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Chapter 39: Let Me Protect You (VII)


“I don’t want to eat apple, I want to eat panda.” Feng Juan lied on a hospital bed with a swollen face and requested somewhat inarticulately. He would only show such a side when in front of Shang Ke.


While Shang Ke peeled an apple, he spoke, “Okay, I’ll go buy you some panda later.” The panda Feng Juan wanted was actually a black and white chocolate. He liked to eat two when he had nothing to do.


Feng Juan was satisfied with that and picked up an apple slice Shang Ke peeled and crunched on it.


Shang Ke looked at his tragic face and felt both pained yet funny. After a moment, he took out his cell phone from his pocket.


Feng Juan was immediately on guard, “What are you trying to do?”


“Taking a picture as souvenir.” Shang Ke clicked open his camera.


Feng Juan immediately used his hands to cover his face, “You can’t do that!”


“What are you afraid of? Scars are the medals of man, the more you have, the more glorious you are.” SHang Ke scooted over closer evilly.


“Yeah right! Being beaten until my face couldn’t be recognized, what glorious?” Feng Juan held his face and wouldn’t budge no matter what.


“Be good, take away your hand.” Shang Ke continued to persuade him, “Let me take a picture and I’ll give you a kiss in return.”


Feng Juan stopped and somewhat parted his fingers to reveal two black eyes, “Really?”


Eh? He actually wanted his “kiss”?


“Yep.” Shang Ke nodded.


“Okay.” Feng Juan somewhat unwillingly took off his hands and said cooly and elegantly, “If you want to take pictures, then take some more. One picture one kiss.”


Shang Ke couldn’t help but laugh. He sat by Feng Juan and raised his cell phone, taking a shot of the two of the together. His soft hair brushed Feng Juan’s face, leaving an itchy sensation. He turned his head to look at Shang Ke, his eyes gentle.


Shang Ke suddenly raised his head and landed a kiss on Feng Juan’s forehead, his cellphone faithfully taking a picture of the scene.


Receiving the kiss, Feng Juan felt that his wound was worth it.


Seeing Shang Ke put away his phone, he immediately asked, “So little? My left cheek, right cheek, nose and mouth all need pictures.”


Shang Ke stared at him silently. Winning an inch and wanting a foot shouldn’t be done so obviously.


At this moment, the Ferrg couple entered the sickroom and fussed over them worriedly for a while.


The two of them both put on an obedient front


A short while later, Shang Ke used the excuse that he was going to go out and buy candy and disloyally abandoned Feng Juan.


He had just walked out when the smile on Shang Ke’s face faded. In front of him was Rowan and a couple other unfamiliar officers.


“Shang Ke, come with us to the police department, we have some questions we need you to answer.” Rowan said solemnly.


Shang Ke nodded, turned back to look at the sickroom before finally following after the officers out of the hospital.


Shang Ke knew that with his reveal of his hacking skills, it meant that he would be taken note of by the police. This time’s rescue operation only took around three hours, his efficiency was so high it made them speechless.


After the event, the police technician analyzed his work. Not only had Shang Ke hacked into Star Technology’s server and obtained their information, he had also hacked into the Port of Lena’s storehouse renting management office. The former was a technology company with numerous excellent programmers while the other was a semi-official agency. Neither were places someone could easily get into. But Shang Ke, this thirteen year old children had combed through them in just a mere dozen minutes. This skill level was already far above normal technicians.


If they find out that Shang Ke had also hacked into the police monitor system and used the Jumping Virus to monitor several people’s cell phone, they would likely be even more shocked.


“Shang, we want to give you a test.” Rowan said to him.




“Yes.” Rowan nodded, “If you pass the test, we wish you can help with a case with the police. As you are still a minor, and it was to save someone, the hacking from before, we can deal with it leniently.”


The so-called police file are profile informations of people who have special skills and are dangerous to a degree, but have accepted the government’s and police’s supervise. They have guaranteed not to jeopardize society and are occasionally dispatched by the government. Of course, if they could join the government organization then that would be even better. However, the limiter for that was that if they want to go abroad in the future, they had to get the government’s permission.


