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Chapter 47: Everyone Loves Little Immortal Mushroom (V)


After leaving Heavenless Secret Realm, Shang Ke took out all the treasure and asked Yan Lu, “Is there anything you want?”


Yan Lu had originally wanted to see how Little Mushroom was planning to “share the booty”. But who knew that this guy didn’t have self-awareness in the first place. So defenseless, if he were seen by someone else, he probably would be eaten clean without a trace.


Yan Lu looked through the treasure one by one, his face showing neither sadness or joy. Even if he saw something he was interested in, it was also unable to ignite the passion in him. The things in the world, the useful ones are left while the useless ones are thrown away, there isn’t much to think about it.


Shang Ke saw that he was looking through a couple jade strips of cultivation methods and asked, “Is there a cultivation method that suits you?”


Yan Lu handed one over to him, his evalution of it: “Not bad.”


Shang Ke curiously checked it, then looked at Yan Lu strangely, “You think this one isn’t bad?”


Yan Lu nodded.


“If I’m not seeing things, this is a dual cultivation method?” Shang Ke pointed at the jade strip in his hand, his face very stern.


Yan Lu said, “If you dual cultivate with me, your cultivation speed will increase by several folds.”


Shang Ke shook his head with all his might, “Nonono, I am a devil cultivator, I can’t dual cultivate with you.”


“Wouldn’t it be fine if I also do devil cultivation.” Yan Lu did not feel that there was anything wrong with cultivating the devil path.


He finally prevented this guy from turning into a devil, how could he let his progress backtrack?


“No, no way.” Shang Ke’s tone was very firm.


Yan Lu did not push it, he merely played with the jade strip, his face thoughtful. This seems to be the first time Little Mushroom refused his request?


“The treasure Daoist Luo He hoarded are all first class treasures, why don’t you take another look?” Shang Ke did his best to recommend.


Yan Lu glanced through it again and in the end, picked out a flying sword and two jade strips. The rest of the items were given to Shang Ke to deal with.


“That’s enough? You don’t want to take a couple more?” As a Devil Lord, he was actually not moved by treasure? Was such a thing really scientific?


“You can have the rest to protect your life.”


Shang Ke felt as if his knee was shot by and arrow.


That night, Shang Ke went back to being a mushroom while Yan Lu took out the jade strip, pondering over it. Although he did not have any of his past memories, his comprehension of cultivation was very out of the usual, as if he had cultivated thousands of times before.


Mobilizing the true essence within his body, Yan Lu spat out a breath of foul air after cycling it through his body a few times. Light flowed and flickered on his body, giving him a very impressive aura. After the light disappeared, Yan Lu turned his head to look at the little mushroom hidden in the corner. His gaze gloomy and thoughtful.


The following months, Yan Lu concentrated on cultivating and Shang Ke felt gratified. He would make all sorts of delicious food happily for him, carefully protecting him as he cultivated. He felt like the completion of the mission was coming soon.


Because the progress was going too smoothly, Shang Ke almost forgot that this person was almost the future Devil Lord, someone who would never follow good morals.


That day, Shang Ke was in a hot spring, soaking his mushroom bath when a delicate fragrance of unknown origin came floating by. Shang Ke couldn’t help but sniffed a few times, and after a bit, his mind became dazed as his consciousness became muddled.


In his daze, he vaguely saw a figure enter the hot spring, slowly coming closer to him.


Yan Lu? Shang Ke was dizzy and powerless as his body submerged without control. A pair of large hands pulled him up and wrapped around him. Then it followed down his back heading for it legs, and then pulling his waist forward, assuming a tangled postured,


Within the dense water vapor, Shang Ke’s cheeks were faintly flushed. With his blurred eyes and somewhat opened lips, he appeared like a cherry after rain in the fog. His head was slightly tilted back, revealing his slender and white neck. Drops of water slowly slid down and dripped back into the water without a sound.


Yan Lu’s eyes drooped down as he concentrated on him. This was his first time observing his Little Mushroom at such a close range. His appearance was delicate and enticing, he truly was a beautiful little mushroom.


There wasn’t any desire in Yan Lu’s eyes, only curiousity and seriousness. He held his lower back, dipped his head down and met his lips. Some true essense crossed over from his mouth into Shang Ke’s.


Shang Ke unconsciously absorbed it, an expression of joy appearing on his face.


Yan Lu’s lips quirked up somewhat and continued to pass qi over.


As Shang Ke absorbed more and more true essence, his body gradually grew. His white skin gave off a brilliant luster, and with his phoenix eyes, his appearance became even more seductive.


A short time later, Yan Lu moved away his lips. Shang Ke unconsciously followed his breath and placed his face by his, his nose rubbed past his lower jaw and he started to sniff his neck. A warm breath sprayed on his skin, causing a rather weak feeling to form in Yan Lu’s heart.


Yan Lu’s eyes darken and gathered the true essence in his dantian. Then, he propped up Shang Ke’s legs, his raised his body up and slowly squeezed in.


Shang Ke’s brows faintly knitted, softly groaning and tried to move back. But his slender waist was held tightly by Yan Lu and he went deep in.


“Ah…” With his body suddenly being intruded upon, Shang Ke felt a bit of pain. But with the flow of warmth coming through, he gradually adapted and started to coordinate with Yan Lu’s movements, moving the true essence through his body.


The true essence made its round between the two through their intimate places, becoming faster and faster as even the water was starting to boil, causing vapor to flow around. Countless drops of water rose making a clamor of noise.


