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Chapter 45: Everyone Loves Little Immortal Mushroom (III)

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Shang Ke and Yan Lu escorted Yu Wenjie to Xialiang City. Yu Wenjie used a secret skill to notify his sect then they all went to find a hotel to stay for the time being.


Yu Wenjie rented three rooms but Yan Lu did not go to his room, rather, he very naturally followed Shang Ke to his room.


“A room was rented for you but you’re not using it, why didn’t you say anything before we got it?” Shang Ke glanced toward him.


“He did his renting and I am doing my dwelling, what does it have to do with him?” Yan Lu sat and leaned against the window sill, taking out the space ring he had “picked up” in the day. From within, he took out a jade strip.


Shang Ke moved closer, and asked, “What’s this?”


“A cultivation method.” Yan Lu handed the jade strip to him.


Shang Ke used his divine sense to check the contents within and it was pretty much a heavenly book. The way the humans and nonhuman creatures cultivated were completely different. They did not have a specific way to cultivate and mainly needed to absorb the essence of heaven and earth. As such, their cultivation speed are a far cry and cannot be compared to humans. And in order to set himself as a good example to Yan Lu, the Devil Mushroom Shang Ke never absorbed the energy of the people, so his cultivation speed was even more slower like a snail.

TL Note: Heavenly book as in it doesn’t make sense to him


“Can you cultivate it?” Shang Ke’s eyes shone as he looked toward Yan Lu. Although he couldn’t make sense of it, he knew that this was a righteous method of cultivation. What Yan Lu lacked out of everything he had was a complete righteous cultivation method.


“I can.”


“Then…” Hurry up and cultivate it! The gates to the immortal realm has been widely opened for you.


“I don’t like it.”


“What?” Shang Ke was confused.


“I don’t like this cultivation method.” Yan Lu took out a spirit stone from the space ring and played it around in his hand, but he still showed his disdain toward that jade strip.


“Then what kind of cultivation method do you like?” As long as he was given a goal, even if he has to go to the ends of the world or jump into a pit of fire he would get it.


Yan Ly looked at him, then seriously answered, “Your type.”


Shang Ke wore a thoroughly confused face, “What type is my type?”


“Free to do as you please, your cultivation is as if it’s made by heaven as it can absorb the essence of all living things.” He paused, then added, “And carries a damp Devil Mushroom smell.”


The first part can be ignored, but what was the meaning of the latter part? What “damp Devil Mushroom smell”?


“Being a mushroom is innate, you can’t obtain it no matter how much you want it!” Shang Ke angrily retorted, “You better choose a cultivation method that a regular human can practice and leave it at that!”


“Hm, you’re right.” Yan Lu nodded his head, “Although I can’t be like you, I have my own way.”


“What way?” Shang Ke stared blankly.


“Refine a cultivator’s nascent soul and make their powers my own.” Yan Lu’s tone was very casual as he spoke, as if he was just talking about today’s weather.


Shang Ke: “……” This guy’s devil character was simply like nature itself.


Shang Ke took a deep breath and attempted to correct his belief, “That isn’t right, cultivators should pursue the righteous path and abandon evil thought. Otherwise, will fall into devil path.”


“So what if I fall into the devil path? Yan Lu was bewildered, “Little Mushroom, aren’t you a demon spirit of the devil path?”


Shang Ke was speechless. This was unfortunately a bloody fact. But as for why he entered the devil path, it was all caused by someone okay?


Yan Lu placed his hand on top of his head, comforting him, “I think being a Devil Mushroom is pretty great, you don’t need to undervalue yourself and force yourself to chase the righteous path.”


He unexpectedly flipped it and comforted him! Who was undervaluing themselves? Who was chasing the righteous path?


Shang Ke turned and powerlessly fell onto the bed.


“Are you going to sleep?” Yan Lu jumped off the window sill and took off his coat while he was at it and placed Shang Ke within it. After he tidied it up, he lied by him and said a “Good night.” and immediately closed his eyes, peacefully falling asleep.


Shang Ke: “……” He doesn’t know why, but he suddenly felt that if a person like Yan Lu did not practice devil cultivation, it was simply a waste!


