. He changed his clothes but found himself marked by that man again. Grinding his teeth, he easily erased the mark after his experience with the previous one.


Rhine did not say anything as Shang Ke erased it, he simply thought to himself that his marking wasn’t strong enough, he needs to dig deeper next time. The pheromone emitted by Shang Ke was very special, it did not reject other alphas and there were at least four to five other alphas that were interested in him. As such, Rhine always felt that he had to leave some kind of notation on Shang Ke to prevent others from even thinking about it.


After they ate, Shang Ke was given a new mission before he had finished planning how he wanted to deal with Rhine.


Shang Ke stood up in full fighting spirits, “The battle is about to start.”


Rhine keenly noticed a few differences in Shang Ke’s current expression; it was like a new source of energy was poured into him. Although Shang Ke would be in high spirits for battle before, it wasn’t so… bright like this.


Rhine’s heart pounded as he watched him and walked in large strides to catch up so he could walk right beside him…


The 45th Legion rushed to a new battlefield under Rhine’s lead and started another life and death battle with the anthropod.


For an entire three years, Shang Ke followed Rhine around the borders and experienced all sorts of critical situations as they completed one dangerous mission after another. Ever since he had confirmed Rhine’s identity, Shang ke had thoroughly set aside his misgivings and fought dauntlessly in full vigor. His position and prestige within the army had rose step by step, and he had became Rhine’s most capable front-line combat assistant, fighting side by side and acting in tacit understanding.


“Hah!” Shang Ke cut down the bug that was planning to launch a sneak attack on Rhine in a single strike. A large amount of blood sprayed onto Rhine’s back but he didn’t even turn around as he placed all his concentration on dealing with the bugs in front of him.


The two were back to back as black bugs surrounded them on all sides.


This time, they had been given orders to shift their camp. But they suffered a surprise attack while in the middle of transit, causing them to only have around a dozen men out of five hundred fighting on.


“Keso River is right over there, head straight for it.” Rhine shouted.


A dozen voices answered back in return and broke through the encirclement of ground anthropods, heading for the violently surging Keso River and leaping into it. Shang Ke was also picked up by Rhine and dumped down into the river.


Ground anthropods could not swim, but the river contained dangerous aquatic anthropods. Rhine and his men had to quickly swim to the opposite bank to avoid arousing the attention of the dangers lurking under the surface.


However, things turn out contrary to what one wishes. Their timing was very unfortunate as they just so happen to run into a King and Queen Scarlet Bone Fish mating. The two fishes were alarmed by the humans falling into the water and all of its sperm were spouted to the river. It was simply beyond angered. For a small explanation of these fishes, Scarlet Bone fishes only mate in a three year cycle and their birth rates were low. These two had finally found a nice place and time, and when the male was just a moment away from shooting, it all turned into nothing but pieces in the river.


They rolled their large bodies and produced an ear-piercing sound wave within the water, causing everyone to bleed from every possible apertures and wishing they were dead instead of suffering such pain.


Shang Ke was also shaken until he was completely muddled. Water poured into his mouth and nose, causing him to choke and almost take a breath in reflex. Wearing a very grave expression, Rhine held Shang Ke closely and quickly swam for the other bank.


The two large fishes swallowed several soldiers in a row and then headed for Rhine and Shang Ke.


Rhine’s face chilled and his pupils shrunk, he held Shang Ke in one hand while his other hand held his weapon. He turned around to face the two rushing Scarlet Bone Fishes…


After an unknown period of time, Shang Ke woke up in a world of pain as he started to fiercely cough. A large amount of blood and some dirt came out following his coughing.


The sound of coughing lasted for a while before it finally eased. After calming his breathing, Shang Ke raised his head and peered around him, quickly finding Rhine’s figure not too far away. He was lying down on his stomach, his armor already scattered and smashed into pieces as his mangled back was shown to the world. His right leg also had a couple deep gorges that looked very frightening.