Shang Ke somewhat regained his mind by the sounds. When he discovered that he was currently undergoing an “intense exercise” with Yan Lu, his mind went blank.


“Uhn…” The true essence entered and merged with his body. The double pleasure of his strength increasing and lust made it hard for him to resist. The devil dan within his body that had remained silent for a long time acted as if it was filled with vitality and turned bright.


His devil qi that had stagnated in place for hundred of years broke through in one night with Yan Lu. After truly trying it once would one know the ecstasy of it. The moment it became a habit, one would not be able to break free of it anymore.


What was even harder for Shang Ke to accept was that through the dual cultivation Yan Lu did with him, he mixed with his devil qi and once again went back to the devil path.


His hard work of persuasion and accompaniant for a hundred years all turned into dust. Shang Ke’s body was filled with pleasure but his heart was filled with pain.


A drop of tear flowed from his eye, mixed with pleasure and pain as it turned into a image of spring.


Yan Lu swiftly stopped, his stagnant eyes finally showed some signs of being affected. It felt like something was touched, a feeling he had never felt before rose in his heart.


“Little Mushroom…” His softly sighed and once again started to move.


With the echange between their true essence and the rise of desire, Shang Ke couldn’t help but sink within it…


They were done for. Not only Yan Lu, even he would completely fall into the devil path…


Their dual cultivation continued for three days, the spring water were all evaporated by the true essense leaking from them.


Yan Lu’s talent in devil cultivation was extremely high, and Shang Ke, with his devil spirit body was very capatible with him. This was also the reason why Yan Lu chose to dual cultivate with him. From his point of view, this way of cultivation was very applicable for both of them.


Little Mushroom always strictly adhere to principle and did not dared to take even a step past the line, causing his strength to never rise and actually decline. If this continued, in a couple hundred thousand years, he will return back to his former form. Since Little Mushroom wasn’t willing to break his principle, then he will help him.


Even more than that was that the feeling of dual cultivating with Little Mushroom was truly pleasurable beyond his expectation. After they finished cultivating, he continued on a couple more times, and those times completely satisfied his body’s desire.


Yan Lu sat by the stone bed, looking down at the deeply sleeping Shang Ke. His finger unconsiously played with his hair, his eyes dark…


Shang Ke only slept for a couple hours before waking up. With the abundant power in his body, it made him feel very energized and his recovery speed also greatly increased. With just a single dual cultivation, his strength increased by several folds, almost comparable to a Core Formation Stage cultivator.


However, he didn’t care about the increasement of his strength, he only cared about if the mission could still be completed. He can’t fail again this time, otherwise, the mission difficulty would be increased again. The difficulty double mission was already tiring him out so badly, if it was raised a couple more times, he might really fall into a neverending death and reincarnation cycle.


As for chasity and whatnot, it was all just floating clouds in front of life and death.


While he was deep in thought, something flitted through his mind and Shang Ke subconsciously turned his head to look outside the cave. In a flash, Yan Lu’s figure appeared before his sight.


Some kind of response seem to have been born between him and this man.


Yan Lu wore entirely black clothes, his long hair hung behind him and he walked leisurely. His temerpament was dignified and was already substantially different from a few days. He vaguely has the demeanor of a future Devil Lord.


“Awake?” Yan Lu’s voice was low and seem to carry a trace of joy.


Joy? This naturally near-emotionless guy could actually have a time where he’s feeling ‘joy’?


“What have you done?” Shang Ke gritted his teeth and asked.


“What’s wrong?”


He even dared to ask ‘what’s wrong’! Shang Ke angrily said, “I said that I didn’t want to dual cultivate with you!”


“So what?” Yan Lu did not feel that connecting their bodies and dual cultivating to promote their strength was anything wrong.


“You…” Do you not think about my feelings at all?


Shang Ke suddenly stopped midsentence, because he suddenly recalled the fragrance he smelled back when he was soaking in the hot spring. That fragrance was likely the reason he bacame dazed. If he was clear-headed, he could have just turned back into his original form and avoid dual cultivating with him. Yan Lu clearly thought of that point so he would use poison.


Thinking of that, Shang Ke really wish he could kill this devil! Compared to the him from the past few worlds, the one before him did whatever he wanted regardless of morality. This man without nay integrity really made him want to blow his top. But he knows himself that being angry was useless, what was more important was how to settle the current predicament.


Yan Lu once again chose devil path and his cultivation has also reached Core Formation Stage. When he formed a Devil Nascent Soul, there would be no way to change things. It was impossible for him to have a second chance to prevent him from passing his tribulation.


“Little Mushroom, let’s dual cultivate once every three months until Nascent Soul Stage.” Yan Lu suddenly spoke, “In this period of time, let’s go to where the people assembly together and gather some essence from them.”


If you want to go, then go by yourself! He wasn’t going! Shang Ke angrily thought.


Suddenly, he was enlightened. That’s right, it was dual cultivation. That meant that if one party doesn’t cooperate, then the other one will also be unlucky!


He can completely be the one to not cooperate!


Shang Ke saw Yan Lu’s gaze gradually turning brighter: O Great Devil Lord of All Evil, please accept this teammate’s gorgeous counterattack! Little Mushroom shall start “connection-loss” fighting mode.

TL Note: Basically not cooperating, playing dead, frozen tuna.


Shang Ke forgot, no matter how much he tries to play dead, the one holding the reigns to “dual cultivation” was always Yan Lu. He can’t play dead it just because he wants to…

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