The next day, Shang Ke regained his spirit and encouraged himself. He continued to do good deeds and worked on reforming this devil that is entire evil.


Yu Wenjue injured his foundation during the fight. Shang Ke personally went up the mountain to find him some spiritual herbs which moved him endlessly. Not only him, anyone he ran into that was in a difficult situation, he helped. He earned money everyday through gathering mountain fruits and herbs, making little toys or selling his skills through music. The wealth he obtained in exchange was used to help others.


When Shang Ke first started doing this, he had still felt mentally tired. But gradually, he noticed that this is also a way to cultivate that could mix the heaven and earth spiritual qi even faster, and a type of cultivation to him. As such, he started to put more effort into this kind of “kind and charitable” thankless task.


Yan Lu was unable to understand but he also did not stop him. He watched everyday as he energetically ran all over.


Yan Wenjie admired Shang Ke incessantly, he was almost treating him as his white moonlight. In merely half a month of interaction, he had left behind his heart on Shang Ke.


Under a tree, Shang Ke was sitting on the ground with a chinese lute in his hand. His fingers moved and played a fast tune. He face drooped low as he concentrated. His white hair lightly floated in the breeze and the sunlight sprinkled down with a mottled pattern on him through the leaves. His long gown was simple yet elegant, while he temperament was like the cloud. Only his lips were such a dark red like blood, glossy and lovely.


By his side were seven to eight children sitting around him, they quietly listened to the sweet-sounding music as their heads bobbed and swayed along with the music occasionally. Not too far from them, even the adults placed down their work, smiling as they took a break.


Yan Lu leaned against a rock, silently watching Shang Ke below the tree. In his steady eyes, his figure shone.


Yu Wenjie’s mind was entirely taken by Shang Ke, his usual infatuation appeared on his face.


Shang Ke who was immersed in his performance did not notice that the noise and voices around him had disappeared, leaving behind only the sound of the melodious lute being played.


His slender fingers left behind a faint purple fog as he plucked the strings. The light in his eyes flickered and the corners slanted up. His red lips curved into an alluring smile, making him so much more devilishly beautiful. The music that was originally joyful for the listeners gradually become a devil sound that took in people’s soul. The surrounding one kilometer of people all wore dazzled expression as if they were intoxicated to the point of losing their senses. Strands of essence qi floated from their bodies and slowly converged in Shang Ke’s direction.


Only Yan Lu smiled among all the people present. Without any qualm, he started to absorb the essence qi that filled the air.


“Which devil is causing trouble!” at this moment, a great shout come from a distant place. The voice slashed through the horizon and shot toward Shang Ke like an arrow. The great spiritual power interrupted his performance.


Once the music stopped, the surrounding people gradually recovered their minds and once again started to move about. They have not notice the unusual event at all.


While Shang Ke was startled by the unexpected interruption, a couple righteous cultivators had arrived. A white hair old man among them started to berate, “It is just an insignificant spirit, to dare to cause trouble here and futilely absorb the people’s essence qi.”


Shang Ke thought back to what had just happened before he finally realized what he had just done. He was transformed by the devil tribulation and formed a devil dan(tian). Although he didn’t want to harm people, the power in his body was the opposite of his nature. He accidentally activated his devil dan and absorbed the people’s qi.


The old man activated his sword qi, causing a distinct sound that dispersed all the surrounding children away.


Seeing how only Shang Ke remained before him, the old man showed no mercy as he started his attack.


“ Martial Uncle Qing Chong! Don’t.” Yu Wenjie cried out in alarm behind him, “That is my friend.”


The old man did not heed his words and continued to wave his sword.


Shang Ke knew he wouldn’t be able to beat him even without fighting. He held his lute and ran for it. The old man and the other cultivators followed closely behind, sending countless sword qi and slashing his back.


This was the first time Shang Ke experienced the attacking ways of a cultivator. That really was such a sharp and bright sword, the killing intent was pressuring and they were still able to injure him despite being several hundred meters away.


