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Chapter 114: Re: My Heart Beats For You


“After your operation, we can try being together?”


“Let’s talk about it after the operation.”


Jian Chenfeng once held much anticipation in his heart and believed that they could be something. However, he still chose to pay with his life for his younger sister instead.


Jian Xin obtained his heart, while he, had nothing at all.


After losing this person, life still continues on. But Jian Chenfeng will never learn to smile again. He even did not want to see Jian Xin, because whenever he saw her, he would be reminded that the heart in her chest, was the heart of the one he loved.


But she was his younger sister, so Jian Chenfeng would protect her for her entire life, but the new Jian Xin seem to have become more willful. In the past, she would often stay at home to rest because of her body. But now that she has a healthy body, she did not know to treasure it and would frequently go out to places of entertainment and make friends with dubious people. She would wantonly squander money, act arrogant and domineering, like she was a completely different person.


Jian Chenfeng never knew that his younger sister was so thoughtless, was she letting herself act more freely or was it innate? Jian Chenfeng couldn’t help but feel it was not worth Yumo’s sacrifice, the woman he used his life to pay for did not hold any feelings of gratefulness to him. Instead, she was enjoying a luxurious and filthy lifestyle as if it was her right.


Jian Chenfeng controlled her spending and sent her into a school, but she would still always cause some kind of trouble and remained unchanged despite all their admonishments. In the end, Jian Chenfeng also gave up.


Two years after Yumo passed away, Jiang Donglin and Jian Xin married.


After she was married, Jian Xin exercised some restraint and opened a coffee shop completely as a pastime.


But Jian Xin and Jiang Donglin never had a child despite being married for years. Jian Chenfeng adopted a child, named “Jian Simo” and prepared to cultivate him into the future heir of the Jian Family.


Only later did Jian Chenfeng find out that Jiang Donglin and Jian Xin slept in different rooms not long after they were married. Their relationship was very good, but they were just not good together on the bed. Jian Xin apparently resisted Jiang Donglin’s touch, going as far as to say it’s “disgusting”.


Jiang Donglin once accidentally said something to Jian Chenfeng while drunk, “Was it because Jian Xin has Yumo’s heart that she would be so mentally conflicted toward me, his older brother?”


Jian Chenfeng gave him a punch right after he said those words.


According to Jiang Donglin’s logic, would he say that the reason Jian Xin’s personality changed so much was also because of the transplanted heart from Yumo? Yumo was such a cheerful person, such a passionate person, even if there were influences, shouldn’t it be on the good side?


Jian Chenfeng always felt that the Yumo he knew and the one Jiang Donglin knew weren’t really the same person. They were obviously blood brothers, then why were there such a huge bias between them? In Jiang Donglin’s eyes, his younger brother seems to be lacking any good points and covered in weak points. Every time this happened, Jian Chenfeng would wish that Yumo was his own younger brother. If it were him, even if he had to bear the infamy of incest, he would still do everything in his ability to cherish him, love him.


Forget it, none of this was important anymore.


Yumo was already dead, all his expectations were merely beautiful fantasies.


Jian Chenfeng was determined to adopt a child despite his parent’s protests, and that child was Jian Simo. he threw all of his remaining emotions into this one child.


Jian Simo also did not disappoint him. At fifteen he started to participate in company affairs, at eighteen he could already take charge of a section by himself. The reason why Jian Chenfeng adopted Jian Simo at first was because his features were forty to fifty percent similar to Yumo. In the end, Jian Simo started to resemble Jian Chenfeng more and more as he grew. It wasn’t his appearance that was similar but his personality, they both held a frozen face that was distant to people.


Perhaps it was because he felt he was raising him askew, Jian Chenfeng no longer stayed close to him at forty-five. Besides going to work, they usually did not have any more interactions.


This year, Jian Xin successfully gave birth to a pair of twins through using a test tube baby. Jian Family’s father and mother started to put their efforts into those twins, they always never liked Jian Simo much. Even if he was very outstanding, he was not of their blood.


Jian Simo had believed that he would need to abdicate for Jian Xin’s children in the future and did not fight it. He merely concentrated on working, accumulate experience and make good preparations for his own future.


However, he didn’t expect that his foster father who was always cold to him would sign his name on his will without any hesitation the year he passed away.


The moment he stopped breathing, Jian Chenfeng’s face revealed a serene and free smile. Jian Sim eyes overflowed with tears at the sight. In his memories, his foster father never smiled, he was always working so dry and tedious, working hard at work every day. He had believed that his foster did not know how to enjoy life, but now he found out that in the past, he was only treating life as if a responsibility he couldn’t avoid.


His happiness no longer existed in the human world.

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