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Chapter 40: Let Me Protect You (VIII)

第40章 让我来守护你

Chapter 40: Let Me Protect You (VIII)


Under Shang Ke’s insistence, the two finally still ended up sleeping in separate rooms. They then moved out from home after they started high school and rented an apartment near the school. Everyday, they would go to school, go to work, train, shop… they were almost inseparable. Shang Ke felt it was a bit unimaginable. Living with someone for ten years together and they don’t feel tired of it, this was really true love!


But true love is just true love, the bottomline must still be held!


“Ke Ke, my room smells weird.” Feng Juan complained, his voice sounding like he was wronged.


Shang Ke sprayed air freshener.

” 可可,我的床太硬了。”

“Ke Ke, my bed is too hard.”


Shang Ke helped him thicken the mattress.


“Ke Ke, I can’t sleep without you.”


Shang Ke arranged a photo of himself on his bedside.


“Ke Ke, my room’s soundproofing isn’t good. If I console myself, what do I do if you hear me?”

(Cough, aka masturbate)


Shang Ke handed him a banana.


Feng Juan held the banana, his face stiff: “……”


“What are you looking at? Eat it.” Shang Ke peeled open his own, “Banana’s can quench thirst, and can help constipation. Eating one sometimes can make you healthy.”


Feng Juan stared at Shang Ke as he sucked the banana, and scenes not suitable for children flashed through his mind one by one and his body heated up. Who said bananas can help quench thirst?! He felt even more thirsty alright?


Just when Feng Juan was thinking about what kind of position he should use to pounce, Shang Ke already finished one banana and turned away to walk back to his room.


Feng Juan immediately followed like a large-tailed wolf, his tail wagging from side to side while he plotted his scheme.


When he walked to entrance of his room, Shang Ke had one hand on his door frame as he glanced at this wolf. “Go back to your own room and sleep.”


Feng Juan played around with the banana in his hand and dawdled around at the entrance, he just wouldn’t leave.


For such a tall, cool and tyrant type of person to assume such a miserable appearance, was he trying to act cute to seduce him? Hmph, he will not compromise, otherwise, once this guy got an inch he would want a mile.


“Ke Ke, you don’t love me anymore.” Feng Juan’s eyes were full of sadness.


“If you continue to disturb me, then I can only say ‘I once loved you’.”


Feng Juan could only felt as if an arrow hit his chest. It hurts so much.


Staring at Feng Juan’s dispirited figure leaving, Shang Ke’s heart soften a bit, but immediately, he warned himself. He cannot yield no matter!


The next day, Shang Ke saw that Feng Juan’s eyes were dark, like he was having kidney deficiency… no, a haggard appearance. It appears he didn’t sleep well.


Shang Ke pretended to not see it and silently told himself, as long as he got used to it then it would be fine.


The two people tidied up and went out together. In front of others, Feng Juan returned back to his mature and cold arrogance, moving swiftly and firmly. He pressured a group of simple youths into submission, which was completely different from his proud and pampered unruliness at home.


He liked hot-blooded sports while Shang Ke enjoyed the quiet. Every time Feng Juan went to do an event, he would always call Shang Ke over. As long as he was present, he would act as if he was injected with chicken blood, his vigor coming out even strongly causing countless female students to scream. But the one he wanted to attract was only one person.


On the basketball court, Feng Juan wiped his sweat in a very free manner, his muscle moved along with his movements, bursting with astonishing power.


Shang Ke had no choice but to admit that this king of Feng Juan was so eye-catching his heart would skip a beat.


The match ended and Feng Juan returned to Shang Ke’s side. Although his face didn’t really have any expression, his eyes were bright, like a pair of blazing fires.


Shang Ke couldn’t help but avoid his line of sight and handed the towel and water bottle to him.


“Let’s go back home, we have a Masquerade tonight, we can’t miss it.” Feng Juan randomly wiped his sweat then swung his bag over his shoulder, pulling Shang Ke away to leave.




The Masquerade tonight was conducted by the school for the coming summer vacation. Every grade has a theme, and the theme for Shang Ke’s grade was black and white. In other words, everyone could only wear black and white.


Shang Ke and Feng Juan had already prepared their own costumes, but besides knowing the other’s colors, they kept the design from each other. They planned to look for each other at the dance.


Shang Ke arrived at the dance scene earlier than Feng Juan by a step, his costume was an entirely white suit. On his face was a silver mask while his black hair was hidden by a long golden wig. His entire person looked as if he was a nobleman from the medieval century.


He leaned against a pillar while his gaze roamed the place. Many people tried to strike up a conversation with him, but he tactfully refused them all.


Right at this moment, the light dimmed and the music sounded. Everyone made excited screams.


Shang Ke suddenly his waist being grabbed and taken into an embrace. Then his lips went hot and a passionate tongue entered.


He was just about to struggle, but the other had long prepared for it and sealed off all his attacking ways.


It was Feng Juan! Although the light was dimmed, Shang Ke still easily recognized him through his scent. This guy, he didn’t dare to openly show his love and took advantage of this to come up with mischief in the dark. No wonder this guy who usually doesn’t like parties was so hyped for this.


The darkness hid the shyness, hid the apprehensions and hid the rules.


Their bodies were tightly bound together and kissed passionately under all the noise with no intentions of releasing each other.


Feng Juan’s intense and vigorous desire almost wanted to burn Shang Ke until nothing was left. He was like a beast that was starved for a long time and tasted delicacy and lost all control. If the place wasn’t right, Shang Ke knew he would have been swallowed whole without hesitation.