“Don’t Martial Uncle!” Watching with his own eyes at how Shang Ke was knocked to the ground by a sword qi and drenched in blood, Yu Wenjie quickly went forward to stop, “Martial Uncle, he is my friend. Please have mercy on him.”


“Mercy? This is a devil spirit that harms people. If we don’t deal with him today, who knows how many people he will harm.” Daoist Qing Chong used his sword to point at Shang Ke.


“No, he won’t!” Yu Wenjie plead, “He saved my life before and also helped many people. Even if he is a devil spirit, he is a kindhearted one.”


“Are you bewitched by him?” Daoist Qing Chong coldly refuted, “The devil music he played just now attempted to absorb other people’s essence qi. This is still called kindhearted?”


A trace of shock flashed through Yu Wenjie eyes and he turned back to look at Shang Ke. Shang Ke struggled up from the ground, his clothes in complete disorder and bloodstained. A bit of distress shone in his dark eyes. The left of his forehead was cut by the sword qi and blood flowed down to his eye, coagulating into a bloody drop that slowly slid down to his fair face.


A youth like jade, lucid and elegant without compare.


After interacting with him for half a month, Yu Wenjie was unable to believe that Shang Ke was a harming devil spirit. But the devil music just now, even he was bewitched. If it weren’t for his Martial Uncle getting here in time, the consequences would be unthinkable.


Yu Wenjie’s gaze was complicated, he didn’t know what to do.


Shang Ke nevertheless forced a smile inside. No matter how much good deeds you do, once you do something bad by accident once, the hard work from before would all fade into nothing.


Daoist Qing Chong did not have the patience to wait for Yu Wenjie to make his choice, he raised his sword and attacked Shang Ke again.


Shang Ke had originally wanted to used devil qi to fight back, but when he saw Yan Lu standing in the distance, he gave up on that thought. The matter has already progressed to this point, he will do things his own way. Even if he was forced to an impasse, he will still not use his devil cultivation to harm others.


His body was of a devils while his heart was on the path of righteous. Disdained by other people, but still not willing to change.


Shang Ke tensed his devil heart and only defended without attacking. The injuries continued to pile up on his body while a misty layer of tears gradually fogged his eyes. But his eyes were still firm without fear.


“Immortal Elder, please have mercy! Brother Shang is a good person!” Right at this moment, an old lady suddenly called out and begged.


“Yes, please have mercy Immortal Elder, let him go.” Another person agreed.


“Don’t hurt Big Brother Shang!” These were from the children that listened to him playing the lute.


More and more people’s voices started to rise up. They were all people that had received help from SHang Ke. Although it was just small graces, to the simple and honest them, they were still very grateful.


Daoist Qing Chong face was full of shock. He didn’t expect this group of ordinary people to still plead for mercy for a devil spirit. Their soul was almost taken by him just now, they were just impossibly stupid!


Yu Wenjue nevertheless was moved, he knelt and begged, “Martial Uncle, please let him go.”


“You!” The common people being ignorant was one thing, but even this Martial Nephew of him was like this, were they all infatuated to the point they lost their minds? Daoist Qin Chong couldn’t restrain his rage as he pointed a finger at Shang Ke, “Scram! You better not let me see you again, I won’t let you off so easily next time.”


Shang Ke stood up and looked around him. Then he raised his arms and deeply bowed to these good and honest common people. They not only saved his life, they also gave him back the hope of completely his mission.


Shang Ke staggeringly walked and left this small town under everyone’s gaze.


From start to finish, Yan Lu merely watched indifferently from the side. After Shang Ke left, he turned his sight onto the members of Flying Star Sword Sect. He stared for a while before turning and heading to the direction Shang Ke left in.


Yan Lu found Shang Ke’s muddy and bloody clothes in a forest. His eyes swept around his surroundings and he accurately found a withered mushroom on a tree root.


He crouched down and quietly said, “You are just a devil mushroom, why must you walk the righteous path and obey heavenly principles? With your spiritual nature, if you work on your devil cultivation, you would cultivate a devil body in not even two hundred years and ascend. Then, how would those people be your opponent?”

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