Compared to him, the injuries on Shang Ke were simply not worth mentioning. His main problem was his old injuries relapsing due to the sound wave, leaving him powerless. His other injuries were just basic external scrapes left behind by fighting the anthropod.


Shang Ke’s breathing stopped for a moment as he staggered over to Rhine and checked over his situation. After confirming that he was still breathing, he finally relaxed the breath he held in his chest.


However, Rhine’s injuries were very severe and he needs treatment as soon as possible, otherwise, he might become disabled for life. Shang Ke looked around and all was empty and quiet, he could not find any traces of anyone else, nor did he know how the situation of his other comrades were.


Shang Ke patted himself down and found two tubes of medicine and a compressed bandage. He quickly started emergency treatment of Rhine’s wounds, then took out his communication device to try and send out a signal for help. But that idea was quickly destroyed when he noticed that his communication device was already damaged.


Shang Ke cursed quietly, raising his head to observe the direction and terrain before putting Rhine on his back and headed for the direction of their camp. Who would have thought that after just a few steps, Shang Ke would spurt out a mouthful of blood and his legs weakened, causing him to almost fall to the ground. He gritted his teeth and steadied Rhine on his back, then continued to walk.


He must find a safe hiding place before sundown. The night time was the time when the anthropod were the most active, in their present condition, they would die without a doubt if they met a hoard.


Shang Ke still did not find a suitable place after walking for over an hour. Left with no other choice, he carried Rhine up a pine valley tree. This kind of tree emitted an odor the anthropod hated, large numbers of bugs usually could not be found around it.


Shang Ke carefully placed Rhine in between the tree fork, feeding him a tube of nutrient fluid. They only have four between the two of them, so Shang Ke fed Rhine one while he only drank half of one. According to his judgment, the two of them were at least three days away from the closest camp. Four tubes of nutrient fluids will not last them long.


At this moment, Rhine slowly woke up and looked around. He was immediately aware of their current situation.


He moved his body a bit, the violent pain causing his face to sink.


“Don’t move around and rest. We still have to make our way back so make sure to get as much rest as you can.” Shang Ke stopped him from making any other movement.


Rhine looked toward him, asking, “Are you alright?”


“I’m fine.” Shang Ke shook his head.


The light was dusky in the evening, so Rhine did not see that Shang Ke was already dyed in bloodstains.


“Ok.” Rhine’s face slowly returned to normal as he turned the conversation, “The operation this time should have been absolutely fine, we have already investigated ahead yet still met a surprise attack. This isn’t by chance.”


“I also think so.” Shang Ke frowned, “But who would scheme against us?”


“It’s not ‘us’, but me.” Killing intent flashed through Rhine’s eyes. “My accomplishments these past few years has stepped on some people’s nerves. Once this operation is successful, I should be promoted to Major General.


Rhine was only thirty-four, and was likely to become history’s youngest Major General. To some people, it was undoubtedly a huge threat.


Looking down at Rhine who was full of killing intent and a stony face, Shang Ke suddenly flipped down and sat by him on the fork. After lying against the trunk, he patted his chest, smiling, “Want to lean against me?”


Rhine paused all activity for a moment and just stared. He probably never had anyone who let him ‘lean’ against them before and couldn’t quite wrap his head around it. After hesitating for a moment, he still slowly leaned over and place his face against Shang Ke’s chest, his arms wrapped around his waist.


Shang Ke hand one hand around him and the other in his hair, gently massaging him.


Rhine’s body gradually relaxed and more than half of his weight was on Shang Ke, like a dozing big cat. It was very different from his usual cold and strict self.


Feeling Shang Ke’s gentle breathing, Rhine felt a sense of satisfaction he had never gained before.


In the darkness, a trace of blood slowly flowed from Shang Ke’s mouth and the muscles in his body seem to be spasming somewhat. But Rhine who had already fallen into sleep, did not notice of his unusual condition at all.


In the veil of the tree, the figure of two people laid together as the peaceful world surrounded them. Only the slow night wind seem to bring a soundless bug’s cry.

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