Shang Ke had already made mental preparations and very readily agreed to their request.


Since he was already exposed, then he did not plan to hide anymore. During the test, he did remarkably using a very small keyboard to ruthlessly awe everyone present.


A thought suddenly flashed through Rowan’s mind. The reason why those people kept watching these two children might not be to kill them to shut their mouths, but because of Shang Ke’s skills excellent skills.


After the test ended, Shang Ke walked on all the jaws that fell to the ground and left under the escort of Rowan.


Using his freedom in exchange for the police’s protection, Shang Ke felt that it was worth it.


When he returned to the hospital, it was already evening. Feng Juan asked the moment he saw him, “Where did you go? Why did you leave for so long?”


“There weren’t any panda nearby, I went to Lin City to buy it.” Shang Ke threw a bag of candy to him.


“You spent seven hours to buy this candy?” If he knew it would have taken this long, Feng Juan would rather never eat panda in this life anymore. He had waited for Shang ke for so long and his calls wouldn’t go through. He almost worried to death.


Shang Ke knew that the Ferrg couple didn’t tell Feng Juan anything base on his current appearance. That was for the better, so he wouldn’t be anxious while staying at the hospital.


“Oh, right. How’s the situation over at Star Technology?” Feng Juan opened the bag of candy and asked.


“Corson has been detained for now, as for Star Technology…” Shang Ke snatched the panda from his hand and threw it in his own mouth as he replied, “Don’t worry, I already dealt with it.”


After Feng Juan was sent to the hospital, Shang Ke once again hacked into Star Technology to place a trojan horse. At the same time, he revised the announcement to leave behind a message. “I came and patiently waited for five minutes but no one found me, so I left again and left a great gift while I was at it. You’re welcome.” The name left at the end was a simple and cruel word—Hacker.”


Their server was quietly intruded by someone and no one noticed in five minutes while their announcement was also changed. If it was a normal company website then it wouldn’t have mattered much, but Star Technology specializes in internet safety, there were no doubt behind the strength of this skills. Such a company was actually easily hacked by someone and they even left their name behind before leaving. This was clearly leaving a sound smack on their faces. Plus, Corson father and son were both “invited to drink tea” with the police so they were thoroughly discredited. The company’s efficiency took a nosedive.


As such, the saying goes, you can provoke anyone, but you can’t provoke a programmer.


After this misfortunate event, Feng Juan made a decision. “I want to register a company using Mr. Ferrg’s name.


“A technology company?” Shang Ke asked.


“Yes.” Feng Juan nodded, “The technology online makes rapid progress everyday, time is money, the early we join the more advantageous we are. If we were to start venturing in it after I grow to adulthood, we would likely miss many opportunities.”


Shang Ke smiled, “I support you, I believe that Mr. Ferrg will also support you.”


Feng Juan revealed a smile and held Shang Ke’s hand, a passionate light flickered in his eyes. “We will venture in together and make the best technology together.”




Time slipped by and in an instant, it was already four years later. Shang Ke and Feng Juan had entered the most famous high school in the city. The company they established was called “Mr. Bruin” (Mr. Bear, made from the combination of their English names.) and was also successful. In regards to safety, they may even surpass others of the same trade.


Besides Shang Ke’s “super advanced” technical knowledge, Feng Juan was also talented at computers and was also a main factor. Shang Ke used all his knowledge of the future while Feng Juan used his own brains to create the new future.


In this time period, Shang Ke accepted several secret missions of the government and under cooperations from both parties, Tabimu’s power was collapsed earlier by the police. Now Shang Ke and Feng Juan no longer needed to worry about being threatened by them.


Shang Ke silently swept away all problems and protected Feng Juan so his life would go smoothly.


Feng Juan who was maturing by the day also reached the age of love. His height, appearance and ability made him stand out and was simply the existence of Mr. Perfect in high school.


