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Chapter 26: The Elegant Youngster That Destroys Common Sense


Mu Chen’s expression became cold. Sure enough, he couldn’t allow his disciple to leave his line of sight. Once he stops watching over the other, the child would easily be lead astray by others! If it wasn’t for the two mischievous scoundrels, Jing Ming and Xiao Liu, inciting him, how could the clever, little disciple follow after them and make trouble?


“Jing Ming! Go run one hundred laps around Lofty Cloud Sect!


“One hundred…” Jing Ming had a bitter expression and sullenly pointed a finger at Gu Yunjue. “It was him, he, he…”


Gu Yunjue blankly blinked and foolishly tilted his head. “Ah?”


For a while, Jing Ming stared at Gu Yunjue’s small nose, small eyes and little bean like appearance before angrily stamping his feet and left panting in rage. As he left, he mumbled to himself, “Lofty Cloud Sect is so big that it’ll take me two month to run one hundred laps. Young master, you changed. You didn’t treaty me like this before. You must have found someone else outside…”


Jing Ting lifted his leg to firmly kick his younger brother’s bottom and made him fly far away like a pouncing squirrel with a whoosh, no longer able to be seen. The last time his brother brought Gu Yunjue out, they got lost. This time taking this child out passed the limits, to steal fish! Jing Ting face was ashen. This retarded younger brother!


Gu Yunjue pulled Mu Chen’s sleeves, captivated by the speckled flush on Mu Chen’s pale face that was brought about from anger. Ever since he realized his own feelings, he thought that he was like a devil. He wanted this person to be within his sights at all times and that even a subtle expression from the other can make his heart race.


Even though his body was currently young, Gu Yunjue wasn’t anxious at all. He had a lot of time to wear down master at his side and have the other sink into the snare of love he’ll weave, unable to escape.


Mu Chen looked down at Gu Yunjue’s “immeasurably self-satisfied” smile and felt annoyed so he picked up the other and spanked the child’s bottom with a *pa pa pa* sound. This little scoundrel, seeing his playmate’s bad luck yet daring to stealthily laugh at it. He couldn’t spoil this type of behavior!


Mu Chen didn’t expect that, in the next ten years, once the young disciple leaves his line of sight, Gu Yunjue would be easily “instigated” by scoundrels and go stir up trouble. This made Mu Chen not want to be complacent in educating Gu Yunjue one bit and practically had Gu Yunjue stay right by his side at all times.


For cultivators, ten years was merely a short flash in their long lifespan. But, for Mu Chen, these ten years were richer than his previous hundred years of life.


The older his disciple got, the more sticky he became. Was this kind of growth good?



After ten years, another disciple acceptance day came and Lofty Cloud Sect opened their doors again to accept disciples. The outer disciples that passed the trial were already taken away and only around ten inner disciples had the fortune to wait in the main hall for the sect master’s assignment.


In the row, the six palace masters were seated. Yue Mingze was sitting upright and still with a cold expression. Duan Mufeng was leaning on his head lazily and dozing off. Mo Jinyang and Bai Zunrong were huddled together chatting. On the sixth seat, Liu Zhanzhi held a sword and was covered with a murderous spirit. The fifth seat was still empty.


Mo Jinyang sized up the youngsters and said to Bai Xunrong, “The aptitudes of this year’s disciples are pretty good. There’s a mutated ice spirit root with an aptitude that won’t lose to Fu Haolong.”


Fu Haolong was a youth that passed the last entrance trial with a heavenly thunder spirit root. He was now 26 years old and has already in the early core formation stage. For the entire immortal realm, he would definitely be considered a genius.


“Unfortunately, it’s not as good as junior disciple Gu.” Bai Xunrong had an envious tone. If she could accept a disciple with a talent like Gu Yunjue, then it really would be like waking to a dream. Martial Uncle Mu’s had great foresight to pick out the young boy in advance. Although, in the outside world, there were rumors that Gu Yunjue’s merits were hastened from Mu Chen’s medicines, it was clear from the people Gu Yunjue beat that this kind of opinion wasn’t possible.


Mo Jinyang retorted back, “You shouldn’t think think about that sort of demonic aptitude.” Gu Yunjue still had two months before he turned 16 years old but was already at the middle core formation stage. This sort of genius has already broken through the immortal realm’s records of the past thousand years. Nobody could compete with him. If it wasn’t demonic, what was it?


Right as they spoke, there was a sudden disturbance outside the door and they heard a young man’s sonorous and gentle voice laugh out, “Sorry for inconveniencing you all. There was something delaying me so I arrived late.”


As soon as the voice came out, everyone looked towards the entrance and saw a 16-17 year old youth step into the main hall. He was tall and had cultured and refined expression like the March spring breeze. The youth wore fine clothes that looked like snow and had a delegation jade pendant on his waist. In his hand was a long black sword with a miniature seven treasure gold-plated pagoda hanging from it. Although there weren’t many ornaments on this person, every one of them made it clear that his identity wasn’t simple.