He didn’t know how much time passed, the light once again returned. Shang Ke blinked his eyes, once he opened them up again, Feng Juan was gone without a trace.


Feng Juan immediately released Shang Ke the moment the light went back on and rushed into a dark corner. He leaned against the wall, panting for air as his heart nearly beated out of his chest. His entire body felt as if he was going to explode.


“Ke Ke…” He covered his mouth as he softly said his name. He felt as if he was really about to hit the limit.


Half an hour later, Feng Juan who returned back to normal pretended as if he had just arrived and “unexpectedly” found Shang Ke. Afterwards, he sneakily sized him up. But unfortunately for him, Shang Ke wore a mask so he simply couldn’t see his expression. All he could see were those rosy lips below the mask.


Feng Juan’s gaze darken and the fire in his body that had just settled once again burned.


After the dance was over, the two returned silently back home. The atmosphere was stifling and tense.


When they had just entered the room, Shang Ke was heavily pressed against the door. After that was an onslaught like a storm.


Feng Juan passionately kissed him and strongly plundered his breath.


“You knew it was me, right?” Feng Juan bit his lip, his voice hoarse as he asked.


Shang Ke softly gasped for breath. After a period of silence, he made a soft sound of confirmation.


When he heard the affirmative answer, Feng Juan picked up Shang Ke without any hesitation and threw him on the bed.


“Wait…” Shang Ke tried to do his final struggle to save his integrity from an approaching crisis.


“I can’t wait anymore.” Perhaps Shang Ke’s feelings for him was still familia and wasn’t quite at lovers, but as long as he showed any sign of softening, Feng Juan would not let it go.


Facing Feng Juan’s fierce attacks, Shang Ke did not have any power to resist him and finally gave up, letting them sink into oblivion.


Their clothes fell to the ground messily as two passionate bodies tangled together. Their night passed without sleep…


Shang Ke muddlely woke up and went to feel around for his cell phone by habit. A large hand stopped him.


Shang Ke wanted to turn around but was suddenly entered from behind completely. Follow that was a rhythmic movement. Shang Ke was really too tired, so he only resisted a bit through instinct then let him do as he pleased.


Tasting the forbidden fruit for the first time, Feng Juan’s energy was overflowing and bothered Shang Ke without end.


If it weren’t for both of their bodies being pretty good, they likely wouldn’t be able to get off the bed the next day.


When Shang Ke was fully awake, Feng Juan was already out of the room.


He looked down at all the traces on his body and then thought back to the intense battle from last night and his face heated up.


Shang Ke absent-mindedly rubbed his hair and got up to go wash up. But he didn’t expect that when his feet just touched the ground, he felt something flow out from his body.


He silently cursed and quickly entered the bathroom with weak steps.


When Feng Juan returned to the room, Shang Ke had already finished washing up and was dressed in home clothing. He was tidying the room right now.


He quietly walked over to him and held his waist, intimately calling out once, “Ke Ke.”


Shang Ke pushed him away, “Go away, I don’t want to talk to you right now.”


“Why?” Feng Juan asked without any self-consciousness, “I didn’t perform well yesterday?”


“Where do you think you’re good at?”


Feng Juan serious thought about it then replied, “Endurance, stamina.”


Shang Ke glared at him, a faint charm flowing from him that he wasn’t aware of that caused Feng Juan’s heart to skip.


“Ke Ke, I will go move everything from that room over.” He impatiently walked out.


“Wait.” Shang Ke quickly stopped him. “Why are you moving it here?”


“So I can sleep in the same room with you.” Feng Juan answered as if it was completely right.


“You can’t.” Shang Ke did not want to over-indulge in debauchery, “We have to sleep separately.”


“Why?” Feng Juan thought that after last night, their relationship was already definite.


“Anyway, I say you can’t so you can’t.”


Feng Juan felt silent for a moment, then asked, “Ke Ke, do you have making love with me? Or do you not accept sex between men?”


“That’s not it.” Shang Ke was just about to correct his error conclusion when his cell phone suddenly rang.


He picked up his phone and said a few words then hung up. He told Feng Juan, “Juan Juan, something came up so I need to go out for a bit.”


“Where are you going?”


“A friend asked me for help.” Shang Ke took out some clothes and hurriedly changed into it.


“Isn’t your friend my friend? I’ll go with you.”


“No need.” Shang Ke refused and put on his shoes. He then said his departing words to Feng Juan and left.


Being left at home, Feng Juan’s heart felt stuffy. His happy mood from achieving his desire was completely destroyed.


Was last night’s matter because of Ke Ke’s usual habit of pardon? If so, then he will have Ke Ke “pardon” him for a lifetime!


When Shang Ke returned back, it was already very late.


When he walked to his room, he discovered that Feng Juan that b*stard had actually moved everything of his over.


“I’m back.” On Feng Juan’s body was a single towel, he strided past Shang Ke and raised the blanket, then lied on his bed.


Shang Ke’s sight stopped for a moment on his sturdy muscles then said, “I want to talk to you about something.”


“We don’t need to talk about it if it’s about sleeping in separate rooms.” Feng Juan assumed a “I’ve decided to stay here no matter what’ stubborn expression.


Shang Ke’s lips twitched a bit then sat on his bed and said to him, “Juan Juan, have you ever thought about your family?”


A trace of confusion flashed through Feng Juan’s eyes. He asked, “Why did you suddenly mention that?”


“Because,” Shang Ke’s expression was very serious, “I may have news on your family.”

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