And Shang Ke also became more and more remarkable, although he did not have a great aura like Feng Juan, his scholarly temperament also has its charm.


The two brothers who received such attention never had girlfriends, it really made people puzzled. Many people even started to bet, to see whether anyone could nail one of the two.


Feng Juan was a bit vexed nowadays, because Shang Ke insisted on sleeping separate rooms from him.


They grew up and it was hard to avoid excess hormones. He would have urges everyday and almost applied those desires from dreams into real action. Ke Ke probably couldn’t take his “passion” anymore and therefore wanted to sleep separately from him.


Feng Juan was firm in his decisions in other aspects, only his feelings to Ke Ke was he not honest with. Although Ke Ke did not refuse to be intimate with him, but it was limited to regular familia interactions and was completely different from the desires in the bottom of his heart.


He really fear one day he would snap and do something that would harm Ke Ke. However, the more you try to repress it, the harder it was to resist it.


Feng Juan drove the car to the school entrance and raised his head to seen Shang Ke currently speaking to a twenty six-seven year old mature woman. A gentle smile was on his face as his soft short hair brushed lightly with his movements. His straight body, slender legs, outstanding temperament made him look so dazzling.


But the reason why he was dazed this time was because of a woman.


Feng Juan’s eyes dimmed and opened the car door, walking over to him with large strides.


“Ke Ke, I’m back.” Feng Juan stood by Shang Ke, his expression icy as he sized up the blond woman. Chest too big, looks too charming, she doesn’t fit Ke Ke’s taste at all!


Ke Ke should like someone with sharp features, a somewhat well-built statue, sharp eyes, and strong aura! (Feng Juan: That’s right, I’m talking about myself.)


The blond young woman was a bit uneasy from being stared by Feng Juan and left behind some courtesy words and left.


“Who is she?” Feng Juan asked after that got in the car.


“A friend.”


“What friend do you have that I don’t know?” Under his die-hard guarding, how could a fish slipped through the net?


“I know her from online.” That woman was actually a technician from the government, they often chatted online.


“Online?” Feng Juan’s face dimmed. After he cleared up his feelings, he challenged Shang Ke to computer-related things several times and was defeated every time. So he had no choice but to be forced to sign a nonaggression pact on each other about their internet privacy.


Afterwards, he pm;y knew about Shang Ke’s activities online unless he went ahead and told him himself.


I want to violate you today.” Feng Juan suddenly said that.


If those words were heard by someone outside, they would certainly think astray. But Shang Ke was already used to it, whenever this guy wants to compete with him at hacking, he liked to use the wretched word “violate”.


Shang Ke did not know that the meanings behind Feng Juan’s words was really the literal meaning.


“My hands have been sore lately, next time.” Shang Ke really did not want to compete with him anymore, this guy was progressing at lightning speed, he almost couldn’t win over him anymore. In order to preserve that bit of superiority he still had, he could only choose to avoid a fight.


“If you don’t want to be violated by me, sleep with me.” Feng Juan changed the condition.


“No!” Shang Ke did not even think about it and rejected.




He still dared to ask him why?! Because of someone’s vigorous energy, he was about to become an expert at washing underwear!


Although Shang Ke already made preparations to accept Feng Juan, he should at least wait until he grew to adulthood. Plus, for two men to do that kind of thing, he still wasn’t quite adapting to it.


Did Feng Juan this guy believe that he didn’t have any idea of his desires? The desires he showed was about to break through his underwear alright?


The two of them were currently on the dangerous edge of self-control. If they continued to sleep on the same bed, it likely wouldn’t even take half a year for something to happen!


He still wanted to keep his integrity and wait for him to grow to adulthood.


Feng Juan completely did not understand Shang Ke’s thoughtfulness. His body that was completely matured was about to turn into Ninja Turtle.

TL Note: The joke on ninja turtle is the first character that makes up ninja, which is to bear. A godly enduring turtle. Turtle is also slang for the lower half if I remember correctly.




The two of the both secretly sighed in their hearts.

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