“Master has something to do today and didn’t have any time to come so he had me come in his place. I’ve made senior brothers wait for a long time,” said Gu Yunjue humbly. Under his sharp eyebrows was a seductive pair of peach blossom eyes. It seemed like a radiance flowed from him alongside an oppressive immortal aura. The vermillion tear-shaped birthmark near his eye grew in size as the boy grew up, and seemed as it improved his appearance a bit.


Bai Xunrong held up her head and let out a deep sigh. “In a few years, the disciples at my Xiuyang Palace might replace all of martial uncle Mu’s portraits with those of junior disciple Gu.”


Right at that moment, the drowsy Duan Mufeng held up his chin and abruptly said, “Isn’t martial uncle Mu’s smiles better looking than junior disciple Gu’s, junior disciples?


Liu Hanzhi raised an eyebrow at the other and the two men stared at each other, immediately competing with each other, unwilling to back down at all.


Bai Xunrong interrupted the two’s staring, waved her hand, and bluntly said, “Martial uncle Mu is too cold. Girls like men like junior disciple Gu, gentle, knows when others are cold or hot and good at understanding others. Understand?”


Duan Mufeng noncommittally clicked his tongue, particularly when he heard Bai Xunrong say gentle and knows when others are cold or hot. As if recalling something, the corners of his mouth unnaturally pulled outwards.


Yue Mingze let out a cough, indicating to them not to talk about such a thing here. Inside the main hall, only the new disciples couldn’t hear it. Everyone else were at a profound cultivation stage and had no excuse to not hear it.


It seemed as if Gu Yunjue didn’t hear their conversation and simply settled down into the fifth seat. The ten-year-old youths didn’t know how much this man’s cultivation was compared to the other people by his side but his aura didn’t lose to them at all. After the seated elders were amazed, their eyes began plotting.


Calm and collected, Gu Yunjue took in everyone’s expressions while inwardly wondering what master was doing. The symptoms of the fire poison in Mu Chen’s body can’t be repressed anymore so he was meditating for these few months. He even handed Yanyang Palace for Gu Yunjue to manage and worried Gu Yunjue to the point of not wanting to dare leave his master’s side.


Yue Mingze interrupted Gu Yunjue’s train of thought and kindly asked, “Junior disciple Gu, does martial uncle Mu have any intention to accept a disciple.”


Once these words were spoken, everyone’s gazes focused onto Gu Yunjue. If Mu Chen wanted someone, not one of them could fight him for the child. The ten or so youths in the audience all furtively looked towards, their eyes holding intensity behind them. Gu Yunjue looked only to be a few a few years older than them but actually sat in seat at the same level of the sect master. If that man’s master were to accept a disciple, even if it was in name, that person will actually become a junior disciple of the sect master.


Gu Yunjue indifferently laughed and said with propriety, “Master doesn’t have any intention to accept a disciple. I only came out in ceremony, that’s all. Senior brother sect master, please do as you wish.”


Several youngsters became somewhat disappointed while many elders inside the hall loosened their tone. Yue Mingze didn’t have unexpected expression and asked the question to his junior disciples. DuanMu Feng picked out a disciple with a water-wood double spirit roots. Yue Mingze considerately gave the ice spirit root disciple to Liu Hanzhi but the other didn’t want it so he had no other choice but to accept the disciple as his own. The remaining disciples had aptitudes that were a bit inferior. The twelve palace halls took in five, the thirty-six peaks took in five, and the last three were entered the seventy-two cave.


Gu Yunjue squinted his eyes, quietly watching the scene. After a ten year period, Yue Mingze’s way of handling affairs has already improved a lot and is now had the authority to take in disciples into the inner sect. From the act of distributing disciples, one could see the suppression of the outer sect.


After the general assembly broke up, Gu Yunjue hurried to return. Right at this moment, a palace hall master that was waiting for him stopped him. “Junior disciple Gu, won’t you stay for a moment.”


Gu Yunjue halted his steps and recognized the other. Within the twelve palaces, there were both strong and weak parts. This palace hall master was formerly Mu Chen’s eldest senior martial brother in the other sect, Zheng Xuansu, and ranked third in the twelve palaces. Gu Yunjue didn’t have any idea as to why the other called out to him, but he let out slight smile and, with courtesy but also estrangement, looked at the other. “I don’t know why, so could martial uncle tell me why you’re looking for me?”


The other lightly swayed a folding fan in his hand and appeared like a gentle scholar. “I heard that your master in not well these few days, is it true?”


Gu Yunjue’s eyes narrowed and murderous intentions flashed through them.


At this moment, Mu Chen, who was in the middle of meditating, opened his eyes. His complexion was pale. In order to prevent Gu Yunjue from worrying, he always strived to suppress his fire poison from flaring up. But now, it seemed as if he couldn’t suppress it anymore.

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